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DnD Homebrew Commission Character Dragonborne

Commission work for KrankheitRan
Fighter dragonborn 
this is a token for Roll20
I also have Artstation and page too here take a look :
Facebook Page (Thai)…
I alos Open fro commission here a detail :…
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he looks so cool! Give me an idea for a character.

Wow, I didn't know a Dragonborn can wear plate armor (and cape) so gorgeously like this.
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Thankyou (> <)/

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Nice, I like it. Dragonborn is one of the coolest race to play. (Though I created only one yet in D&D Neverwinter, since there aren't many customisation-options - like horns on the back of the head.)

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I just heard they add Lionkin? isnt it?

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Don't really know what you mean by Lonkin? (Playing the Xbox One-Version of Neverwinter)

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I look for it ,It's call Lionfolk


very interesting

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Hm, no there isn't any Lionfolk playable... They got plenty of elves (including Drow), Gyth, Dragonborn, Metallic Dragonborn, Tieflings (the devilish ones), Dwarves, Humans... the usual suspects :shrug: rvmp

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Oh I see ,the other race I see is like a MOD or something like that?

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maybe... As said: havn't seen lionkin in the game... yet

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not very often you get to see rad artwork like this.

very well done.

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I'll work with pose more often to improve it

TY > <

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