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At the end of this month I'll start my Finnish language studies in Uni. La la la la  Of course I'll have less time to work on comics but I'm actually in need of something else to do for a while. Making comics is nice but also very stressful to me. I'll draw whenever I can but only when I feel like it. I don't want to burn myself out. But yeah, this is fine to me and I hope that people will understand that there will be hiatus or a few during these next years. :) (Smile) 

Also I'm so happy that the killer heat wave came to it's end - for now. I'm not used for temperatures that high and I prefer winter and cold anyway. My parent's old cat died because of the heat. She was almost 16 years old but could have lived much longer since she was in a very good shape. Crying Heart 
Yup, I was going to use my time and energy to start the commissions business today and to text some pages too. But yesterday a mosquito bit my son and at the morning his eye was swollen shut and we had to take him to the doctor. Turned out that he's allergic (just like both of his parents...-___-'). He got medicine and is okay now! It seems to be a norm nowadays that every now and then there's an emergency of some sort in this household and there goes my plans.
Rikuo Nura 

But yes, I'd really love to get this commissions business started in a day or two, so please be patient and stay tuned!
I think that I'll start to do commissions after I've recovered or sooner. I wouldn't normally do them since I want to use my time and energy to my own things, BUT- my husband said that my cat Tepes is a real vampire (because of his fangs) and my idiot cat thought it was a real thing, tried to fly and jumped off the second floor window! Right on to the asphalt of course. He's on painkillers and antibiotics now and he will most likely recover pretty well. So now I need to pay some vet bills and make sure that Tepes will be fine!

You can also help by supporting me in Patreon! There's no amount too small, I'd appreciate even a dollar or two. At least please vote me and Lord Babuski once per day in Top three of the week will get their comics advertised on the site for a week, and I'd need some advertising in order to get more readers and possible supporters! (You can vote three comics creator every day and there are plenty of very talented artists on the list!)

In any case you are awesome and I appreciate all my friends, fans and readers! :heart: :heart: :heart:
More about the commissions when I'll be somewhat okay!
Like I said earlier, I have some problems with my biting and neck muscles, also with my shoulder and upper back. And of course it's the right side, and since I'm right handed I'm now unable to draw for a moment. I just tried to draw a little bit and my shoulder started to shake like hell. I have buffer for DA and SmackJeeves, but not for Patreon so it's pissing me off a little bit and I feel like lazy asshole 'cos I wasn't prepared for this.

And yeah, this is all because I lost my last wisdom teeth a month and half ago, and didn't realise that I should exercise my jaw after that :'D Plus we had all the moving business and a boat trip and everything so I didn't get enough rest. So my life at the moment is all about resting, jaw exercising and mild pain killers! xD How is your summer going? :D
Yup, we'll take a merry ferry and we'll be off to Stockholm once again! :D A few nights ago I had a dream that my mum asked how Babuski will end, just in case if our ferry will sink. Well, most of my scripts are in my head, so maybe I'll write them down before our trip. Just in case.
'Cos Finnish is a great language and I master it since it's my native language, I have a question about Finnish grammar for my Finnish followers!

Eli, jos henkilö on äidin isän veli, ni onko se isoeno vai isosetä? Tätä oon pohtinut ja kaipaisin mielipiteitä tai mielellään ihan faktaakin, jos sellasta on! :'D Kiitos ja apua! :XD:

Finnish is so easy!
Yay, thank you people for voting! Top three fav creators this time were Victor Chombeau (Little Lety, the Vampire), Em & QueenNati (AKRAV) and Jaime & Margot (Kindred Skies)!

The voting is on again and the top three will get their comic advertised on the site for a week! AND fellow comic artists can add their name and comic/s on the list too! So add yourself and vote for your favs (and yourself too, it's totally okay ;) (Wink) )!
My dear friends and fans! Please vote for your 3 fav webcomic creators each day! I'm on the list too with Lord Babuški! ;) (Wink)  I'd appreciate a lot!

Also, if you follow me in facebook or twitter, please share and retweet my comic related updates every now and then! It would be a great help to me! Though you people are awesome anyway! Thank you so much for reading! La la la la  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Yeah, we're going to move again 'cos there is fucking mold in our apartment! That's one reason why I was so down earlier. But we finally got new apartment and we'll move at the beginning of May. :D Our new apartment won't be as big as this one, but at least we won't need to inhale mold!

I think this won't slow down my updating pace since I have SOOO MUCH BUFFER!!! I've been working my ass off with new pages and there is quite a lot of them! Even if son has been little bit ill (first diarrhea, then flu, then stomach flu, now infection in both ears) and we've been at home with him. Nowadays I draw in library or cafe whenever son is in daycare, and I can easily make one page in 3 hours (+'coloring' and texting it later).

I'm still looking for another job, since we need money. That's why I'm working so hard with the comic right now! I want to have enough buffer, so there wouldn't be any breaks when I won't have so much time for drawing.

