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Ref Sheet - Emma

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This is for :iconangelzoneoct:


Name:  "Emma"  
Gender: Female
Species:  'Cursed' Raven

Personality:  Emma is what you would call an instigator.  She tends to be very sarcastic and isn't one to hold back on sharp remarks to get what she wants.

She likes to hang back and watch things play out.  Emma can be a little snobbish and lazy, not really wanting to help out unless she gets something out of it or it's absolutely necessary.

Backstory:  For one reason or another Emma has latched herself onto Calimus.  She doesn't really talk much about where she came from and tends to get rather fidgety with the subject, but it's very clear she wants something from him.

-Flight:  She is a bird.  She do the bird thing.

-Watch the Eyes:  She likes to go for them.  And Emma is small enough and fast enough for it to be a threat if she wants it to be.  Also claws are pointy.

-Magical Immunity:  Due to her curse she is immune to almost all kinds of magic.  

-Fragile:  Aside from her near complete immunity to magic and her ability to talk she's pretty much just a bird.  She can't do much if caught.

Other Notes:
-Marked:  Her curse is marked by a symbol that's located on her chest.  She keeps it covered for....reasons.

-Combatant:  Emma is not a tag-along character.  Use her in the fight or have her hang back, but she is not immune from such use.

-Hidden Backstory:  Any opponents will be given the 'deets' as needed for the round.
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