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Happy Clap

From the scene when little Anna sees little Olaf. The world needs more of little Anna.

Messed around with the colours and lighting so it wouldn't be as blue, and to focus on Anna. I made this specifically so you can use it as an avatar and emoticon, so feel free to do so. :)

:aww: To use in a comment, there's an option on the bottom left of your comment box: "Add Media". Click it. Then search for my name, "Happy Clap", or "Frozen". Anna will cheer for you. You can then click on her icon to spread the Frozen cheer.
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Happy Clap  She's like "Yes... YES... AWW YESSSESSSESSSESSS....."
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it looks like she's praying
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That's the most excited I've ever seen anyone praying. =P
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The world needs more Anna period.
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Commas, my friend! Commas can help save the world in sentences like those! XD
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lol hahhahahahahahah
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True. Very true. Nod
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lil anna: and this is how you do the clappy dance :3

RL me:  then why didn't you teach that to all the children Owo????
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You have now inspired me to make a parody of the Safety Dance, but with Anna and the Clappy Dance.
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I inspired somebody???? :)

well glad i'm doing something nice on the worst possible month of my life right now :P

I really feel great anyways when whatever i'm doing makes people feel really happy or ya know it inspires them to do other things ;w;
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