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Charonosaurus jiayinensis

wax-oil crayons & pencil 2005,
Huge Chinese lambeosaurid dwarfs a tiny Microceratus gobiensis.
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Awesome job on him.Charonosaurus is Parasaurolophus' asian twin.
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naww cute as i love the colours its great
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ooo nice Charonosaur, colors are very vibrant.
Thats wonderful stuff.
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Awesome! It´s wonderfull! I love parasaurolophinis!
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Yes, they`re great :D Thanks for +fav
QuestingRaven's avatar
Beautiful details, and nice use of the media.
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Thank you very much :handshake:
Carnosaur's avatar
I love the colors. :)
How much larger is this animal than Parasaurolophus?
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Thanks for commenting and +fav. About the size comparison; I have read that Charonosaurus was the second biggest hadrosaur (only Shantungosaurus being bigger). Dunno if North American Lambeosaurus might have been the same size. My own suggestions lie somewhere between 12-14 metres (at least one 135 cm long femur is known,) and around 7 tonnes.
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Se on hieno! Näyttää ihan siltä kuin se hiipisi :P
Olet tehnyt hienoa työtä värityksen kanssa, hyvä valinta olla värittämättä taustaa.
Pirteä kuva, sai minutkin hyvälle tuulelle, huolimatta kasaantuvista kouluasioista, joita yritän tässä par'aikaa tehdä (niin, olen ei liity mitenkään niihin tehtäviin, mutta en voinut vastustaa).
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"Pelkkä työ ilman huvia tekee tylsän miehen"... Kiitos kehuista ja kommenteista.
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Meh, I've been looking for the paper on Charonosaurus ever since I discovered its ... discovery. Haven't been able to find anything out other than that it's similar to Parasaurolophus only bigger and the supraoccipital nasal crest is straighter. So in short I can't critique your restoration knowledgeably, but, that being said, I really like it. The use of colour and monotone opposed to each other is nicely handled. The colour is beautiful in and of itself, and I particularly like your use of blue; it's highly underused in dinosaur restoration methinks. The contrast between the two animals gives a nice sense of scale. All together a fine piece. =)
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Thanks friend! :highfive: BTW, how have you been? I`ve been busy enough to not to have enough time to hang around too much in the DA...
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Very good pic of this strange dino. I like the colour scheme you have used
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Thanks! Well... strange and strange, just like a overgrown Parasaurolophus :p
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Beautiful colors. The hind legs look a tad thin to support the body, though.
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Thanks for critique ;)
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Nice, the head matches fine with what Pascal Godefroit told me.
Will you color the background as well?
tuomaskoivurinne's avatar
Thanks! And as a answer to your question; no, the focus is set on the animal, not the background...
DaneFallenBlackDrago's avatar
Wow! that is a great dinosaur, love the colors and the way you colour it :)
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