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The Goat by Tuntalm
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The Goat :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 45 6
Repent or be blamed
“My Lord, I promise you chastity, humility, and endless devotion until Death itself comes to erase the existence that ties me to this world. Please, I beg you to forgive me for my sin and allow me to rest in your eternal Kingdom.”
I had repeated this prayer over a thousand times, yet He never dared to reply. Not a sign, not a whisper. Only silence to snuggle against me while I kept mumbling my plea. I rose to kiss the statue’s worn out feet and watched the cold chapel sink into its haunting darkness as I locked the door behind me.
The rest of the monastery lied as quiet as ever. No living soul would look me in the eye or stutter a word in my direction. I was a ghost within ghosts, the walls’ hard stones as my only confidants. And to them, I muttered no lie.
When God laid a finger on me, it only pushed me into the deepest of pits. His twisted plans slithered against the burning pavement of the city, digging my grave as they passed by my office, eventually burying
:icontuntalm:Tuntalm 7 9
What goes around comes around
Hooves clicked against the muddy pavement, horses were soaking wet. Forgotten belongings drifted through the endless torrent of dirt that filled the gutter. The road was clogged again... This made no difference. I slipped between the coaches, elbowing my way through the beggars and thieves as all marched towards the only open shop, at the other end of the street.
A new arrival of bread, most likely. With a bit of luck, it could show cheap enough.
The many passers-by snuggled against the delivery area and resumed a confused and envious dance as what smelled like food rolled from one hand to another, carefully shielded as it landed behind the merchant's counter. Kids waited inside, ready to stack the boxes as they reached them. However, in the scenery's tumult, the main attraction was embodied by the man who stood by the carriages, ordering some guards around.
"Don't let the peasants get any of this!" His glance shifted to the many crates on the ground. "If they want it, they gotta pay f
:icontuntalm:Tuntalm 8 10
A sacrifice for the basement's God
"You caught the fly?"
My brother opened his fingers and the lifeless carcass of a huge bug appeared through the game of light and shadow. We shared a disgusted glance and opened the basement's door. All of this had to be a silly joke, it couldn't be true. Yet, after the incident, we had to try and calm their fit of rage. Someone had to do something.
"Do you see any?" He questioned, kicking a box to see what laid under it. "Jimmy, I'm scared."
My flashlight suddenly froze on the concrete wall and bathed the target in yellow-colored clouds. It was big, so big my eight-years-old hand could barely contain it. We were a few steps away when a hesitating voice suggested to place the bug on a plank and approach it from the hungry creature. We both kneeled and paused, considering what to do next before I broke the silence.
"O mighty Spider God, may you bless this subject of yours as it gathers the strength and collects the precious sacrifice we ought to bring you. May your rage cease as you con
:icontuntalm:Tuntalm 8 9
I had heard all sorts of rumors about the path of candles. Some said it would never run out of fire. Others muttered it would turn blue on new moons in order to show the way to another world, much more terrifying than ours. Was that what spirits did? Did they turn the lights blue when no one was looking?
Father gripped my arm a bit tighter as we approached the old and rusty cottage that gently leaned by the river, at the end of the tiny dots of wax and light. Another few steps through a seemingly abandoned vegetable garden and we were at the door. A full moon gleamed high in the sky, spreading a sickening tone on us, pushing back the shadows into the dark corners we wisely chose to ignore. Who knew, perhaps the dark void could swallow our souls if we dared to look into it?
A thick veil of fingers stretched to touch upon the wooden surface as it bent in order to knock, yet wasn't allowed to. The handle spun violently as the gate slammed open, wide open.
"I was expecting you."
I did not
:icontuntalm:Tuntalm 33 41
Eruption by Tuntalm Eruption :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 77 22 Nilfheim by Tuntalm Nilfheim :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 71 27 Birbs and Dragons #9 | Eight-legged Invitations by Tuntalm Birbs and Dragons #9 | Eight-legged Invitations :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 36 51
A Frog's Hunt
The door slammed.
"Another step and..."
Too late for these ill omens! I climbed the stairs and pushed the wall as hard as I could. Come on! Come on! Let me out! No, it wouldn't move. A trail of translucent liquid ran down its surface; the first testimony of the disgusting hatred that filled my chest.
The enormous frog standing by the door could not fit in, and remained hunched up in an awkward position as it tried to slide its head under the staircase's ceiling. The orange balls had trouble bending their gaze to look me in the eye, and the result of such a twisted figure could only be horrifying. I cracked up laughing at the sight.
"What are you going to do, silly reptile? Come get me! Well, if you can get your fat flesh within these walls, that is!"
It happened within a blink. The vile toad opened its mouth, letting out a ridiculously long, thick, slimy tongue. The jelly-looking muscle swooped down on me, trying to catch me, seize me, squeeze me. I could have been a regular bug
:icontuntalm:Tuntalm 9 7
The Beetle King by Tuntalm The Beetle King :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 98 36 Birbs and Dragons #8 | Rainbow Delights by Tuntalm Birbs and Dragons #8 | Rainbow Delights :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 23 33 Trenoy's Torment by Tuntalm Trenoy's Torment :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 64 17 Godly Scars by Tuntalm Godly Scars :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 72 49 L'Innocence by Tuntalm L'Innocence :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 64 65 Temple Runes by Tuntalm Temple Runes :icontuntalm:Tuntalm 81 33
Quand les mouches tremblent
L'homme sert la main de la femme, qui s’assoit sur la chaise, face au bureau.
- Bonjour docteur.
- Madame.
- Docteur, voilà. J'aimerais me faire amputer du visage.
- Mais enfin, qu'est ce qui vous prend ? Il est très bien votre visage.
- Oh oui, oui. Seulement... Il me déplait.
- Alors bon. Cela prend tout son sens, en effet. Quand voulez-vous le faire retirer ?
- Oh, au plus vite. Si cela vous est permi, bien entendu.
- Naturellement. Demain, seize heures ?
- Oui, parfait. Mon mari me déposera après le travail.
- Alors c'est entendu. Demain, seize heures. Venez sans vos lunettes, vous ne voudriez pas les perdre pendant la séance.
- Ah oui, en effet. De si belles lunettes ! Ce serait bien dommage.
- Oui.
- C'est à dire que je ne vais pas pouvoir m'en passer pour venir au cabinet... Que me conseillez-vous?
- N'est-ce pas votre mari qui vous mène ?
- Oh diable ! Il y voit si mal. Il nous perdrait.
- C'est fâcheux, en effet. J
:icontuntalm:Tuntalm 7 12

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