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A Tale of a Foolish Prince [M/m safe Vore story]
Full Title: 
In Which a Foolish Prince Tries to Rescue the Wrong Princess 
I made a new story world! Based on the Enchanted Forest Chronicles which are still my favorite books. The main plot for this world involves a princess who is forced into the combo captivity/apprenticeship of kinda grumpy but goodnatured half-giant wizard at the behest of her father, the King! The wizard sometimes eats her, safely of course, at first to scare and punish her (like a time-out), but eventually it's a casual thing. 
Here is a story set a few weeks after the princess is sent to live with the giant
*Mentions of fatal vore and a good amount of fearplay here! Enjoy! 
Word Count 5000 words
/Blast this godforsaken forest/
The prince’s chainmail had caught on a thorn bush that, if asked, he would have sworn wasnt there a moment before. His horse complained as it brushed against the thorns as well. It was early morning, but they had been up f
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 5 2
A Late Night Excursion
Who wants just a fluffy story? I made a fluffy story. I'm not the best at fluff but I wanted fluff with my OCs and I'm the only one who can deliver on that

This takes place WAY after The Thing in the Sea Will Eat You Whole

I plan to have at least a 7 chapter fic, and a few ficlets, that takes place before this, and this references those events but of course, the stories with them have no been written (yet)

(Contains Safe vore, Gt-ish size difference! with my giant sea serpent (marine naga) Kov, and the human Niel) 
It wasn’t weird that Niel went to the docks after sundown. A few people went out at night, though it wasn’t common. It was hard to navigate out of the harbor without daylight, but it could be done if one was an experienced sailor and knew the harbor like the back of their hand. Which Niel did. There was
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 8 1
Jake the Borrower Chapter 3: Visions and Meetings
[Since its been 2 years since i wrote the last chapter, here is Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. You can find this on AO3 if you like]
[A Star Trek DS9 Borrower AU. Aliens, Space, Sci-Fi Adventure! and Borrowers!]
“I can’t believe you would do something so foolish, Jake. You know better than that. This is the first lesson a Borrower learns. Or have you forgotten?” Ben said, raising his voice as much as he dared. 
Jake was avoiding his father’s eyes.
“No sir, I haven’t.”
“Look at me when you’re talking, and tell me what the rule is,” instructed Ben.
It took a lot to look back at his dad’s face, so full of disappointment.
“You must not be seen,” supplied Jake.
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 2 0
The Things in the Sea Will Eat You Whole
Prepare for an Fantastic and Fun Adventure on the high seas! This is the first story in what I am calling The Rough Waters Universe. (AO3 link)
A Brand New and Original Safe, Non-sexual, M/m Vore story! The vore is similar size/close-ish to GT, not same size. 
The story is rated E for everyone but contains strong language! 
This is my first time writing original fiction vore! I hope you all love reading it as much as I loved writing it! 

*For it's cheer up my lads,
Let your hearts never fail!
For the bonnie ship the Diamond
Goes a-fishing for the whale*
The sounds of the sea shanty fell upon the ears of two brothers: Niel and Davi Siegel, the sole sailors on the Maccabee, an old but functioning Beneteau 38S5. A recreational sailboat that Niel used for his commercial fishing business. A business that was just staying afloat.
Sailboats are not usually used for fishing due to the difficulty and da
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 27 10
UNITY Dead Is The New Alive by Tuiteyfruity UNITY Dead Is The New Alive :icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 2 0
The Gravity of the Situation
Summary: Teri and Milly are on assignment and make an amazing discovery! An original science fiction story about XenoArcheologist girlfriends. Enjoy!
[This is an original story with original characters that belong to me, for more information read the description]