Also, I appreciate and love all of my fans, readers and supporters! :heart: I'd draw the comic even if there wasn't any readers, but it really feels better to know that there actually are people who read it. xD I know that I'm not a big name yet, but that just makes me work even harder!

And btw, if you like good visual novels and puzzle games, try 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. I played them with husband and my mind is so fucked.
I almost deleted my last journal 'cos I was so ashamed, but I kept it as a reminder to myself. I had a mental breakdown, yeah. Things aren't going very well, but we'll survive.

One day I was hanging out on town and I heard a group of young, Near Eastern women casually talking about who've lost a friend or family member or someone they knew. "Remember that 16 year old boy, he was nice and was driving people there then? He drove into a mine and exploded." "Yeah, I was going to visit my grandma but they almost shot our plane down." "Some dudes were pointing us with a gun and almost killed us." etc. etc. And they were talking like I would talk to my friends about my basic day! It was quite horrible to think that to someone that was just something that happens every day, no big deal!

Another day I was feeling down and went to library. There are free books in front of the library, so I went to check if there's any good loot. First book I randomly grabbed was the diary of Anne Frank.

Thanks universe, I got your point! "Stop whining, you bitch, you're fine!" So yeah, I got some perspective and I'm feeling better now.
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You can now find me from Patreon! There's pretty much nothing yet, but I'm working on it.

I really need more patrons, so if you can support me even by only $1 per month it'd be great! I totally understand if you can't.

And since I'm quite bad to marketing myself I would appreciate if you can help me to get more readers! Tell your friends, relatives, school/work mates, anyone who might be interested about my comics! Or give me some advice! Tell me what to do!

I'm very proud person, so to me it's extremely hard to ask any kind of help ever and even now I'm ashamed, but I really need help right now. It wouldn't matter if it was only me, but I have family, so taking care of things by myself isn't an option now. We are financially screwed. The options are that I either keep drawing and my husband has to drop out from school so he could work, or that I quit drawing and go to do some 'real work', which would leave me with very little time to working on comics.

This situation is eating my soul and I'm going through a mental breakdown, since things started to look good already and drawing comics is my dream job but it seems that I have to give up on it. I only want to curl up in a hole and cry.

Please, help me.
Hi! I'm gonna fix the font from the older Babuski pages by the end of the year. The reason why I'm telling this is that now I really have to do it instead of just thinking about doing it! I now give you a permission to kick my arse if I won't get the job done! And of course, thanks for reading, you awesome people!
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I wasn't going to take a break in drawing the comic this summer, but yeah.... My drawing hand is totally useless at the moment and I must let it rest for at least a couple of weeks. Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3]  I have buffer for the next 6-7 weeks so it's okay. I would have liked to draw more buffer, but I also would like to draw for the rest of my life so I'm taking this really seriously.
"You should not curse, but sometimes the word just comes when you need it." This is what my Grandma told us kids after she had cursed in front of us. She cursed quite a lot.

She died last night, peacefully and painless, her children were by her side. I'm little bit sad, but mostly this feels good. She was demented for years. The old Grandma I knew has been gone for ages. At the end, she had a cancer and the tumors caused lots of pain. When I last saw her, she was like a living corpse and it made me sad.

At least she saw my son. She didn't remember who I truly was, but she always asked me to show her the baby. Otherwise she was emotionless, but my son always made her laugh.

So, it's gonna be funeral soon, and week after that, son's b-day party. That's how the life's going on.
I'm going to have a kitten! AAAAAAA! Can't wait till I can take him home! I FUCKING LOVE CATS, in case somebody didn't know.

So, my husband started a job, which means that I don't have so much time to draw, BUT I have buffer for the next two months at least. Also it's summertime and super hot and my studio is like flaming hell, so I just go out to play with my son. It's his first birthday soon, it feels so odd! Like, I just pushed him out a few moments ago and now he's a big boy already! He's calling me Äijä (Dude) btw. He can say 'äiti' (mom), but for some reason he prefers Äijä. Dunno, he's a weirdo. And I am so proud!

And yeah, I was tagged by :iconkivutar: almost a year ago! Hahaha! :'D Gods, I'm so slow xD

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1. What is your favourite song?
- Ehhh, there are so many :'D If I gotta say one, it would be Take On Me by A-ha.

2. Favourite video game romance?
- I don't play so much, so I really can't say. I like to build romances in Sims and every time I end up murder someone and people are sad. It's so much fun! :heart:

3. Describe yourself in three words?
- fucking weirdo catlady

4. What is your favourite myth/legend/fairytale?
- Myths of Kalevala and Edda. Especially the story of Kullervo, 'cos it's so tragic.

5. Your favourite cartoon character? Alternative question: Your favourite comic character?
- I'll go with the cartoon, 'cos it's easier: Snufkin from Moomins. (Can't deside who's my favourite comic character, there are so many!)

6. Which would be worse, zombie apocalypse or robot invasion?
- Robot invasion. I have no clue how to kill robots. Zombies would be a piece of cake!

