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My mom, tunnelbrat, passed away today.

Wednesday, March 3rd, she had a stroke while doing errands in town. She was taken to Tawas Hospital by ambulance and then flown by helicopter to St. Mary's in Saginaw. For the first week things looked very good. Then there was a rebleed and pressure on the brain and she started losing brain capacity steadily for the next week. Friday dad took her off life support, and today her body stopped breathing.

I just thought it should be known.

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Rest in peace.
Dixey, I didn't know your mom well, but when I saw her on the BBTV list or in a WFOL chat, what struck me was how warm and loving and caring she was. Newer artists would ask her for help and she'd give them suggestions without a hint of ego or condescension. She was all about helping other people and that made her as beautiful as the art she created.

I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

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:( I'm so so sorry when a person goes they leave a lil spot in our hearts empty she will be missed but always never forgotten
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She will live forever in our memories.
It's been more than a year since I've first found this Chan's site. A place of dreams and hopes, her own version of the most romantic story that has ever been told, Beauty and the Beast. I came back almost every day with great hopes of finding new drawings, posts and replays. I wanted more and, when there was no more, I spent beautiful moments with what was already posted - immersed in the scenes, lost in my immagination.

I was never expecting this kind of news! You brought me much joy, Chan, and I'm terribly sorry I've never told you that!
I'm sorry for the emoticon. I chose another blue one, but this came up at the end and now there's nothing I can do to undo it.
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It's fine. Stuff like that actually makes me giggle if I even notice... guess I'm just a bit off.
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This is a very sad loss...my condolences with your family. Her artwork was some of the best I've ever seen for BatB; always so lovingly done. She shall be missed.
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Death shall have no dominion. I am so sorry for your lose, our lose. What an amazing a talented woman. She will be missed.
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I'm so sad to hear of this! Her art is so amazing, and I remember having some good conversations about BatB via comments. Her contribution to Winter Fest online and everything...so much talent. I'm so sorry, my prayers are with you and your family <3.
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I'm so sad that your mom, beautiful, amazing, talented, Chan has passed away. I'm so sorry. You and your family have my deepest condolences. Chan was very much loved and admired by many and she will continue to live in their and her loved ones' hearts and through her wonderful artwork.
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I'm so sorry for your loss; I've adored your mother's work for nearly two years now. Her artwork of BATB and so forth is beautifully done.
I'll keep you and your family in my prayers
Sadly, she passed away today. Our world is less without her art. Our lives are less, without her presence.

Miss you....
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oh no! What a terrible loss. I loved her batb art. RIP Tunnel brate and thanks for winterfest
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I am SO sorry to hear this. :(

Your mum's work is wonderful, it clearly shows the romance of her soul, and both will go on forever.

My deepest condolences. :(
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What a loss to the world... All I know of her is her artwork. From that alone, it's very obvious what an amazing person she was. Her art is simply incredible and so moving, with so much passion and soul in each piece. She created and left behind so many wonderful things that still live on...
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so very very sad to hear of your loss...you and your family are in my thoughts...
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