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''Frightful lizard''

acrylics 2013,
Daspletosaurus torosus consuming a member of his own species.

This was done to show support for paleontologist Dave Hone [link] , who is gathering funds for his research concerning the skull of a Daspletosaurus. Bite marks on this particular skull indicate that there were some violent encounters between tyrannosaurs, maybe even cannibalistic behaviour. Similar marks have been found, but more research is needed. There's still time to participate: [link]
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Cannibalism is underrepresented with tyrannosaurs
Alexanderlovegrove's avatar
Wonderful, as always!
TheAlphaSoul's avatar
Fantastic! Love the colors!
francisPapillon's avatar
Beautiful. I love the facial colours!
hay2u's avatar
this is beautiful! great work on the tones and hues. looks great.
SuperCJ's avatar
How large and what kind of surface do you work on? Acrylics seems like a tough medium to work tiny detail in, but I don't have much experience with it.
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Usually on A3 size paper. This, however, is A4.
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"I have big head... and little tiny arms..." :lmao:

All referances aside, I love the work, the colors fit together nicely! Beautiful job!
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Very, very, cool, Tuomas. I gotta confess that I'm not always that convinced by your sceneries (now that's coming from someone who doesn't even attempt to draw some), but this is downright Hendersonian in scope and quality. Amazing work, keep on keeping on!
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thanks for the feedback and critique. Feel free to open that one a bit more. What/which do you find... unconvincing and do you have any ideas on how to level up?
apexpredator7's avatar
Amazing you are a very good artist
Kazuma27's avatar
Great atmosphere in this one, i like how these daspletosaurs remind me of the restoration of the same animal you did maaaany years ago and was featured on the good ol' Dinosauricon ;)
T-PEKC's avatar
Great scenery! Daspletosaurus is nice too, especially the blue colored snout.
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