“Stardate 93663.81, Expedition Number 7Ψ689ζ22ΩIΠ, day 16, morning- Dr. Teri Piser of the Xenoarcheology Society membership number ΡΞΞΓΛUDΦMI6Σ. Accompanied by Millicent Falkenauer membership number QX9EI4PSQKBF. The schedule for the day is as follows: continue with outlined plan to investigate the cause and origin of gravitational anomalies detected on the planet Ziopra. No evidence has yet been found to explain said anomalies”
“Ter, why do you have to do this so early? I can hear you from inside the tent.”
Teri, who had been walking around the freshly lit camp-fire as she recorded her log, faced her girlfrien
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 2 0
Holler to be Heard (Tiny!Hamilton fic)
Who wants tiny!people in the american revolutionary war? YOU DO
Tiny!hamilton Fic. Basically this fic is a prose version of the song Aaron Burr Sir, but if Hamilton was 6 inches tall. 
(yes, this is historical fic of the american revolutionary war, and of the musical Hamilton, so all characters are described as they are played by their actors!) 
I read a few history books while writing this to get some real historical accuracy! 
Completely innocent GT. Warnings for alcohol consumption by people under 21 (but in 1776 there was no drinking age)
So far this day had not gone well for Hamilton, and he had such high hopes.
It had taken some doing, getting to the  Princeton campus, he couldn't exactly walk there. Not that it was a walkable to place for people who weren't his height. At least he had been already been in New Jersey, he had to make sure he wasn't late so he had arri
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 29 15
Of Snakes and Pizza (fic request from Tumblr)
Warnings: similar size vore (large naga/human), soft, safe, non-sexual. M/m vore. 
I have been writing! and trying out new writing styles (so if some parts of this get repetitive in paragraph composition it's because I was practicing) 
Request on tumblr was: "could you please do something that has to do with JakeDirk vore? There just isn't enough JakeDirk soft vore. And, um, could you maybe make it with whoever the pred is is just laying on his back and Rubbing his fully belly At the end or something...?" 
So this is that.
(want to leave a comment but dont want your account linked to a vore fic? go to AO3 and comment anonymously!)
Well fuck.
Dirk had gotten lost. Who the fuck lives in a mansion in the forest and orders a pizza??! Surely the illustrious Lalondes have a personal chef? Of course, all the delivery boys had jumped for the job, the Lalondes were also known for being philanthropists, an
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 13 8
Negotiating with Wizards 1/2
[Some magical AU American Revolution historical fiction for you all! Safe and innocent, well, technically I'm perverting history. For reference this is supposed to be during the Dinner Table Bargain of 1790]
“I don’t think the society of wizards is going to be happy about this Thomas,” said Madison, “And we can’t keep him like that forever, Washington will have our heads!”
“I don’t give a damn what the society thinks” Jefferson rubbed his temples, his head had been hurting since this morning but now, now it ached worse than ever. Negotiating with secretary Hamilton always made his migraines worse, why did he expect negotiations plus dinner to go any better? Anyways, he was Head Wizard, and this could be pushed under a rug. So he’d done something impulsive, it had been so worth it.
“It’s not like we hurt him.”
Muffled screaming came from the jar on the table which contained a tiny, red faced, Alexander Ham
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 7 2
Giant Race Info: Ankaniim
Hey, Tuiteyfruity here! This is a document with some basic info on the race of giants I created for my story Higher Ground. A lot of this information wont be revealed in story, it's stuff for me to keep in mind as I write. They are, what is the word? A CLOSED RACE* meaning, no you can't use them. *not because I think any of you will steal them, my dream is to have people write fanfiction for my stories! But my story isn't ready for that. I haven't supplied enough world building, plus I don't want you using the magic wrong.
if you have any questions about Ankaniim or Higher Ground, use the comment section! 
:bulletblack: Name origin: Anka (singular) Ankaniim (plural) is just my augmentation of one of the hebrew words for Giant (Anak (singular) Anakiim (plural). You might think, oh isnt the hebrew word for giant "nephiliim?" Yes, that is another word, and notice it's plural. It also means "fallen ones" as the hebrew word for fall is naphal. This word w
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 5 0
Cat and Mouse

[Alternate Title: James Madison and the ESPN Effect.  Summary: Hamilton has a meeting with James Madison and Thomas Jefferson but Madison changes the meeting topic last minute, without telling either of them. He ends up angrily lecturing them with a very poorly put together powerpoint presentation (yes I include some of the slides) Being a 5 inches tall makes life hard, but being 5 inches tall, secretary of the US treasury, and raising 4 kids? Hamilton has his hands full. Warnings for some strong language]

