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Second Year Summary by tulvit Second Year Summary by tulvit
First year summary is here:…

Okay, the second year of drawing is over (21st December 2014 - 20th December 2015), so it's time to post some summary.

All this year I was drawing everyday, for about 1.5 hours per day (and used 1, 973 sheets of paper). I mean, literally every day - so far I haven't skipped a single day. Maybe some days it was just like from 10 to 15 minutes of drawing, but yet every single day with no exceptions and no matter what. It may sound like a great attitude that should result in a great improvement as well, but something just doesn't work as it supposed to.

How many finished illustrations I've drawn? Zero. That's all.

2 years of everyday drawing. Zero illustrations. Dozens of so-called studies. Zero finished drawings. 2 years of drawing...

And how about an overall improvement? It's not great too. I was completely OK with my 1st year improvement - at least I've started to draw, learned some basics, made attempts to draw portraits, figures (and, of course, anime!) and so forth. Ok.

Second year. I've started it with a basic knowledge of what the drawing is and how to study it, and with some basic skills. I honestly thought that with all of these and everyday practice this second year will be a breakthrough one.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Sure, I become better and improved a little bit, it'll be kind of stupid to deny that. But I'm improved just a little bit, and not as I've planned and hoped to.

Anyway, now I draw and understand drawing better than one year ago, so it was a rather good year after all. And no need to mention that I'm still drawing everyday - so it's kind of win too, because skills will come with practice, sooner or later. In my case, later. And I'm OK with that, I'll wait at least one more year, though.

Authors, worth to mention (whose books I've read or read): Andrew Loomis, Burne Hogarth, Michael Hampton, Glenn Vilppu, Scott Robertson.

3rd year prospects:
- Academic drawing, still lifes, human head (including drawing skulls, etc.).
- Give a try to a different traditional media besides pencils (charcoal, sanguine, sepia...).
- Painting (oil, watercolor).
- Study human figure hard, from gestures and basic construction and up to an anatomy.
- Computer graphic. Anime. Otherwise, why am I drawing all these vases for?

→ All My Drawings project:
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Jereic Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
hmm ever tried to draw and shade a piece of crumpled foil? lots of small reflective surfaces, Lol i only ask since I've got a piece in front of my monitor atm.
tulvit Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, never, but even thinking of drawing it is pretty painful for me :D
Francois-Moreau Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
По некоторым абзацам мне кажется, что я читаю свой же худ.дневник. Особенно с этой маниакальной любви к пересчёту изрисованных листочков

And by the way i don't understand where have no practice in digital. I'm not sure that u hate digital. But i gurantee u will face big disappointment when realize that working with stylus require time toget used to it.

But yet u r cool if can draw everyday. I still can't after 1,5 year of drawing.Sad dummy 
tulvit Featured By Owner Edited Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Я их не пересчитываю, все гораздо хуже - в последний день месяца я сканю абсолютно все подряд, нарисованное за последний месяц, и складирую в отдельную папочку, а там уже можно просто в свойствах посмотреть, сколько файлов.

I don't hate digital, I just don't have a graphics tablet yet, but will get one ASAP, as long as cute manga girls won't draw themselves (or they will?), and DeviantART definitely needs more anime. We all need more anime. :3

Thank you! ^_^ 
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