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Enemy Over The Horizon by Phenol-R Enemy Over The Horizon :iconphenol-r:Phenol-R 15 9 [AH] 6.5mm Rifle M1894 by Semi-II [AH] 6.5mm Rifle M1894 :iconsemi-ii:Semi-II 41 5 Chuki by Nomikhan962 Chuki :iconnomikhan962:Nomikhan962 25 28 Onevia by Nomikhan962 Onevia :iconnomikhan962:Nomikhan962 39 25 Ostfront Wallpaper: Kathe Kesselring by Phenol-R Ostfront Wallpaper: Kathe Kesselring :iconphenol-r:Phenol-R 13 2 Fubuki by AyyaSAP Fubuki :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,870 56 Supra's Senpai by Nomikhan962 Supra's Senpai :iconnomikhan962:Nomikhan962 15 14 Lamborghini in Sydney by PhantomPlayzIt Lamborghini in Sydney :iconphantomplayzit:PhantomPlayzIt 4 10 Living Legend by PhantomPlayzIt Living Legend :iconphantomplayzit:PhantomPlayzIt 2 8 VeilSide Fortune RX-7 by PhantomPlayzIt VeilSide Fortune RX-7 :iconphantomplayzit:PhantomPlayzIt 2 0 Godzilla (Nissan Skyline GT-R R32) by PhantomPlayzIt Godzilla (Nissan Skyline GT-R R32) :iconphantomplayzit:PhantomPlayzIt 2 0 A Challenger approaches! by PhantomPlayzIt A Challenger approaches! :iconphantomplayzit:PhantomPlayzIt 1 0 City Skylines by PhantomPlayzIt City Skylines :iconphantomplayzit:PhantomPlayzIt 2 0 Sniper (Commission) by Maridjan-kirisame Sniper (Commission) :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 47 6 A lesbian (Pyrocynical Doodles) by Rocker2point0 A lesbian (Pyrocynical Doodles) :iconrocker2point0:Rocker2point0 60 6 Pyrocynical by sinningpotato Pyrocynical :iconsinningpotato:sinningpotato 40 2



The Eclipse thing isn't so bad, its just confusing if Im logging on my mobile Google chrome
Wherever my camera is, I'll still look for it
Happy Mother's day to all.

I haven't uploaded shit becuz:
- Camera is gone or hiding from me
- PC eithe wants to commit suicide or really needs upgrades and a new shell
So I sort of said one time that I lost my camera, yeah? I din't touch it after washing its bag, some person in the house may have misplaced it, complete with the adapter and charger. 
The PC...its fucking useless and I can't use it. 
tbh i wanna play games at this point on my PC
Ok this is epic, finally the new main 4 for BL3 can now speak and communicate with the NPC's, unlike in 1, TPS or 2 where we are a complete mute bastard.
The more BL3 gets hyped on, the more I get bored if they don't show gameplay. Yeah I get that the new set of cast members have similar abilities to the ones we know but few of them have ties somewhere:
- Moze is former Vladof, just like Roland leaving Atlas and Axton on leaving Dahl. Like that, we don't know if she left Vladof's military force for some reason.
- Zane is unknown, some say its August or Jack's body double but we'll have to wait for confirmation. Jack's dead so we don't give a shit about him.
- FL4K isn't really Loader-bot or Axton's turret, the guy has Pandoran beasts under his sleeve, a patch similar to Axton's but its not the same, regarding his looks with cybernetic limbs. But honestly, he's good though, having animals on your side as a action skill.
- Amara here, we don't know anything about her but that sweet powers of her look similar to Maya but the fists come handy. 
PC needs some upgrades, well shit. I hope my brother comes up soon.
Whoops, that was a lovely Heisei era, and in with the new. I wonder what Japan has in store next, aside from new Anime seasons/adaptations of Manga's released, you know what it is; 

4 damn wheels and one engine, cars obviously! 
Here's a joke: Far Cry New Dawn is horribly bad despite of it being a port of FC5 with post apocalyptic shit pasted on it and most of FC5's cast alive, few are dead. 
How to make the best motoring show:
- GET FUCKING KEIICHI and company to drive odd cars, yes I mean it, the Prius one was kinda funny.

