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20 year anniversary

By tunnelbrat
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This was the picture we used for the teeshirts and bags of the 2007 Convention in LA. It was our 20th year reunion convention so Vincent and Catherine took the opportunity to go through all the pictures of past conventions.
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I love there togetherness. happy 20th reunion. 
would love to have a t-shirt made of many of these pictures
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I used to have lots of picture of Vincent and stories too, but my computer crashed, and the files could not be retrieved. I think if they are going to have a convention it should be in Boston or Manchester NH. I live in NH and would love the chance to meet other BATB fans.
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Ya know, it strangely came to me, after I was renting the animated version of the film "The return of the king", when I was watching this show and thought...."Hmm, wouldn't it be an interesting idea for an art concept - I picture it in my mind and wouldn't it be cool to have a little mix with a Lord of the rings twist.

I picture Vincent in his chambers, at his desk, finding a certain book, and when he finds
that certain book, he truns a few pages until he find am imortant quote in the page, when in the book it said: "The year 3434 at the second age. Here follows the account of Isildor, high king of Gondor and finding of the ring of power."

"It has come to me - THE ONE RING. It shall be an heirloom of my kingdom. All those who follow in my bloodline, shall be bound to it's fate, for I will risk no hurt to the ring.
It is precious to me, though I buy it with a great pain."

The marking upon the band begin to fate. The writings, which at first was as clear as red flame, has all but dissapeared. A secret now that only fire can tell"

And in the book, shows the ring of power, with the inscription around the band.
Intersting, huh?
I'm not sure if you like the lord of rings, but it sound pretty nifty, in thought.
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We have had many crossover stories written over the years. If Lord of the Rings had been big in our early days I am sure there would have been a crossover between BB and LOR. (There may be some already and I just don't know. I will have to ask our librians.)
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I'm not sure if theres art concept crossovers between Beauty and the beast and Lord of the rings, either. But it would be great for art concepts.
And yeah,LOD would be big if it were big back in the day.
But since the movies came out in the 2000's, the Lord of the rings became bigger than ever. I mean I never really realized how huge it was until I noticed how many awards they achived.
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I would love to read a BatB/LOTR crossover story. Did you ever find any?
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Well, I haven't been on here that often for a few months and haven't bothered to find any, I'm very sorry. But if I did, I am not sure how to search the BATB,LOTR cover in title wise, I mean. i would love to search them, though:)
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I've found hundreds of BatB fan fiction stories online, the best are found on the CABB's Tunnel Tales, The Steam Tunnels, BatB Reading Chamber, Winterfest Online, and some fan's blog sites. There are also many stories on Marina's BatB page, and the site, and you can search for the majority of the stories using the BatB Fan Fiction Database. I've asked a fellow member of the BBTV group that's probably read every BatB fan fiction story available online and she said she has not found any BatB/LOTR crossover story. I think it would be cool of someone wrote a good one though, and would definitely read it. Can't get enough good BatB/V&C stories.
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very well done and nostalgic... wish I could have been there...
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We will be in NJ across the Hudson from NYC this year... not so far from Maryland.
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Oh, I hope I can make it!
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