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Gestalt is an original TRDL character formed of two entities, Claire Quinn, a posthuman, and Behemoth, a creature made from rock, earth and ballast with a molten core. Quinn can summon Behemoth anywhere on the planet, and the creature will literally claw it’s way out of the ground, and up through structures, to reach her. While each of them have latent abilities, Behemoth will only act to protect it’s master from harm, but not perform independent actions. They can form a symbiotic physical merge into a Gestalt form, Quinn being enveloped into a protective mount on Behemoth’s back. In this form, their combined abilities are enhanced, and can act as a single entity. Though it has not been proven, it is believed that prolonged, continuous symbiosis may cause Quinn to lose control of her psychic link with the creature… and if it returns to where it came from she’s screwed.
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