Also subscribe to Best Motoring's official YT channel, you'll understand why its awesome. 
I'm bored, why not write rants on rating games if its bad or well done. 
Randy Pitchford: Borderlands 3 for Ebic Geams store
The fans: Fuck you and I'll pirate the hell out of this thing

What else is even happening? Fortnut is literally dying and now devs go for Ebic Geams, I'll just pirate the shit out of every game that comes on that store, especially BL3 and DOOM ETERNAL
I wish people would just move on of Handsome Jack for BL3, I mean the dude's 100% dead and Randy Pitchford isn't talking about the guy, even after Tales-From-The-Borderlands (choosing the option to kill him rather than accept the offer, costing Rhys his arm and eye to be taken away).

The Calypso Twins are a potential villain and people want to know whats going on with them.
Duolingo: You know what happens next!
*the entire family is held hostage*

this meme is too good to milk on
First 3 weeks of April: Literally nothing at all except for April 3rd as that was a farewell party. 
> China "claims" Philippines
> Its too late, we are claimed by the Spaniards 300 years ago
> China should fuck off
> I'll say the C'word and go to Japan to live with my relatives there
Y'know, I kinda wished to add a "-" on the middle of my DA name at first, but still got a long way to go definitely, and that original DA name would be "Tuna-Platinum" rather than "TunaPlatinum". 

And with that, I still don't have enough money to upgrade the PC's internals and a new permanent shell. Something around 2008 and lives in 2019 isn't bad but outdated (and also gets dust more often from the inside hence the performance is a bit off). Sad thing I have to wait for my brother to come home in December 2019 since he'd bring some upgrades for my PC.

Also a bit of a thing, I found a school that somewhat has a good Automotive course (good for 2 years), with that I can do some work hands on a actual car or fiddle/fix its parts. 
Now most people has covered this out and saying how it would go really well 1 year after it hits the streets. NOTHING is ever needed to say about this, and here's my points on how this is now a different class compared to its previous versions from the past decade:
- This combines BMW's long year of making the best engines to date from their experience at motorsports and Toyota's realibility. Basically a collab between M Motorsport and the iconic TRD.
- Collabs between brands has been done for a long, long time. Do your research before talking smack, its a very common business practice.
- It ironically shares the same platform as the new BMW Z4 for some reason. This practice between the same platform, sharing identical/similar parts, and re-badging is common from the start, and everything else. I'll use the Mitsubishi GTO as a example, a 90's icon that has so much tech that is later on used later on recent cars today, and also rebadged as the Dodge Stealth, somehow the Japanese named it the 3kGT too.
- From the FT1 Concept last 2014, BMW and Toyota's efforts have paid off quite nicely on finishing it, if it din't, the 2019 A90 would never come out, just please.
- Every good part on it and how the B58 engine has potential to crank up power. Yes, HKS Japan answered the question, they got their own one and tuned it.
- I see potential in this, and I doubt this coupe is fast, because the other half of this car is BMW's racing background planted to a JDM car.

Most retards and fanboys keep saying its garbage due to how bad it is though they din't drive it, also comparing it to the GT-R though its not in the same class anymore and what the Supra A80 was back then - meant to combat Nissan's 300ZX Z32 during the 90's. The R35 came out in 2007 and still goes on today, the VR38 was accepted and the automatic transmission too, I don't consider it as a excuse for critiques saying stuff about the New Supra with the person who wrote it never driven the actual car, I mean you have to drive it before you write something. I'm sure the A90 would be accepted sometime soon, like the A80 and A70. 

