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It's Olaf being creepy. Again.

A request by xXCrazymelonxX. Yes, it's avatar-friendly. :)

:aww: To use in a comment, there's an option on the bottom left of your comment box: "Add Media". Click it. Search for my name, "Hehehehehe", or "Frozen". Brace yourself for the sudden Olaf.
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Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Squee Bounce Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) Dancing Elsa (Icon) Happy Clap No Balls Frozen - Elsa, The Snow Queen Jelsa Frozen - Olaf's Icon Frozen - Anna's Tick tock Icon Frozen - Elsa's Coronation Snow Party Fluctuating Temperatures Frozen - Anna Icon Frozen - Little Elsa Icon dael with et (Icon) Anna  Frozen icon Frozen - Elsa is afraid Frozen ~Emoticon~ - Young Anna v2 Frozen Fever - Anna Surprise Face Anna  Frozen icon Olaf  Frozen icon Kristoff  Frozen icon Frozen - Olaf's Happy Icon Frozen - Olaf's Shy Icon Frozen Fever - Wow! Anna's Surprise Icon Frozen - Olaf's Joy Icon Sven  Frozen Icon Frozen - Elsa Smile Icon Frozen - Little Anna Icon Frozen - Sven Icon Frozen- Sister hug frozen elsa icon Frozen - Elsa's Then Leave Icon Frozen - Anna, Princess of Arendelle Uh oh. Frozen - Anna's Hey! Frozen - Anna's Yay! Frozen - Elsa's Mother, Queen of Arendelle frozen elsa icon Frozen Fever - Olaf Eating Cake Punch Dumped Love frozen elsa icon Iced Funny Elsa ~ Free to use! Melt Choose, Elsa Elsa Knows Elsawww Ready (Icon) Sorry Oh, my. Hi, me? My Legs Making faces Elsadorable Oh, Olaf Olaf(FROZEN) Blown by the Snow Storm Yoo hoo Pleased Hehehehehe What? (Icon) What? (Icon) Elsa Clapping Boo Eheh Say Something Jelsa icon Elsa Frozen avatar Dirt Dip Dip Dancing Kristoff Besides... Eheh 
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Pearl in a nutshell
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Frozen - HUG! Frozen - Elsa Icon Anna  Frozen icon Squee Bounce Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Dancing Elsa Frozen - Elsa is afraid Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) Oh, my. Frozen - Olaf's Happy Icon Frozen - Olaf's Icon Elsa Knows Punch Dumped Love Elsawww Making faces Ouch Sorry Frozen - Elsa's Coronation Hug 2 Frozen - Anna's Tick tock Icon No Balls Choose, Elsa Happy Clap Frozen - Olaf's Shy Icon Ready Hoo Hoo Frozen ~ Anna Smile Icon Frozen - Olaf's Joy Icon Frozen - Little Anna Icon Frozen - Anna Icon Frozen - Elsa Smile Icon Frozen - Little Elsa Icon Iced I Never See You Anymore Frozen - Sven Icon For the First Time ... Oh, Olaf Frozen - Elsa's Then Leave Icon My Legs Somewhere in that Zone Hi, me? And I'll rise like the break of dawn! D'Awwwnna Melt Snow Party Anna  Frozen icon Olaf  Frozen icon Frozen ~Emoticon~ - Young Anna v2 Yoo hoo Never Frozen - Anna's Hey! Sophisticated Grace Uh oh. Frozen - Anna is afraid Let Me See Hehehehehe Dancing Kristoff In Our Winter Department Say Something Spin Frozen - Anna's Yay! Only for Today Kristoff  Frozen icon Battle Lute Oh, You Swing Dirt Frozen hug A Sun Balm Shearing 2 Peek Frozen - Elsa Surprised Icon *Commission* Weselton Icebreaker Unmanly Blondness Sven  Frozen Icon Smug Sven Drapes Ja Tangled Up In Frozen Pitchure Love Dip Sigh Pleased Shearing 1 :D No...I don't know how? Let it go! I wanna stuff some.... 
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Frozen - Olaf's Happy Icon Dancing Elsa Elsa Knows Oh, my. Frozen - Elsa is afraid Punch Dumped Love Frozen - Olaf's Icon Frozen - HUG! Anna  Frozen icon Squee Bounce Frozen - Elsa Icon :igottago: :frozen Frozen - Olaf's Icon Punch Dumped Love Frozen in Sexface Frozen - Elsa's Coronation Frozen - Elsa, Queen of Arendelle Frozen - Anna's Tick tock Icon Sorry Ouch Elsa Clapping Hug 2 Hoo Hoo Choose, Elsa Frozen - Anna Icon Ready Frozen ~ Anna Smile Icon Frozen - Olaf's Joy Icon Happy Clap Iced No Balls Fluctuating Temperatures Frozen - Little Elsa Icon Frozen - Sven Icon I Never See You Anymore For the First Time ... Frozen - Elsa's Then Leave Icon Hi, me? Oh, Olaf Frozen - Anna, Princess of Arendelle Frozen - Anna's Hey! Somewhere in that Zone Somewhere in that Zone frozen la D'Awwwnna My Legs Olaf  Frozen icon Snow Party Spin Swing Battle Lute Kristoff  Frozen icon Only for Today Never Jelsa icon :frozen: Emoticon Christmas- Dedenne Frozen - Anna is afraid Frozen - Anna is afraid A Sun Balm KaBoom Uh oh. Frozen Unmanly Blondness Weselton Smug Sven Ja Icebreaker :cold: Sven  Frozen Icon Vespa Snowangel Kings men No...I don't know how? Aokiji (Frozen) [V1] I wanna stuff some.... Not the Elsa you're thinking of Ice Tower Growth Kings men 
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"Oh look at that, I've been impaled"
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Only a character like Olaf can make such a funny joke with dark humor. 
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He's been through it before. =P
Frozen - Olaf's Icon
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XDDD I love it thanks x3
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You're welcome! :aww:
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