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Eotriceratops xerinsularis

charcoal 2008.
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it is fantastic!!!:)
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Oh, I've heard of dinosaur with 'Eo' in front of their names. This dinosaur adds to the the three I know of(Being Eotyrannus, Eobrontosaurus & Eocoelophysis). I like how you used basic charcoal for this, it looks like a drawing ready to be painted over with acrylics. I wonder when this ceratopsian lived during the Cretaceous? Campanian? Maastrichtian or right before the K-T boundary? I like it very much, showing that there are very, very good reasons to keep charcoal if you have any left overs from a barbaque. Very, very good piece of Palaeoart, even I wouldn't be able to draw dinosaurs this good now, even if I tried for at least a year, two years, three years, I'll never be able to get at least everything right, well done, Patriatyrannus.
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Thank you. Eotriceratops was a Late Maastrichian ceratopsian, so right in the end.
And of course the "Eo" in front of the name doesn't really separate these dinosaurs anyway; what about Eoraptor, Eomamenchisaurus, Eocarcharia, Eocursor, Eoceratops, Eohadrosaurus and Eolambia?
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very good job!

look, this is my Styrakosaurus: [link]

what you think?

your Ceratopsian is much better... :D

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Great work! :D
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Excellent work! I had been missing your dinosaur art...
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Hauskoja "sarvijaakkoja". (Asiantuntija iskee jälleen...)
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Jepskukkuu... tässä on kuva tuollasen vonkaleen kallosta.
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Hupsankeikkaa. Vähän massiivisemman puoleinen ötökkä. Jotenkin pääkoppa mielsi ne sellaiseksi hirvenkokoisiksi tyypeiksi.
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