I simply adore this new one and how this would go well, the A90 doesn't need to compete with Supercars but instead cars on the same use or class. The simplicity on it is outstanding, the GT4 version on it got me drooling and it fits, let's not forget the GR Racing ver for the track. 350HP is good, can't complain and just like the FRS/GT86/BRZ coupe that Toyota and Subaru did. The GT86 is a driver's car that you can have fun with only 200HP and improves a individual's driving ability, same thing here can be said for the New Supra combined with BMW's experience on racing and building engines, the decade-old R35's competition is supercars and not this. WHY? Because it came out this year! 

The rivalry, its prime is out from the past, please. We all know its a iconic JDM tuner that anyone can play with. Just give this one a chance, the R35 did this in 2007 and kept it running for a decade, so should this too, I mean the A90 would look good with aftermarket aero add-ons such as a GT wing or canards. Haters can hate as if they'll buy this and never will, ones that desire this would grab their cash and drive it. Just fuck off if you hate it. The GT4 A90 is epic, love the minimal mods and it still fits, add some new set of tires and rims may look good for a vehicle in 2019.

The engine is the big issue here, some say it should have the 2JZ back but wanna hear why its not? Its simply old, we see this from JZX Chasers and many different cars for engine swaps and everything, I will say the 2JZ would not work with the A90's tech, time has changed now, we're no longer in the mid 1980's, 70's, or fucking 1990's fuck's sake. BMW's engineering on engines make a good combo with Toyota's realibility. I'm not against the automatic tranny, it fits well with the new tech, similar to the R35 when it came out in 2007 with the VR38 and still used on current R35 models sold today. 

I posted a while back that Dai-chan's drift car almost burned due to a fuel line, this is what I really mean on the engine. Read back if you want. Here's my point, old tech doesn't work well on newer ones so a bit of updated tweaks can make it compatible, the 2JZ is a old engine and one of the most common ones to slap on a Chaser JZX's engine bay or any specific style you want. I GET that there is already 2 2JZ A90 drift cars, the other one being Dai-chan's custom one and it suddenly lits up due a fuel line. SO, DOES THE 2JZ REALLY WORK ON THE A90? NO, IT DOESN'T, ITS OLD, OKAY, and just stop for fuck's sake.

The problem is how people cannot accept new things, this came out and man, this thing got roasted. Its simple, if you don't want the A90 then don't pull out your wallet, if you want one then pull out the wallet and credit card. It may be 50% Toyota and 50% BMW, I doubt this will be appreciated like the 2015 Mustang. People hated it at first but liking it and growing to love it, and its a 5 year-old car now that you can have fun whether its a EcoBoost model or the new GT350 and the standard GT. I hear a manual model is coming for the A90 but you know, its still in the works by Toyota.

I listed in the good points there that HKS Japan has tuned one and Orido-san was there, with his own Ridox A80. Dino C.from Speedhunters shot some pictures and finally drove the New Supra, in which HKS added some dampers and they went on a test run with lots of tires, which Dino comments. Go check it out at Speedhunters, its a worthwhile read and agree or not with Dino's opinion (but the guy has a nice GT-R). I'll just say he was invited and boom, right there in Gunsai where the car was driven. Have to say it looks good with aftermarket rims and maybe we can tune it to its limits.

Its weird y'know when stuff like this happens, instant critiques and doubts. For now a new era for Japan and bringing a 90's icon to current standards, but we'll see around months later on the Supra GR driving in the streets. I MEAN, JAPANESE TUNERS CAN TOY WITH IT THE WAY THEY WANTED TO, maybe Smokey-san from Top Secret can make a badass kit and performance parts and other known Automobile Tuners in Japan for their incredibly fast cars they tuned and tested by icons (Keiichi aka Dori Dori and the Best Motoring team).

Would current A70 to A80 owners buy one? Yes they would, you can only find older JDM cars through online now and JDM Auction, or sources that you can buy from. Like for example you found one and it has issues on the radiator or turbo, of course you fix it and then either keep it that way or mod it to your desire.

Haters can't obviously, hate all you want - but remember, a lot has changed and the way the automotive trends and market is different now. So accept reality, this is what we get now and its what we get.


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