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:aww: To use in a comment, there's an option on the bottom left of your comment box: "Add Media". Click it. Then search for my name, "Elsawww", or "Frozen". Click on her icon to have a never-ending supply of adorable.
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I'm Soooo Going To Add To My FavoritesElsawww 
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When my friends don't share chips with me.

Elsawww  <( Pweaassee?
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When my siblings ask me for chips:
Hehehehehe Never

But they take them, anyway. XD
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Elsawww ==>:im home (please go ori will cut you)
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with that face though i'm going wherever elsa goes ;n; and i'mma keep smothering her in love  :)
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my reaction : oh come me beatufiul get youe but over here come on I don't bite :iconplzhug: I can't help it at all ;n; *sighs* never been in real love before with a beautiful girl like that and i'm a nice guy :P and elsa really likes me too
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Elsa: ..........No i don't i like jack frost! have you seen jelsa fanfics? no? i think not!
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How do you use these in a comment?
Very lovely by the way. <3
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When writing a comment, you'll see that there's an option to "Add Media" on the bottom of the text box. Click that, and you can search for whatever emoticon you want. If you want to use this one for example, search for "Frozen", "Elsawww", or my username and it should appear. Then you can select it and it'll appear on your text box, and you can use all the icons you want. :)
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Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 
Oh okay! That's great! Thank you so much. c:
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Tumthe3's avatar
Do you mean you want it as an avatar, or do you want to use it in a comment, or ... ?
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Pretty...can I use this as my icon? If you want of course. 
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Go ahead. Glad you like it. :)
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Ok I tried using it but it said it was too large XC it's so pretty I would love to use it but dA wouldn't let me!
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