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'Heavy Claw'

acrylics 2009,
Baryonyx walkeri feasting on the carrion of Iguanodon bernissartensis, undisturbed by the crocodile, Goniopholis cressidens. Hungry adolescent in the background knows better to keep his distance.

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But Baryonx are not cannibal, are they aggressive ?
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I mean they do not eat one of their own species
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Yes, I know what a cannibal is. Please read the caption, Baryonyx is not eating another Baryonyx.
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I mean Why the Younger Baryonx keep his distance ?

The Bigger One is Territorial to smaller ones ?
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When it comes to predators, it's not like they are happy to share...
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You are Right; especially the Bigger Ones 

But Vultures and Herons seem to be Sharing so why not their Cousins ? Size ?
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There's no way we can ever answer that. Big predators (especially solitary ones) avoid confrontation, as it consumes energy and might have fatal consequences.
And it's not like vultures are "sharing" the dead zebra buffet on the savannah in a social behavior sense. They just eat what they can, before they have to fight against other scavengers arriving at the scene.
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I bet either the grownup or the croc made the kill, but it matters not: Spinosaurs will go after land prey when need be, and when they do.. nothing gets in their way
the baryonyx is bein one tough nut. His foot is pretty much is chomped off by the crocodile and he is like"problem?"
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Mmm... I see what you mean, but his leg is not being "chomped off". The meat in Goniopholis's jaws is from the carcass. Bary's leg is behind the head. I see that it looks a bit odd, thanks for pointing that out...
o thanks for clearing it up got the wrong picture lolz thanks
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I think Bary would react somehow, if its leg would be chewed like that...
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This picture is unique. Great details and the backgrounds fits the mood of the art so well.
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Nice work. I love Baryonyx.
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I love these details in this picture.
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The Goniopholis looks pretty damn unafraid! But then again, they have nothing to fear!
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