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My Bio

I draw 1/72 scale Paper Miniatures in the Junior General style: JuniorMiniatures.

The images posted here are JuniorMiniatures that can be printed and cut with a scissor and fold. They can be used for Wargaming, RPGs, game tokens, to mount dioramas or even, if historical, used on history classes as image resources.

The images can be edited and changed. If so, please give proper credits.

Currently I don't take commissions, but I accept suggestions.

Current founder of the "JuniorMiniatures", "History Rocks" and "Portuguese History" groups.

Member of the "Historum" forum, under the nick "Tulius".

My workstation for historical figures:

97_Junior General Anthology in DA_Historical_1.2

Favourite Visual Artist
Boris Vallejo, Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau...
Favourite Movies
Dune (2021); Zulu; Zulu Dawn; Khartoum; Star War Trilogy (original); Alien...
Favourite TV Shows
Battlestar Galactica; Game of Thrones; Walking Dead...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gregorio Allegri; Bach; Ennio Moricone; Vangelis; Leonard Cohen...
Favourite Books
Lord of the Rings; Dune; Sharpe's series...
Favourite Writers
Eça de Queiroz
Favourite Games
Total War Series; Fallout Series; Strategic Command Series...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint, Paint.net; Gimp...
I uploaded until now 999 sets… well 999 files, since some aren’t really sets! But it will be a milestone if I reach the thousandth!!! So, I will make a special set, original, that will commemorate this milestone.
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(It seems that this message can only be fully read in Status Update Page - or I am doing something wrong!) I began to visit the Junior General site in 2011, 10 years ago! At the time my first idea was to work solely on a couple of figures for the Spanish Civil War. This was my first set, La Legión: https://www.deviantart.com/tuliushostilius/art/01-La-Legion-1921-1939-13-526631443 It was followed by others sets with Spanish Colonial forces in Morocco. After an interregnum of more than a year, in the year of 2013 I begun to draw (and to recolour) many figures for the Spanish Civil War, Rif Wars and Spanish-America War (so conflicts involving Spain) and the Italian-Ethiopian war as well as my first sets to the Portuguese wars in Africa during the Scramble for Africa and around the theme of the Fall of the Monarchy (1910). It was year with a furious production! Now, in 2021, back to the production of sets I found many WIPs and incomplete sets from that year of 2013. One I already
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So, recently I got back to my JG draws and in some short time I was able to finish a good bunch of sets and advance with many others. Most of these sets were more than half-done. I began to count the number of unfinished sets that I have in my folders and when I arrived to the number one hundred I lost the will to count them all. Basically I have more ideas than time and motivation to draw them. Naturally these sets are in several stages of development, and some of the figures/draws can be seen in the “Anthology” sets: https://www.deviantart.com/tuliushostilius/art/97-Junior-General-Anthology-in-DA-Historical-1-1-671090843 and https://www.deviantart.com/tuliushostilius/art/97-Junior-General-Anthology-DA-Non-Historical-1-0-737827096 Most of those that I am finishing are related with the Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1974) and the Portuguese Army, but some more themes are on the forge… I hope that I can finish some more…
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Your welcome, good work!

Thanks for the favs.Muchas gracias.

De nada. ¡Tienes buques fantásticos!

Me alegra que te gusten.

Todos estos dibujos se enmarcan en una ucronia que puedes leer en el Foro Militar General. Por ahora son tres partes, "El Visitante", "La Pugna" y "Crisis", esta última aún en curso.

Hace tiempo desde que fui al Foro General Militar. Así como hace mucho tiempo que no leía la palabra "ucronia". ¡Seguro que le daré un vistazo!

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Your work is spectacular you have passion it shows in your work