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Hi, this is tultsi93, and now I want to talk about something which causes lots of controversy and disputes on everyone: Vaccines.

Before we begin: These are my views and opinions only. I’m not forcing them on you. This is not meant to make anyone being offended or feel bad about themselves. You can disagree as long you don’t harass me. If we agreed about everything, we would be a cult. If I have shoved my views and opinions down your throat or acted immaturely in any part of the past about any subject or come out aggressive in this, I apologize it in advice.

Since everyone has a good mind now, can we start, okay? ^^

1. Vaccines cause autism.

Wow, we immediately handle my favorite claim! :D There we go.

1) Vaccines don’t cause autism. Ingredients INSIDE vaccines cause autism. That’s like claiming guns kill people, even though it’s people with guns who kill people. Besides, getting autism after being vaccinated is RARE. Even the scientists studying the possibility aren't biased. Speaking of heavy metals: Guess what new is found about baby teeth?

2) Autistic people existed before vaccines were invented. Evolutionist uses science to debunk this.

3) Autism has several factors: Fever during pregnancy, vitamin D deficiency, rubella, parents’ age, pharmaceuticals and birth complications like asphyxia and preeclampsia.

4) Autism is a DISABILITY, nothing else. It’s not ruining your life, if your child happens to be autistic. Did I ruin my parents’ life, because I'm autistic? Or did those people ruin their parents’ lives, because they're autistic?

5) Guess what other side effects there also can be after vaccination? Migraines, bowel syndrome, asthma, diabetes, ADHD, narcolepsy and seizure. Don’t ignore rest of the bunch that you can use autism in your hurtful propaganda.

6) All medicines in this planet have side effects; depression, suicidal thoughts, abnormal heart rhythms, internal bleeding and cancer are rare ones but packages still mention them, because people need to be aware of the medication they take and also that can happen.

Seriously, if your child happens to have autism, don’t treat him or her like a sub-human. Accept him or her in the way he or she is. Autistic child can learn like every other child. Autistic child can be a good friend or employee in the future. He or she needs more guide since his or her brain develops in different speed from the rest. This can be helpful.

2. Infant immune system can't handle so many vaccines.

Infants don’t have immune system yet. It is still in development, and for now infants are getting antibodies from breast milk. If you gave 14 scheduled vaccines at once, it would only use up slightly more than 0.1% of a baby's immune capacity. Babies are vaccinated, because they ‘re on the risk of getting infection even from a common cold since their cells are replenished constantly. In that stage they are most vulnerable to diseases, and postponing or refusing vaccinations can have disastrous consequences. If the child survives somehow, parents must be careful now on.

3. Natural immunity is better than vaccine-acquired immunity.

Natural immunity isn’t always the best choice. If you tried to create immunity for measles naturally, you would face 1-500 change of death to success. But measles is used as an example many times, let’s got to the 1800th century when America had an epidemy which almost made them lost the Revolutionary War: Smallpox.

During the Revolutionary War in year 1775, the colonists faced two enemies at the same time: The British army and, more dangerous enemy, smallpox. Since colonists lost their immunity to smallpox it was deadlier to them than the British troops.

Edward Jenner, who’s a discoverer of vaccines, created one for smallpox. Medical community was skeptic, because vaccines were new and untested invention back then, and that’s why they were kept equally dangerous with the disease. I have no idea did Jenner’s nationality rise more suspicions towards vaccines inside the colonies, but I don’t exclude anything. I wonder if that’s how anti-vaxxer movement began to see its daylight?

Guess what happened? General George Washington took the vaccine in use. He got himself, his family and the army vaccinated, and advised people inside the colonies to vaccinate themselves. Washington didn’t do that only as a strategical move; he knew how dangerous disease smallpox is from his own experiences with the disease and wanted to protect people from it. He even said it being greater threat "than the Sword of the Enemy" and he was right. If nothing was done, the Revolutionists would’ve lost the war right away. Think how much that would’ve change the history.

Screw you, Trump and Biden. #Washington2020

4. Vaccines have toxins in them.

So do every single product we use daily. They contain exact same toxins than vaccines and we expose ourselves to them. Since the list of vaccines’ ingredients is too long, I only list three popular ones.


Antacids, dyes, cake mix, processed cheese, deodorants, backing soda/powder, fluor, foil, cookware and flatware (especially coffee pots), coffee creamers, chocolate mixes, pickles, shampoos, cosmetics, lotions, clay, soda cans, soy based and/or lactose intolerant baby formulas, herbs or herbal products, tobacco and fireworks.



Adhesives, air conditioner filters, amalgams (silver fillings), auto exhaust, batteries, bleached flour, calomel (talc, body powders), cinnabar (used in jewelry), drinking water (tap and well; plumbing and piping), fabric softeners, felt, floor waxes and polishers, laxatives, paint pigments and polishes, pesticides, processed foods, vegetables and fruits exposed to pesticides and wood preservatives.



Make-up removers, eye moisturizers, eye shadows, mascaras, soap-free cleansers, eye, ear and nose drops/ointments, antiseptic sprays, topical medications, first-aid product (tincture of Merthiolate), multi-dose vials, antitoxins, immune globulin preparations and skin prick test antigens.


