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Final Fantasy VIII Shiva - 1

Final Fantasy VIII Shiva is my favorite! I like X too but VIII Shiva seems to be more powerfull! Love her!

This is the link for her turntable version that I uploaded in you tube.

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Stunning, you should make figures out of it!
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unos de los mejores diseños de invocaciones de shiva que buen trabajo es perfecta las de ff10 tambien era buen diseño.
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Muito obrigado! Muito feliz que voce gostou! :D
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I agree that the VIII and X versions of Shiva are the best. She's my favourite of all the summoned monsters :dalove:
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One of my favorites too you know! Thanks for the comment! :D
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0.0 You are a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
TulioMinaki's avatar
XDDDDD!!!! Thanks a lot for your comment! Really glad that you like it! :D
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This is the best FFVIII Shiva I've ever seen. <3
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Thanks a lot Kiyenna! Really glad you like it! :D
Beautiful image of Shiva
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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!
After searching and searching... This is the best and detailed picture of shiva that i could find on the net. And i also want this as a tattoo if you dont mind?
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Hey Mondra31! Thanks for the comment!
For me there's no problem dude. But if you really make the tatoo can you please send a photo for me to see? I really would like to see it.

Thanks a lot again! :)
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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!
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I'm thinking about getting Shiva from ff8 as a tattoo and after a short google search I found your images. I'd love to use this pose and design some tattoo line work around it.
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For me there's no problem. It's fine. If you really do the tatoo can you show me please?! :D
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SHe was one of many of my fav to use
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Thanks a lot for your comment! :D
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You know this is one of the perfect places to say this. One day anime will probably just be plain strait out nude. Can you imagine that? Weird right but seriously it's getting there.
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heheee!!! Thanks for the comment! :D
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hey Tulio..
i made a fan art of SHIVA using yours.

:) here is the link : [link]

hope you like it...

thank you
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