7. Are you a morning person?
- Definitely not. I used to live in nighttime and slept through days, but nowadays it's not possible.

8. Do you have a favourite planet from our solar system?
-  I'd love to say Pluto, but it's not a planet. It's so tiny and I feel sorry for it. But I gotta say Mars, 'cos that's where the Biker Mice come from.

9. Everyday thing that makes you happy?
- Seeing my family members being happy.

10. What have you always wanted and did you get it?
- I have always wanted to meet a wild wolf. I haven't yet, but I've met many other creatures while searching. Like fox cubs and owls.

My questions:

1. What is your favourite animal?
2. Favourite book character?
3. Where would you spend your last days, if you know you're gonna die soon?
4. You can travel anywhere you want. Where would you go?
5. What has been the most important lesson in your life this far?
6. Which Hogwarts house you be in? Or are you a muggle?
7. What is your silliest fear?
8. Tell me the creepiest scary tale you know! Short version is okay.
9. Now tell me the recipe of your favourite dessert!
10. Can you recall your first memory ever? What is it?

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First you take my cat, then Lemmy, Bowie and now Alan fucking Rickman! I am so mad that I don't even have any words. Except: Kepeet mullat teille kaikille!

And if anyone dares to ask ANYTHING related to the Slutherin Queen right now, I'm gonna punch one's face off, 'cos I am pissed off!
Yes, I should be sleeping First emoticon 

But I finally had time to draw something, not pages, but something! I've done lots of things lately, like watched thousands of seasons of Miss Fisher, Downton Abbey, Moomins, Miffy, Young Doctor's Notebook etc. etc. while breast feeding and every possible other thing but drawing, so it felt like luxury when I finally get to draw! Like stick figures, but yeah, it felt great! I know that any moment now the baby will wake up to eat and then I can't go to sleep until hour or two has passed, and tomorrow I will look like rotten zombie arse when we'll go to cafe to meet other parents and babies. But no worries, all the other moms will look like rotten zombie arses too :aww:

So yeah, we finally celebrated our wedding, we had a big party, woo! The theme was the Red Wedding, woo! No one died, boo! There were 'blood' on our wedding cake, it was so tasty! Same time our baby had a name giving party, he looked so sweet and gorgeous (like he always does, duh)! Chaohug  So his name is Tuomas Rudi Heimo, all the names are from the family.

I really miss the wedding cake and Tuomas' naming cake too, they were so delicious. Nom!

And yeah, it has been helluva hot in here. For a Finn anything over +25 celsius is equal than murder, -25 would feel so much better. But it's okay when there's +80..+110 celsius in sauna, it's a totally different thing.

Here's a few songs Tuomas really likes, we use them when we need to get him to sleep.
Negro y azulLaavaa and You are a cunt. Yup, that's our son.
All the King's Horses 
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I've been very quiet in DA for a while. It's because the baby is finally here :D Everything went well and was much easier than I expected (though the pain really was something out from this world and I shouted and cursed so loud during the labor that my throat was really sore after that).

The baby boy is damn cute, even if he's squealing like a little pig when he's upset. That's why I call him Possu (Piggy) x) The first night at home was hard, 'cos he squealed the whole night, but last night we all three got good sleep. The cat is very curious but seems to be little scared and confused too :'D

I'll update something when I have time and I'm not this tired :)
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Yeah, I'm not giving birth yet (or actually I'm not sure, these last couple of days has been quite interesting...) , I'm just really, really slow, 'cos I've never felt this uncomfortable. I realised that I can't keep up the Monday-Thursday-schedule. I'll finish the next page when I'm able to and update it as soon as it's ready.

I'm also making a little spin-off comics which I'll update during the long break. The style is very rough so it's much easier and faster to draw than the actual comics.

But now I'm just trying to start the damn labor 'cos I'm so godsfucking tired of being a whale.
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At first, I'm pretty sure that I can't make Monday's page in time. I'm off to Ropecon for this weekend, so I'll have no time to draw until Monday. I think I'll update the page in Tuesday then. Today I've had the whole day time for drawing, but energy? Nuh-uh, not at all. I've been sleeping, napping, eating and sleeping whole day long and I'm still tired. I walked very much yesterday and didn't sleep well at night, so probably that's why my batteries are so low today.

Also I'm 9 mo pregnant and the baby is ready to born any time now. Probably it'll take still few weeks, but I can't be sure about that. I'm so damn tired to be pregnant, I wouldn't mind if the baby comes out already. So if one Monday or Thursday there's no update and I haven't informed anything, then I'm most likely in the hospital.

After the baby has come I'm going to keep a break. I really can't say how long it will last, it depends how much energy and time I'll have. But I'll keep you informed about that. Maybe after couple of months I'm able to update one page per week? I can't promise, but I'll try, 'cos drawing this comic and telling the tale is important to me.

For those who are coming to Ropecon, I'm wobbling around as Skyler White in Saturday (of course there'll be Walter with me) and in Sunday I'm probably dying somewhere around 'cos my body (especially feet) will have failed me by then.
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