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Goffic Moolmangcho (Day 19)

By tultsi93
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There it is: My favorite "Squirrel and Hedgehog" character as a goff! He's canonly evil, so I can guess he's also a Satanits. ;P
I copy-pasted the background I made earlier and colored it blue, because Mulmangcho (물망초) means "forget-me-not", and forget-me-nots are usually blue.
And Mulmangcho also means "Foresight", like in "Being a Step ahead of the Enemy." Thanks to DaniOscar for explaining it.
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It does also mean "Foresight", like in "Being a Step ahead of the Enemy".
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Wow, his name makes even more sense now. Thanks for the info. :)
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Also, after taking a look at "Brave Soldiers" (Eye Roll The Italian butchered/bastardized Version of "Squirrel and Hedgehog" (available in English and Castilian Spanish)) I figured out, that in the English the name has been changed to Lt. Spitz (German for "Pointed")), most likely derived from "Spitzmaus" (German for "Shrew" (Small mole-like Mammal, which bears a confusing external resemblance of a regular mouse)), which (:shh: according to certain sources) has also a downgrade as an Antagonist (remarkably less intimidating than his original Korean counterpart and depicted as less intelligent).
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