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So pretty <33
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Really Pretty! 
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I love the look of this piece! <333
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WOW the colors in this are absolutely amazing? I'm not into ponys that much but I love the way you did the details and the whole concept? It's so pretty and pleasantly looking? It look just like one of my tattoos tbh. Good job, keep it up!! :3
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Excellent choice of colours , very smooth to look at. It's all about unicorns and rainbows , flowers and fun.
But I think there should be some sparks for the magic, it just looks bland, 
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Rarity from MLP! 
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That is just so cute! Would you look at that! :happybounce: +fav A friend of mine is a huge fan , she would love your work! I think I've fainted. Excellent choice of colours , very smooth to look at. It's all about unicorns and rainbows , flowers and fun Huggle!  
kakajoju's avatar
This is really amazing!
But I think there should be some sparks for the magic, it just looks bland. Other than that it's just awesome!
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Amazing detail and I love the shading! The magic looks a little more like water so maybe try to make it curvier or wispier. Great job~
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Wow, that looks so cute and professional
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Oh wow this is pretty!
Her mane is amazing :D
AnnaToxicReactive's avatar
I love how to draw the ponies in your own style is beautiful this I love rarity, I have nothing to tell you this beautiful
ladybellad0nna's avatar
I'm not necessarily into MLP but this is some of the best art I've seen of it. It's clean, accurate and most of all its absolutely adorable. You are incredibly good. Keep up the work ^-^
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Wow! I love how beautiful rarity looks in this picture. Also your shading and lighting is so great. I Think your art is great! keep up the great work!!!
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Love it <3 How lovely she is
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Oh God I don't even know what to say.
I love your pictures.
Even though I don't like rarity like other ponies. I think you've made good their character in this picture.
The background and the pose fits together very well.
Also her facial expression and the color has become super.
furrystarr's avatar
Ok, so first of all, I just wanted to say this art is lovely and stunning. However, there may be a few things I would have changed or edited. First, the shading, you can never have enough shading, shading brings the art alive. Everyone can always improve on shading. Another thing is color. Many people (and I must admit I do this often) find colors the least important part of a drawing. Colors are actually a key part of the project. Keep the colors diverse but matching, with lights and darks and all colors in between. The colors you pick are of dire importance to the final result. Depending on what you pick, something may look alive or dead, happy or sad, bright or dark, and so on. Over all this art is really inspiring, but everyone needs help with art sometimes, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement :)

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Beautiful art :'o
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To start here I must say I absolutely adore your art style! The lighting is so beautiful along with the reflections in the eyes. Another major thing I love in this is that you didn't use the dull common colour black. You have some greys, but it makes the piece bright, happy and vibrant. The way you shaded also looks very good with the shading of how the body is shaped different to how lighting is effecting rarity the pony which makes the her stand out from the other objects in the picture.
The only critique I can give is maybe to look at the anatomy of horses, ponies or my little pony characters again as her neck seems to be a little long as it is longer than her legs.
Back to another good point I think you got all of rarity's colour pallet perfect. You drew the mane without one mistake as every single strand of hair is in the correct place.
Overall I think you did very well with this piece.
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This piece is fantastic, but the shading is blended in at some points, and not at others. I'd suggest either blending on not, not doing both.
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I love how the lines thicken at some points and rarity has a generally really nice appearance! I think the shading is a bit unblended at certain parts but you can't tell from afar! This is awesome!
jigglyroll's avatar
Amazing work on this piece, TungstemWillow! The anatomy is pretty good, the linework is very clean, the color scheme is beautiful, and the shading is amazing and very well-distributed throughout the piece. My only problem, however, is that Rarity's neck looks a little too long compared to the rest of her body. Other than that though, it is an amazing piece overall, and I hope to see you again! Bye!~
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