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Heart Brush Set Photoshop

**Made in CS2, but most likely compatible with other versions of photoshop**

Thanks to =crystalofchaos I managed to figure out how to create a brush set for uploading. Here's the heart set I made for something at *DRACODOPTABLES C:

These hearts are only basic (obviously), but I figured since I made them, I may as well share them. I hope they can be useful.

The hearts come in quite large sizes, the preview is just randomly stamped with different scales of them.

This stock is Semi Restricted, MEANING:

:bulletblue: Link back to the stock and credit me with my username :dev saiyan-frost: (take out the space to create *saiyan-frost )
:bulletblue: Leave me a link to what you created so that I can fave it C:
:bulletblue: You can use this in prints if you like, and other profitable endevours, but only on Deviantart.
:bulletblue: You can use this off of DA, but you MUST NOT use it commercially. You must also still credit me and link back to the stock with a live hyperlink to the original piece.

:bulletred: DO NOT use my stock in any kind of hate art!
:bulletred: DO NOT Redistribute this stock claiming it as your own. That includes turning it into a brush or pattern etc
:bulletred: DO NOT Make stock with my stock. Artworks only please.
My Gallery folder for Unrestricted Stock: [link]
My Fallery Folder for Semi Restricted Stock: [link]
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Yay, once more! Are you going to be making some for clubs as well? *hopeful*
Tundra-Sky's avatar
Glad you're liking them :D Yes indeed, Clubs and Diamonds are on their way (in the near future, maybe not today)
yurizemira's avatar
Awesome! So happy to hear about this! Rather interesting timing because I just got a custom pet with spades and clubs on it from another agency. :giggle:
Tundra-Sky's avatar
Oh cool, do you have a link? I'd love to see it (I had a look in your faves, but I couldn't find it).
yurizemira's avatar
Ah, yeah, sorry, got lots of stuff lurking in my faves, lol. It's here: [link]
Tundra-Sky's avatar
Aww now that's one cool catapillar! :D
yurizemira's avatar
:giggle: Thanks. He seems like a band's mascot to me though I'm not sure why, lol.
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