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February 4, 2016
Battle of Five Armies: Warriors of Dain by Tulikoura depicts the chaos of battle in great detail using ink.
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Battle of Five Armies: Warriors of Dain

"... The rocks were stained black with goblin blood. Just as the goblins were recovering from the onslaught and the elf-charge was halted, there rose from across the valley a deep-throated roar. With cries of "Moria!" and "Dain, Dain!" the dwarves of the Iron Hills plunged in, wielding their mattocks, upon the other side; and beside them came the men of the Lake with long swords. Panic came upon the Goblins; and even as they turned to meet this new attack, the elves charged again with renewed numbers. Already many of the goblins were flying back down the river to escape from the trap: and many of their own wolves were turning upon them and rending the dead and the wounded. Victory seemed at hand, when a cry rang out on the heights above.

Goblins had scaled the Mountain from the other side and already many were on the slopes above the Gate, and others were streaming down recklessly, heedless of those that fell screaming from cliff and precipice, to attack the spurs from above. Each of these could be reached by paths that ran down from the main mass of the Mountain in the centre; and the defenders had too few to bar the way for long. Victory now vanished from hope. They had only stemmed the first onslaught of the black tide."
Drawing ink work. Finally had a moment & will to continue this serie. Previous works: "Battle of Five Armies: Elves of Mirkwood… and "Battle of Five Armies: Men of Esgaroth"… . Next will be Thorin's charge against Bolg. "Beorn Finds Thorin" has been made earlier… . Final work, "Thorin's Farewell", is also planned.

Check also the first entry of Iron Hill dwarves during the war between dwarves and orcs… and younger Dáin… and older Dáin… kicking some orc/easterling butts.
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KalypsoArt's avatar
The detail in this work is amazing!!
Druakim's avatar
Very nice work, style reminds me of Gary Chalkes work. Well done on DD!
aidanclearyart's avatar
I know this is Lord of the Rings but this here reminds me an awful lot of Berserk... and I find no problem with this :) 
nandoclp's avatar
So many details... You got the patience of a saint!
mea00's avatar
Well done! Congrats on the DD
LindArtz's avatar
Fantastic work!!  Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:
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Lintu47's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :DALove: by Ikue
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
Fractaldragon's avatar
Your ink work is so amazing! Congrats on the DD!
GabrielGuyer's avatar
Killer detail and gorgeous work! Grats on the DD :highfive:
Esolai's avatar
Wonderful detail-work man :) good job.
Mr-Ripley's avatar
congrats on the DD Clap
kuzy62's avatar
jailgurdnegative's avatar
awesome, It's fun to look at all those details. :D
Tulikoura's avatar
;) and it was fun to draw this one. Thank you for commenting!
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Tulikoura's avatar
One more thing: Dáin wields a mattock himself like the troops I see, rather than the crimson axe with which the Defiler was beheaded! Is it intentional, like a statement, or did it come along by chance. Old Ironfoot supposedly died decades after this battle in 3019, making use of Barazanthual yet again. Perhaps his mattock could be red here, a symbolik continuously?😄 No matter what, I love your works and your attention to details, seeing as I myself cares about them very much 
Tulikoura's avatar
I doubt soldier like Dáin is unfamiliar with different kind of weapons :) and there are many possibilities for the question "why not"? The axe could be a heirloom, stored in the Iron Hills, or perhaps he found mattock to be better suited for the "liberation task" at hand (which might involve repairing, digging or facing different kind of foes - and mattock essentially offers axe-like cutting blade and sharp spike like in a pick).

Fun fact #456... in Finnish translation Náin, father of Dáin, wielded axe instead of mattock (English translation). This kind of goofy things might exist in my drawings :p and closest word for mattock is "double-bladed hoe"...

Thank you for your comments!
I also love the fact that you very often depic orcs and goblins wearing salad and/or kettle hat helmets. Is the spikes on the helmet in the foreground a sort of emblem?
Tulikoura's avatar
It was said that they prefer to seek cover from sunlight, so it felt natural to include visors and kettle-type helmets. And since orcs are great smiths, they produce good gear. I also included "dwarven" style helmets, like scavenged or stolen from dwarves ages ago. In earlier works you can see that they look similar-ish (vertical stripe-pattern).

Spikes and special figures on helmets tend to be officer statuses or marks of great orcs/veterans perhaps, or that is what I want to depict here.
Dáin's getup reminds me of the Roman soldier-emperors of the third century who often earned their military prestige and often fought in the thick of it all; this Monarch is absolutely one such guy!😎 His gear is of simple yet elegant cut and he seems to identify himself with the rankers' and I didn't think of having their emblem placed directly onto the brow. Is that a star on the tallest peak? Superb!👏🏼
Tulikoura's avatar
Interesting view :) and yep, dwarven lords fight up close & personal. Do you mean the banner? Yep, I almost always include stars to dwarven banners or items.
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