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A Kiss


and I swear they just hug when I first drew it, i blame ao no exorcist ost for this.

but yeah, Ishihime! I’ve always want to draw more ishihime for a while now, this is the reason behind the very recent bleach spam on my dashbecause I JUST CAN’T FIND INOUE’S SHOE!!!! so I draw whatever I want

Yeah act all cool, Ishida baby, ya’re gonna turn back to your precious dorkiness the second this happen

also happy (early) Valentine’s (month)


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Orihime AHHhuryu icon 
           SO CUTE
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Awwww! This is so cute! >3< Great job! :D 
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This is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! :heart: :heart: :heart: *dies*
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Hahahahaha, this is adorable!
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ohmygod! i love Uryuus surprised expression! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This would be their dynamic once these two got together. Mr Cold Prinz gonna melt with this girl <3
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lol, Honestly I imagine myself seeing Ishida's 0.5 sec panel of surprise when Inoue meet him in the current situation again and mutter something to myself like "Did he just drop the act!? I think he just drop the act!!" already XD
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the day they meet in the manga I'm gonna lost it, I swear you like FREAKING LOST IT!
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I called it... The panel was too far but I 100% his face was softer he just dropped the act I CALLED IT
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he did! omg! he did and i was like jaslhjsahgsaj! dammit Uryuu! to hell with YW, go to her!!!
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I adore this! How absolutely precious! This muuust happen!


Great job on lighting here. It definitely adds to the feel of the moment. <333
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Yay!!! Thank you! >< Glad you like it!
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You're most welcome! ^^
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