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My Bio
Current Residence: with my family
Favourite genre of music: music that sounds good. I'll listen to just about anything
Operating System: *sigh* I want my Macbook Pro now, not in 6 months, dammit...
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: can you hear the sea?
Wallpaper of choice: hmm... flowers would be nice...
Skin of choice: ...please don't remove my skin. That would hurt.
Personal Quote: "Nobody can be exactly like me. Even I have trouble doing it!" - Tallulah Bankhead

Favourite Movies
that one, with that guy. there's a complication. but it works out.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bob Dylan
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy series / Baldur's Gate II
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
too many to list so I shan't

What is this?

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Soooo..... hi there.... Been a while, Deviantart. Been....  a long while. It's been a busy year. I've been writing, but also trying to get my head back on straight after years of going round in circles. There are still many circles going round, but I've found a few lines that I've managed to straighten out. Still yet to see whether the lines are going uphill or down, but either way it's a new experience. I'm currently trying to finish a book I've been writing since I was fourteen. Over the past twelve years I've trashed it and started from scratch so many times that it's sometimes hard to imagine it ever being finished. A couple of years
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So... um... hi?

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Yeah. Okay. Two years ago I said I'd post things. Still haven't. Been busy turning them into screenplays. (gosh) have been working again, studying like mad, and am finally heading into the final part of this darn degree. It's not even a hard degree! Blergh. So yes I am still around just not paying attention :P
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so yeah. been over a year. I don't suck at all. I finally started to come out of my shell this year, and I started to, I don't know, act human. I recognised emotions in myself that I hadn't quite been able to understand, and I've started to realise I have some serious problems that I need to work through. The working through bit's causing me some issues, but I'm getting there. Thanks to a fantastic creative writing class and an amazing group of people, I've managed to do a little bit of writing. I'll post as soon as all the assessment's been marked so they don't think I stole from myself. heh. My camera stopped working forever ago, and I
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Miss Tulz, where are you? I misses you! :(
what is this... is this... the Internet? I have heard mention of it in the Media.

:P I keep forgetting to actually ... do things...
Lol!! I know what you mean! What is with this real life business getting in the way of our on-line one? XP
what is with you and me actually talking to each other in the same hour, no mind year?
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Dude. Sup.

let's do a musical day/night or something.

-moulin rouge
-jesus christ superstar (IF you haven't seen it, which you probably have.. it's awesome..)
-phantom of the opera? (tis a bit long?)
-uh... Grease? loll.
-The Producers
Anyways. lets me know what you got and whatnot or what you want to watch.. these mere thoughts..

I'm out. Woop.
something has to happen.


I had one of my crazy days today. Spent the whole day sort of staring into nothingness.

I just was reminded of all the shitty things in my life that haven't worked out, and got a little glimpse of what I could have if I had tried harder a long long time ago, possibly also in a galaxy far away.

ouch. wrist hurting too.

I'm incredibly poor.

Do you want to do a movie night next week? or this weekend?
Yo, thanks for the fave on [link]
"Truly sicker Than I". Much appreciated.

Let's HANG soon.