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Battle of Nanduhirion, part 2

"The battle of Nanduhirion started on a dark day of cold winter with no sun to bother the orcs. Enemy had the high ground at the head of the valley, and greater numbers, reinforced by Azog's troops from Moria; battle initially went against dwarves.

The first vanguard led by King Thraín assaulted the slopes but were driven back with loss, into a forest near the Mirrormere. In the forest dwarves fought desperately against orcs, and many dwarven lords were slain and Thraín himself was wounded. Elsewhere, the battle swayed to and fro, and both sides suffered heavy casualties.

The tide was only turned when a last contingent of fresh warriors from the Iron Hills, led by Náin son of Grór, arrived to reinforce the wavering Dwarves."
Drawing ink & graphite pencil work. "Prelude" to the arrival of Náin and his troops from Iron Hills. Fourth illustration to my "war of the dwarves and orcs" - serie.
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Nov 26, 2009, 1:31:37 AM
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JamesCloudy's avatar
You have a really unique illustrative style that really really works
nice one on the picture
Tulikoura's avatar
:bow: Thank you very much for this comment.

This style of mine might be all about detailing things so overall picture might look too "heavy", as I think it can be seen here. One can't say where one line ends and another starts; too low contrast between objects. It's damn fun to draw this way but it requires more planning to succeed...
JamesCloudy's avatar
Yeah I imagine the planning stage could take forever on a piece like this, all paid off in the end though.
ivoignob's avatar
What can I say? Amazing job!
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you very much, that's what I say! Glad that you like this!
AdrienDougere's avatar
It's really a nice work man!
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like this :)
Jack-O-Lantern's avatar
I can't help but to compare Your art to Burzum's music.

I wouldn't believe if You told me that no one used that comparison before me.

Exactly the same feel behind the work. Sort of.

As far as I can tell, there is little difference between Burzum's albums artwork and Your drawings. Well, apart from technical and style details - still, that makes 'little difference'.
Tulikoura's avatar
Hard to say, as this is unknown subject to me - but I can say that this is the first time I hear about this kind of reference ;)

But it's true that familiar aspects can be found from strange places.
Jack-O-Lantern's avatar
Not really 'strange' it has to be noticed that the word 'Burzum' comes from the black speech (means 'darkness') and Varg Vickernes' (the artist behind Burzum) pseudonym is Count Grischnakh (I am to lazy to check how is it spelled, but it is the name of one of the orks).
Gregoria's avatar
Incredible amount of detail in this piece!! Beautifully put together, and I love the soft clouds and mountains above the carnage.
A sad sight, for sure. But magnificent, wonderful work! Tolkien's History has come alive. :heart:
Tulikoura's avatar
I'm glad you like this, thank you very much for the comment.

Background in this work was a tricky task to draw and I made a few errors in early stages, so I'm a bit wondering your kind words when it comes to this white scenery :). You see, I was about to cut the upper half when I scanned this picture because I couldn't solve the problem I had with clouds and mountains.

Oh well, better to accept that "nothing is perfect" and just have fun while drawing ;).
Gregoria's avatar
Oh, I thought it was all deliberately done the way it was, and looked great to me, as the perspective was just right, the background faded just like in real life. I can see how it would have been tricky to do though. Don't yell too loudly, no one will know the difference, I didn't. ;)

And yes, the fun makes it worthwhile, but turns into a nightmare if you can't get it right!
DappleHack's avatar
It's very sad and magnificient...
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you for the comment!
Senelfy's avatar
There's so much detail in here that it's almost hard for me to believe you've only used black and white for this! So amazing.. You're very talented! :heart:
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you very much, very nice to hear (well, read... frankly speaking) someone appreciates my skill with this harsh technique. I surely enjoy drawing every single detail, but I think it's "quite" tedious to watch these drawings.

Naturally you can imagine how much more colours would bring to this picture, for example!
Senelfy's avatar
Tedious? Perhaps. Fascinating? Most definitely! I adore artworks in which I can find a single new thing, every time I look at it. Even if it’s just a very little detail. That’s true art, in my opinion! :)
Grishend's avatar
Trees and mountains are beautifully done, and the corpse and the remaining soldiers are stunning. I love how you put the details on broken shield, armours, etc... making the battle look fierce. Great job, impressive as usual!
Tulikoura's avatar
I definitely liked drawing that forest, so I'm glad it succeeded in your opinion. Somehow I feel sky and mountains arent matching too well, though. Either sky or mountains should be darker.

And I guess you have seen "couple" very similar drawings before this. Lot of bodies in front, mountain slope on background and dark, indistinguishable mass in between... ;) Hehe I think someone might get bored before I finish this serie. I personally could draw this kind of drawings every day, though! Haha.

Thank you for the in-depth comment!
Grishend's avatar
You're welcome :)

Hmm, now that you mention it, I think if you put a darker sky or mountains it probably adds an "intense battle" feel in it. I don't really sure about it though, but it might be a good idea too in my opinion.
MjP-70's avatar
No jo on taas komeeta jälkee!
Tulikoura's avatar
Kiitoksia vaan.

Sitä on jäänyt ns. "kaasu päälle" tähän aiheeseen, ja vaikka muutamiin virheisiin törmää niin sitä vaan jatkaa piirtämistä... Joskus tuntuu että löytää uuden kikan, jonka kuitenkin unohtaa heti kättelyssä seuraavaan piirustukseen siirtyessä.
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