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Ref Sheet - Calimus

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Name: Calimus Von Boreas
Gender: Male
Species:  Demon
Job: Familiar
Height:  5'10"

Personality: Calimus is a demon of Greed.  As such he can come off a tad selfish....since he is rather selfish.  Cal likes to think himself independent and hates his status as a 'familiar' and 'servant'.  

He tends to come off as rather distrusting of others at first and he's not one to warm up to you too quickly.  Bonds of any sort are seen as a weakness by him and Cal prefers to keep everyone he can at a distance.

Cal seems to get enjoyment at the expense of others but he can be lighthearted once he relaxes a bit.  

He doesn't trust anything gained through 'luck' (see below) and is actually rather hard-working in things he enjoys or thinks could be useful later on in life.  After all, things gained through work and not luck can't come back and bite him in the ass, right?

Familiar Duties:  Familiars are the souls of those recently passed.  Their role for the time that they exist is to balance out their souls by performing tasks or helping other magical folk.  

They are seen as the lowest form of Demon or Angel as they are 'born into servitude' until their time is up and their souls are cleansed.

In order to have any sort of great power a familiar must be bound in a contract to another magical folk.  Contracts work two-ways and both the familiar and their master gain a power boost, making them rather popular 'tools' for wizards and the like.

There is an agency in place to take care of matching up familiars with masters and it's heavily regulated due to the nature of souls and how they are attuned to either virtues or sins.  
[More on this later, I have a whole system.]

Calimus has spent the past few years working with a charitable witch.  Their contract was as such that he would learn to be more selfless while she would learn to be at least selfish enough to take care of herself when needed.  They had an odd relationship and Cal would never admit that he rather enjoyed her company.

She was more than willing to teach him about potions and things that might help him later on in life.

Recently, though, his master passed away.  It could easily be written off as old age, she WAS rather elderly, but the traces of magic around the scene have him skeptic.  

After her passing he raided borrowed some things from her home and is on the run from the Familiar's Agency to avoid being stuck with another contract and another master.  He'd do anything to avoid that fate.

-Potion Master:  During his time working with his former master he learned a lot about potion making and magical afflictions.  He's very talented in making potions that explode.  And also healing potions as a result of that.  
Depending on the mixture of the potions he can also do things like smokescreen (poisonous or not) and other harmful effects.

-Cat Form:  When all else fails, become a cat.  In this form, when not forced into it through drain, he can squeeze into small spaces and is much quicker than his human form.  He tends to use this as a quick escape from sticky situations or just to beg for food from unsuspecting people.

-Shocker:  In it's pure form Cal's magic takes on a form closely resembling electricity.  He can use this to stun enemies to put some distance between himself, though he tries to avoid that as much as possible due to his limited resources.  The main use of his magic is to spark his potions into combat readiness, which really doesn't take much to jumpstart.

-Blade Fighter:  As a backup plan for when he's cornered Cal has 'borrowed' his old master's cane sword.  He has some experience in it, not a lot, but it'll do in a pinch.

-Limited Magic:  Due to not being in a contract with another magical being Calimus is kinda weak in the magical resources department.  Without the aid of potions he can't do any high level spells.

-Cat Form:  As listed above Calimus doesn't have giant reserves of magic.  One of the biggest downsides is that when he runs out he turns into his cat form as he's no longer able to hold on to the human form. 
As a cat he has no magic and is pretty small and defenseless besides the whole teeth and claws thing.  But with the type of people showing up in this tournament that's probably not going to do a whole lot.

-Unskilled:  Okay, not entirely.  But his handle on swordfighting is rather amateur at best.  He's no master and it's definitely not his forte in combat, but more of a last resort.

Other Notes:
-Luck Flux:  A side effect of his familiar type (a black cat) is that Calimus has some very odd issues with luck based events.  There are times when something either extremely unlucky or lucky will happen to him without much reason.

-Lucky Scales:  As with all things about being a familiar, balance is key.  The same holds true for his luck.  Whenever a case of extreme luck, bad or otherwise, occurs it must be balanced out by luck of the opposite type.  This can happen all at once or over the course of a few days. 
Of course, this does tend to skew his reactions to events to something unusual.  Like, say, something incredibly fortunate happens he tends to mope or get paranoid as he waits for the eventual splashback.

-Hoarder:  Cal has a really bad habit of just collecting things.  They don't have to be useful things, just stuff.  In fact, the bag he carries is full of random things from his former master's house along with the needed ingredients and bottles for his potions.

-Star:  His star is located right below his necklace on his chest.
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Aaah I love how much fun he's having as a human versus how annoyed he looks as a cat. Like he's so peeved at getting stuck in that form. Really appealing design! I hope to see more ^_^