5. Vaccines don't work.

Neither do the medicines you take. Nothing’s 100 % effective. However it’s tested vaccines give you over 90 % protection from the disease. Look how small the risk of getting those diseases is these days.

6. Coronavirus vaccine will have coronavirus in it.

Yes, WEAKENED or KILLED version of coronavirus. Vaccines’ meaning is to give the disease inside our body that it can create immunity to the disease and other people around you don’t get sick. Since we don't have immunity for coronavirus, yes, I'm for coronavirus vaccine.

7. My religion is against vaccines.

That’s awfully bad excuse. Using religion as a reason for that why you don’t eat pork I can understand. You can find other sources with these same minerals. If you however risk someone’s health because of your religion, then you should rethink your position. Child’s right to life always comes first.

Well, that was it. I hope you got new views to think of. Even if our hygiene has improved a lot, vaccines also had a big role in it. We have historical events like the Serum Run in Alaska to remember what could’ve happened to these children without vaccines and how that would’ve effected to history we know. There was a one point when it was controversial to say “wash your hands.” Nowadays, we wash our hands regularly. Someday, the whole vaccine controversy will be left behind as a part of history.

I published my text now, because it somehow fits to Halloween. If you disagree about text, try to keep your comments appropriate.

For the next time, it's hullo!

© 2020 tultsi93
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You should’ve ended with ”thank you for coming to my ted talk.” 😂 You missed that chance. But yeah I agree. And I didn’t know Cinnabar is a real thing. I thought Pokémon only invented it. Also any vaccine of any disease has a mutated version of the disease in it. Like the Black Plague is back but now there’s a vaccine for it. Back then, the Black Plague didn’t have a vaccine.

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Silly me. :P

Like we all know, lots of people (almost a whole Europe) died for plague. And now, there's also corona...

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Have you ever heard of the documentary “Vaxxed”? About Andrew Wakefield.

tultsi93's avatar

No, I haven't.

hfechik98's avatar

It’s hard to find it anywhere even on amazon.

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This is remind me of one story when I met OnlyTheGhost. He's a middle age Japanese and he believed vaccines is bad. Beside of that, he's a nice man that I love to talk about yokai stuff and a lot. Well... I felt like OTG-san believed too much on false info.

Cameronboyceiscute's avatar

He is not nice. He called me a fucktard.

tultsi93's avatar

In his defense only thing I can say he's a human and thinking from the point of evolution, humans haven't existed for a long time. We've being around about seven million years and we're still like children. Hopefully he matures someday.

tultsi93's avatar

Yeah, I remember him. OnlyTheGhosts could be nice, if you were willing to know him. He made some good points, but the way he was debating was very none-adult when you surf and see his other comments online. If he wanted people to be interested in his point of view and actually give a challenge to them, he should've avoided calling people with names and acting like a child. Or apologized his behavior very at least. I mean, I can be immature at times as well and apologize people when I realize I've done something wrong.

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Thank you sis, i'm tired of the nonsense of "Vaccines cause autism" like autism is a bad thing? Peta even says milk causes autism which has no scientific basis what so ever.

Why do people treat autism like its HIV?

tultsi93's avatar

I don't know. There are even some ableist scums who are torturing- Oops, my mistake, "medicating" their autistic children with bleach. Why can't people just accept us in the way they are and not give a flying shit about that how and why we are that?

Of course Peta would say that. They want to make everyone vegan.

So, what do you think about the text? Was it resourceful enouhg? Was there something you didn't know before?

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But some people can’t becone vegan because of their system.

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Go tell that to Peta.

Cameronboyceiscute's avatar

And some people need milk because of calcium. How come I never broke a bone? I drink milk.

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And some people need meat, because they don't get enough proteins.

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Yes it is very resourceful. It shows why people think these things but debunks it
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Thank you very much. I put links as hyperlinks, because that saves lots of space like you probably see yourself.

I had no idea metal allergies are linked to autism. (That makes me understand the opposite point of view.) I also didn't know about that baby tooth thing nor that neanderthals had traits of autism.

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Well it kinda makes sense. Autism is just a different way the brain is rerouted. So it makes sense how it would be linked to a different species of humans.

One isnt better than the other, its just different
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Also, the countries with most autistic people has the lowest number of vaccinated people (And also the highest of people dying per year)

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The whole point of my writing (or the first part of it) is that it's vain to be afraid of vaccines because of autism (and vice versa), when the child can have autism even from that mom doesn't eat fish during pregnancy.

Just because it was a thing in 60s or 70s, (Just look how big and scary shots were! https://thumbs-prod.si-cdn.com/LOZi3TRAs1heAbsjVHIXoe-kikI=/800x600/filters:no_upscale()/https://public-media.si-cdn.com/filer/bf/1a/bf1a0a6c-fa32-4492-8097-fba13d619cfc/dix.jpg), it doens't mean it's same today. Even the evolutionist in one of the hyperlinks I put said vaccines aren't responsible for the recent numbers of autism. Nowadays shots are smaller, and the number of toxins is also small compared to what they were then.

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And even if your child is autistic, this is not the end of the world, you probably believe stereryotipes from the internet, karen. Like, the less rare autistic spectrums doesn't dumb your kids, some may do but the person just needs help not hate

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