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How Can This Be?

By tunnelbrat
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I don't know any parent that hasn't looked in admiration and wonder at what they are blessed with.
Vincent would be no less lost in his blessings.
Regular #2 pencil with 2B for depth and definition... stub for softness.
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Vincent is going to make a great father. May I fave this?
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There is such tenderness in your drawing. I absolutely love this. Damn S3 ... it was a nightmare. I do not mind that Catherine died, but I do mind if Vincent found new love. Sure he should be happy, but it seems pointless because the BATB's plot pretty much revolved around that "bond-thing" he had with Catherine. For him to find new love without/with the bond ... it feels like it would defile the whole soul-mate thing. As they keep on insisting that Linda Hamilton wanted out they could have written it differently rather than killing her off and pairing Vincent with Diana. S3 was a BLAH.
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It's a tragic shame that they killed off poor Catherine.... :sob:
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Sorry, in my world the third season was a bad dream. Vincent woke up in Catherine's bed in her appartment when the fever broke. ;)
Then he realized his fears were his worst enemy and knew he could not live without her. As he said once: one either towards love or away from it. (In my world they move forward.)
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yeah i agree completely.
i knew from my mom a little bit of the series, but i never saw it before.
the last two weeks i was busy watching the series (and watch my favourite scenes over and over X////D). i knew that catherine will die during the series and if i start watching i decided never to watch the part when she died, cause i love that couple and their relationship so much. >_<
but today i thought i should watch it to see the whole series... but while i was watching with the knowledge that she will find death.... i start crying from the beginning of the second part of "Though lovers be lost". at the end if she find vincent on the roof i can't stop crying. sometimes i hate being so emotional while watching tv. ;__; after that i was so agitated and sad that i never was before from a movie/series. i whished i never had seen this..... x_x

so i can completely understand why for you the 3rd sesaon is a bad dream. i never want their bond and relationship be broken. 
don't know if i ever have the courage to watch the other episodes of that season. ._.
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I too see the horrible 3rd Season as a nightmare Vincent experienced while he was ill. One of my favorite BatB fanfic stories is All That Glitter by Teri Pepe (found at: [link]). It has a similar concept. I highly recommended. For me Catherine never died and Vincent and Catherine's love will live forever.
JarethsSexyWoman's avatar
oooooh, I was still sad about when Cathy died.
tunnelbrat's avatar
That's exactly why I reject the third season. My fairytales end in happily ever after. He woke up from that nightmare and the move toward their "happy life" continues. That will be the only way I accept that season... as a bad dream.
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I totally agree with you, Chan. There can be no Beauty and the Beast without the Beauty, and a fairy tale should have a happy ending. That 3rd Season was just The Beast show and was meant to attract more action loving male viewers. I'm glad it didn't last more than a few episodes since each new episode just kept ruining the series more. S3 was just a bad nightmare that never happened. Vincent and Catherine lived happily ever after.
JarethsSexyWoman's avatar
wow, when you explaine it that way, i completely agree. It's all just a bad dream, and Vincent will wake up with Cathy in his arms and she's rocking their baby to sleep.
tunnelbrat's avatar
Now you're catching on. ;)
JarethsSexyWoman's avatar
yes I am, I like to think it never happened.
so cute i love it
RavenKnightshadow's avatar
the 3rd season is out on tv now me and my grandma watch it.
tunnelbrat's avatar
I have it, but I won't watch it... never again. ;)
V & C are alive and well and living in the tunnels. I will visit them again in Central Park this July.
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yay, vincent! I was hooked on the series (along with both my mom and grandma) when I was a little kid. They just started putting the series on DVD, which makes me happy because I haven't seen it in soooooo long. I remember the ending though (it made me cry) and I always pictured Vincent being a very protective father...
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::sigh:: unfortunately... I wish it could come back though, it's a great time for something like the story of Beauty and the Beast.... it gave me hope :)
tunnelbrat's avatar
I can't disagree at all. We need a good story full of hope for the future.
Simply-Dreams's avatar
I have plenty of ideas we could use for a spin-off... if only the Writers Of America would get off strike already -.-
Simply-Dreams's avatar
It's adorable and ya I would prefer a child of his likeness too! ::sigh:: Ah well, there were rumors to bringing it back but with Vincent's son as the main character, I think it would be cute!
tunnelbrat's avatar
That rumor was a few years ago... no rumors of any kind in recent years.
tunnelbrat's avatar
You won't see 3rd season anytime soon... there are no plans for it's release yet.
Supposedly it's a normal boy child. I much prefer a child in his likeness.
Soniafm1027's avatar
I too would prefer Vincent had a child in his likeness since I think his leonine features are beautiful.
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