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Battle of Five Armies: King Under the Mountain

"Victory now vanished from hope. They had only stemmed the first onslaught of the black tide and now the goblins gathered again in the valley. There a host of Wargs came ravening and with them came the bodyguard of Bolg, goblins of huge size with scimitars of steel. Soon actual darkness was coming into a stormy sky; while still the great bats swirled about the heads and ears of elves and men, or fastened vampire-like on the stricken. Now Bard was fighting to defend the Eastern spur, and yet giving slowly back; and the elf-lords were at bay about their king upon the southern arm, near to the watch-post on Ravenhill.

Suddenly there was a great shout, and from the Gate came a trumpet call. They had forgotten Thorin! Part of the wall, moved by levers, fell outward with a crash into the pool. Out leapt the King under the Mountain, and his companions followed him. Hood and cloak were gone; they were in shining armour, and red light leapt from their eyes. In the gloom the great dwarf gleamed like gold in a dying fire.

Rocks were buried down from on high by the goblins above; but they held on. leapt down to the falls' foot, and rushed forward to battle. Wolf and rider fell or fled before them. Thorin wielded his axe with mighty strokes, and nothing seemed to harm him.

"To me! To me! Elves and Men! To me! O my kinsfolk!" he cried, and his voice shook like a horn in the valley.

Down, heedless of order, rushed all the dwarves of Dain to his help. Down too came many of the Lake-men, for Bard could not restrain them; and out upon the other side came many of the spearmen of the elves. Once again the goblins were stricken in the valley; and they were piled in heaps till Dale was dark and hideous with their corpses. The Wargs were scattered and Thorin drove right against the bodyguards of Bolg. But he could not pierce their ranks. Already behind him among the goblin dead lay many men and many dwarves, and many a fair elf that should have lived yet long ages merrily in the wood. And as the valley widened his onset grew ever slower. His numbers were too few. His flanks were unguarded. Soon the attackers were attacked, and they were forced into a great ring, facing every way, hemmed all about with goblins and wolves returning to the assault. The bodyguard of Bolg came howling against them, and drove in upon their ranks like waves upon cliffs of sand. Their friends could not help them, for the assault from the Mountain was renewed with redoubled force, and upon either side men and elves were being slowly beaten down."

Drawing ink work, took "only" two days to finish this one after the mind was set on drawing once again. "Charge of Thorin" was the original idea for this one. And oops, Thorin carries a sword instead of an axe (same mistake I made years ago) - maybe he switched to it after the battle was turning against him! Previous works: "Battle of Five Armies: Warriors of Dain"… , "Battle of Five Armies: Elves of Mirkwood… and "Battle of Five Armies: Men of Esgaroth"… . "Beorn Finds Thorin" has been made earlier… . Final work, "Thorin's Farewell", is also somewhere in the sketch pile...

Check also the first entry of Iron Hill dwarves during the war between dwarves and orcs… and younger Dáin… and older Dáin… kicking some orc/easterling butts.
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If this scene had been made instead of the Death Race on goats towards Raven Hill in the Hobbit movies (and made by real actors instead of CGI) it could have immortalized the Hobbit trilogy movies as something good instead the thing we got in its place. I really like how you made Bolg's bodyguards stand out on top of the small hill where they beat back Thorin's advance, it really says something about how dangerous they were.
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you. Yep, I prefer not to remember that horrible ending they made. Lacked soul and no dramatic tension whatsoever, and even Beorn was cut off. Can't be compared to the first trilogy.
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Amazing detail, and great rendition! I like the emblem you devised for the orc shields. Is the dwarf with the long white beard supposed to be Thorin? I like him! That, and the fact that you opted to draw the book scene. Thank you.
Tulikoura's avatar
Thanks! I think creating emblems or coat of arms is just one part of detailing, hints to faction and lore background and so on. Especially for mountain goblins like these lightning, caves, mountain and tunnels, evil eyes and such seem logical :)

Yep, that's Thorin. And book is The source naturally, if you meant the trilogy being another option - that's just how Jackson imagined it to look like.
What is that emblem on the orcish/goblin shields? If they're lightning bolts and/or storm clouds, I think it's fitting as they're from Gundabad and the Misty Mountains. Splendid details as always.👌🏻 Also, it's a classic that leaders stand out, as Thorin does here. Don't worry about his weapon, I remember another piece that looked like a stained glass painting called Thorin's sortie, where he and his companions leap out. The artist mistakenly depicted Orcrist there but it was great nonetheless.
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you for commenting! Orc shields and banners usually have lightnings, hand/claw markings, mountains, tunnels, evil eyes and such :)

Hehe. In the drawing I made in 2009 I drew an empty scabbard, and as I used that one as a model I ended up drawing Thorin wielding a sword...again. It seems I can't get rid of the idea of Thorin wielding Orcrist - damn elves!
Shabazik's avatar
wonderful work!
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you very much!
JackTheLateRiser's avatar
I saw this new masterpiece a while ago in my watchlist and has forget to comment this.
I enjoy the new details on the helmets from the dwarves, but still the older helmets are my favorites (the iron hats) - of course this helmets are nice too! ;)
The details, fine lines and emotions are amazing. Today i clicked through your album (again) and i see the evolution of your work - just stunning.
This ink work are very rare in my opinion and i hope you make more! A artbook of your work special from your Tolkien stuff would be nice. ;)
I know you have a private life, but don't let us wait so long for a new drawing! :D
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you! Yep, I'd have preferred to draw old helmets as well, but I had to create new shapes - Dain's folk have round ones and Thorin's company salvaged older ones from the halls (first of those I drew in 2009!). I guess it was all about clarifying who's who, although those look a bit more "simplified" for my taste, I agree...

Naturally, plenty of sketches and ideas waiting for the final moment ;) although like you mentioned, job, other hobbies, social life etc tend to claim their own cruel shares. But I try to keep this more frequent! It just takes a small inspiration and a day or two later a drawing is finished.
JackTheLateRiser's avatar
Ah okay, i understand... that makes sense! ;)

Nice to hear, i'm very excited to see the next ones. :D
wytherwing's avatar
very fine work! :thumbsup:
Tulikoura's avatar
Remus-Is-My-King's avatar
This is so ornate! I can't believe it!
Tulikoura's avatar
:D Ian Miller or Kentaro Miura might say "that's some cute little details you have there, son"
shadowphoenixpt's avatar
Really love the art. Reminds me of the old Fighting Fantasy illustrations.
Tulikoura's avatar
Thank you very much :) I too love the "old school" fantasy drawings.
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