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El Viaje de Acampar -a Skin-Horse FanComic-



--Translation Below--

Project for my spanish class. Written and drawn in the style of Skin-Horse's artist/writer, Shaenon K Garrity, and co-writer Jeffrey C Wells. All characters and concepts are hers and her co-author's. For the project I attempted to use their style of writing and art. I am not trying to steal, I was am just an overachiever.
(the story written in spanish that you see here is mine)

Skin-Horse is a webcomic about the agents that work for the Top Secret Black Ops Social Service Agency: Project Skin-Horse. They go on some pretty crazy missions, that usually start as just serving their cliants wellfare. 

Characters featured: (also, better bios here: [link] )

-Gavotte (the bees, project director) -Dr. Captain Dennis 'Tip' Wilkin (the human, project liaison/file clerk) - U.N.I.T.Y (the zombie girl, field agent) -Captain's Fancy Valentine Sweetheart (the dog, field commander)-


Panel 1: [Tip Narration]: I work for Project Skin Horse. [Gavotte]: Welcome back Tip. [Tip Narration]: I am serving the report of our mountain vacation.

Panel 2: Close up of first page of the report. Red Stamp reads: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Panel 3: [Tip Narration]: We arrived in the afternoon. [Tip]: I can't find my make-up! [Sweetheart]: U.N.I.T.Y., set up camp! [U.N.I.T.Y.]: When can I light the fire!?

Panel 4: [Tip Narration]: This was only the first problem. [Sweetheart off screen]: U.N.I.T.Y.! Don't tough the matches!

Panel 5: [Sweetheart]: I hate camping. [Tip]: But you need a vacation. We all need this vacation. [Sweetheart]: Yeah yeah, but I have a bad feeling.

Panel 6: [Tip]: Because you let her use the mallet? [Sweetheart]: It might be.

Panel 7: sky shot of camp.

Panel 8a: [Tip]: Oh my god! We forgot to bring chairs! I can't sit on the ground! [U.N.I.T.Y.]: I can help!
Panel 8b: [Tip, sighing]: Thanks U.N.I.T.Y., but there is nothing you ca-
Panel 8c: Tip hears a ripping sound. 

Panel 9: [U.N.I.T.Y.]: Sweetheart! Praise me!

(next panel is title panel, not panel 10. It is the Skin-Horse logo. Copyright to Shaenon and Jeff)

Panel 10: [Gavotte]: You have not explained the reason your excursion is going to effect our budget. [Tip]: We ran into Sasquwatch Ma'am. [Gavotte]: And he demanded compensaion for his recent sightings? [Tip]: Yes Ma'am. [U.N.I.T.Y]: I got to light a fire!- And Babe rolled in the mud!


Now go read Skin-Horse!  [link] for more, and better, adventures with Tip, UNITY, and Sweetheart!

Spanish is not my first language, this was for a class.
I wrote, drew, inked, and colored this. 
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