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  1. I'm not much active on Instagram and YouTube

Welcome to Tundra-Studio

A online art museum that brings inspiration, thoughts, and ideas.

What I do is sketches and digital arts.

What you'll find is incredible artwork drawn by me.

Hope you enjoy your time in my profile page.

God Bless you

Have a nice day

Signature, Kachoul


1.I don't accept commission, and request, sorry.

2.Down below is a warning label for those who's about to leave a comment in my profile. If your hear to give thanks to me for supporting your art career, please reply to my featured comment or type down a note for me. I would appreciate It to help keep my page clean and organized.

  1. I don't participate Halloween, Easter Day, and Patrick's Day due to my religious believe.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
James Bond / iRobot / Pirate of the Caribbean
Favourite TV Shows
She-Ra and The Princess of Power
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Daft Punk / Bruno Mars
Favourite Books
Diary Of a Wimpy Kid
Favourite Games
Overwatch/Plant Vs Zombies 2/ Age Of Empire 2 Definitive Edition
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC(Personal Computer)
Tundra Schedule Will Return Back to Normal By Next Week ---------------------------------------------------- Bold Underline Text= Quick Reading ---------------------------------------------------- I'm sorry that I haven't been much active on DeviantArt. I haven't gotten in use to being in DeviantArt because I feel more connected on Twitter, but it doesn't I'm going to leave DeviantArt. I'm still going to be on DeviantArt, but not much often. I should have my schedule back to normal by next week. I will be on DeviantArt every Tuesday and Thursday. And I'll be on Twitter everyday. Overall, I still going to be in DeviantArt, but not much often, because I feel more connect in Twitter and more active there. I believe this is the future of how I'll be posting artwork, topic, and YouTube video. Let's hope that I'll be able to get in use to Twitter, because Twitter is way less organize than DeviantArt-like how come Twitter haven't changed their notification bar, home, and profile page to a
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Tundra Catradora Art Series is slowly declining ---------------------------------------------------- Bold underline text=Quick Reading ---------------------------------------------------- Now some of you might be saying "finally, I been waiting for you to drawing something different", well today is the day. I started to get tired of drawing Catradora, not because I'm getting less interest in Catradora, it's because I'm just getting tired...like I have draw 60 She Ra fanart, which is almost the same level as all of my Overwatch fanart in one folder. So I will be focusing on drawing something else But don't worry She Ra fans, I will continue posting Catradora fanarts, but it won't be much often. I might draw other She Ra character. Overall, I will love and will always love Adora and Catra, right now I'm just getting tired of drawing the same artwork over and over again and I just want to take a break and focus on something new. But I will continue draw Catradora fanart, but not much
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Tundra Digital Art Series is declining ---------------------------------------------------- Bold Text= Quick Reading ---------------------------------------------------- I'm...haven't been getting much into digital arts because...I have been getting tired and less interested on those type of art activity. So right now, I just want to try something new to that I can continue enjoying drawing. For just now, I will be sketching black and white artwork. But don't worry, I will also continue drawing digital arts, but this time, it will be draw on Krita, but won't be posted much often. Overall, I'm just getting tired on digital arts, so I want to try something new by sketching black and white art. So while I'll be sketching for just now, I will continue posting digital arts, but it won't be posted much often. Have a nice day SIgnature, kachoul
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TundraTweetz has Return ---------------------------------------------------- Since I haven't been in use to posting artwork in DeviantArt, I decided to try posting artwork in other social media. The good news is that I'm going to return back to Twitter to post artwork there. I believe that I will reach out and socialize with more She Ra fans there. So all in all, I will return back to Twitter posting artworks there and interacting with more She Ra fans. Here TundraTweetz Have a nice day Signature, Kachoul
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Big changes that will cause a big impact on Tundra-Studio ------------------------------------------------- If your too lazy to reach the rest of this status, feel free to read the bold text for quick reading, but less detail and understanding. Now for those who have been wondering what's going on with me- why I haven't been monitoring by account- and why I haven't been posting much digital art. Allow me to explain. It all started in the beginning of October. I haven't been much drawing on the table because I have been running out of ideas and inspiration. I watch any YouTube video that keep me entertain while I draw, but todays these days, almost half of the video I enjoyed watching while drawing have been removed because of YouTube too strict rules-so I'm limited on what can I watch and what videos can keep me entertained. Meanwhile, ever since I join in concept art class, I have been enjoying using Krita with the Wacom tablet. Drawing on Krita makes my digital art looks better
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thanks for the fave on my drawing!!!

Hiccup - HTTYD 2

Your gallery is full of great stuffs!!!

Thanks for the llama badge!