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Beorn Finds Thorin



Pen & Ink work, based on J.R.R.Tolkiens The Hobbit or There and Back Again.

"Thorin and his companions advanced through the Goblins' ranks all the way up to the gigantic goblins that formed the bodyguard of Bolg, who he could not get past. He was outnumbered, outflanked and surrounded, attacked by fierce goblins with wargs and was forced to form his troops into a great circle.

As the battle was turning fully against the Free Folk, a large force of Eagles of the Misty Mountains arrived, led by the Lord of the Eagles; and they cast down the goblins from the mountain itself. Elves, men and dwarves rejoiced; soon the battle was turning back against the Goblins, who yet had a overwhelming force. In the last moment Beorn arrived.

No-one know where or when Beorn arrived at the battle. He came alone and in a form of a huge bear, and in his anger he seemed to grow to a size of giant. Beorn attacked the back of the Goblin army and through the lines. Dwarves were still defending their Lords on a small hill, when Beorn bent and lifted wounded Thorin and carried him out of the battle with his paw.

Thorin had been mortally wounded on the field, pierced by spears; and his nephews Fíli and Kíli died defending him as he lay on the ground."
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It is a bear. Size of an elephant. It has cunning of Man. It personally hates everyone of you. That is Beorn in his Ursine form. If you aren't scared of him yet he will give you many reasons to be afraid.