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Irken Logo Variations

Some variations of the Irken invader symbol I came up with some time ago.
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irken-hacker's avatar
hey im working on a fan project?episode is it possible for me to use the observer symbol?
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
Sure, go wild! c:
Best of luck to you and your project! :D
WD-DeathStar-Morty's avatar
hey, can i use Technician for my OC? 
idk i might change my mind 
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
Sure thing, go ahead. c:
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
sorry if that link doesn't work here's another ^^; [link]
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
hi :) i loved this so much i made my own version of it... i hope you don't mind, i credited you just in case :D [link]
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
No problem at all, they look all very cool! :D
SteamShark's avatar
What's the Defective Fal?
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
Me! xDD

Naaw, this is veeeery old, Defective Fal isn't even an Irken anymore.
He's my main OC and main character of a scifi story I am working on; I am planning on making it a comic very soon.
But if you want to learn more about him I can link you to his updated and new reference when it's done. :)
SteamShark's avatar
That'd be cool. I used the regular Irken Invader symbol as a stencil. I spraypainted it onto a camouflaged t-shirt. I could upload it if you'd like.
Seji-san's avatar
Oh, I just really needed a symbol of technicians!=)

BUT... many fans use symbol, like youre, for irkens medical.
I'm confused =|
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
These are just my interpretations, I don't claim any rights since the possibilities are so limited here.
If it was for a medical, I'd only draw that cross without the circle around it. But that's for everyone to decide on their own.
Seji-san's avatar
Long ago I saw this logo, I download it =3
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
Haha, really? ^^^
Seji-san's avatar
why I must to lie?
good idea!!!REALLY!
enigmatia's avatar
Haha, considering her being a defective, it makes sense that her symbol is somewhat lopsided (;
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
Who are you referring to? :?
enigmatia's avatar
Defective Fal's symbol, bottom right =P
SaintHeartwing's avatar
Ah, these are pretty! And I like their simplicity. I follow the "Kiss" rule, as it were, when it comes to most of the stuff I dabble with here on DA and in real life. The rule being as such:
Stupid. ;)
Tulpen-Teufel's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like 'em :D
DeviantIrk's avatar
Shouldn´t Fal´s...cirle have a cross in it, too? Interesting designs, though...
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