The clink of dishes, what a satisfactory sound that was, James thought, especially when it was the last dirty dish of the day, a white ceramic plate, being set in the cupboard. The sound meant the day was finally winding down, and his brain could rest. And it needed rest, with a meeting tomorrow with secretaries Hamilton and Jefferson. But he had prepared for the meeting already, he was mostly there to make sure Jefferson didn't accidentally hurt Ham
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 8 2
John Laurens 3am Dress by Tuiteyfruity John Laurens 3am Dress :icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 0 0 John Laurens practice by Tuiteyfruity John Laurens practice :icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 5 0 Tiny!ham and Lafayette by Tuiteyfruity Tiny!ham and Lafayette :icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 9 3
Knight in Shining Armor
(or, Tuiteyfruity wanted to write eloquently speaking tipsy tinies with those little plastic swords that are used to stab martini olives!)
Sort of weird slice-of life fluff? If you want an innocent and adorable night out with an adorable married couple this is the fic! thanks for reading.
(the label on this is historical fiction because these are modern versions of historical figures!)
see more of them, in historical setting and non on tumblr!
Warning: not proofread because this fic was written as a part of a challenge i was tagged in and the rules were "no proofreading" 
They needed this night out, they deserved it, it damn stressful week for the both of them! Or rather, a stressful few months.Thought Eliza as she readjusted her scarf in which sat her husband. It was a cold night, her breath made swirls in the air. Hamilton working tirelessly as the increasing national debt hay became more of a crisis every day. The news loved to report the num
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 5 5
Dream Big
This is a very angsty tiny!ham Lams fic in which Hamilton has a nightmare. Hamilton is known for speaking his mind on almost anything, but Tiny!ham has some insecurities that he can’t risk revealing, even to Laurens. (the title is sort of misleading sorry)
Takes place after Fine Print, though it is not super important you read it first.
Warnings for surreal gore in the dream (not size related gore, just freaky dream stuff) 
Lucid dreams rarely begin as such. They are perceived as normal for what could be many, many realtime minutes before the dreamer notices something strange about their world. Since that realization can take place well into a dream it is usually to the despair of the dreamer.
This was one of those dreams for Hamilton. The dream started out completely normal for anyone else. Your average get up and go through your normal daily routine to eventually wake up and find that you were a
:icontuiteyfruity:Tuiteyfruity 45 13
All Fantasy and Science Fiction writing, occasional sketches if I feel they are good enough to post. I am not an artist so I am not looking for opinions (negative or positive) on style and quality of any sketches I post.(Unless I specifically ask for it)
I am, however, a hobbiest writer! I love opinions on my writings, be they good, bad, or net-neutral.

(Don't be fooled by the majority of my deviations being photos! I posted them to use as reference of Beanstalk's setting, for me and for you. because I can't draw!)

Random Favourites

Entirely Personal by ErinPtah Entirely Personal :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 43 9 Desert Parallels by ErinPtah Desert Parallels :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 68 5 Palette Meme - Bad Wolf Rose, G by ErinPtah Palette Meme - Bad Wolf Rose, G :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 21 0 Durin's Sons by ArtByEdyn Durin's Sons :iconartbyedyn:ArtByEdyn 159 40 Can we be friends? by Alassa Can we be friends? :iconalassa:Alassa 279 40 Hawkeye by Zirngibl Hawkeye :iconzirngibl:Zirngibl 275 7 Davesprite by DizzyLizzy101 Davesprite :icondizzylizzy101:DizzyLizzy101 37 12 The Monastery by HideTheInsanity The Monastery :iconhidetheinsanity:HideTheInsanity 318 22 The bluebell fairy by Siobhan Lewis by Chevlette The bluebell fairy by Siobhan Lewis :iconchevlette:Chevlette 53 13 Luke Crossing Hoth by nguy0699 Luke Crossing Hoth :iconnguy0699:nguy0699 140 6 Yoda in Watercolor by kohse Yoda in Watercolor :iconkohse:kohse 35 3 Sol Vs Brok Firebending Training by SolKorra Sol Vs Brok Firebending Training :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 1,552 268 pools by JeanRoux pools :iconjeanroux:JeanRoux 187 24 Brawler by Razputin93 Brawler :iconrazputin93:Razputin93 29 3 Ratinho Indeciso4 by Rafael-Antonio Ratinho Indeciso4 :iconrafael-antonio:Rafael-Antonio 6 0 Cenafinal by Rafael-Antonio Cenafinal :iconrafael-antonio:Rafael-Antonio 16 3


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My last semester of undergrad! then onto grad school to get my PhD

hopefully i can write some beanstalk this semester! I am taking just one class in addition to doing my research, though my research is like taking 4 classes worth of time, it;s like a full time job!

what if I did some short fluffy stories (canon and non canon) with the Beanstalk characters? 

Just random GT stories, mostly featuring Tam and Camden, some with Aliza (who is currently Chloe in the stories, i dont think i changed that yet), but also I need to practice writing dialogue between Tam and other characters 

what do y'all think?

also I spontaneously commissioned GTPanda to draw the trio today at a stream! and holy shit so cute i will post the tumblr link to the art when they post it!

And here it is!! the art!!

Smooches and Grumps by GTPanda


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Tuitey Fruity
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United States
Hi! my name is TuiteyFruity, like the jelly bean flavor Tutti Frutti! (I hate that flavor though...)

I write fantasy and science fiction adventure stories with giant humanoid races living alongside humans, and visa versa (also known as the sub-genre of Giant/Tiny)

Higher Ground is my main project, it is my original Young Adult's Fantasy Adventure novel. I am not an artist, but if a doodle or concept character drawing looks decent enough I will post it.

About me:

-I am a nerdy/geeky woman who loves Science Fiction and Fantasy, from classic to new stuff.
-I Volunteer at my local space and science center and am a proud member of the Astronomy Team.
-I have a talent for singing and Jazz Choir is my current vocation.

ID is Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius (c) Phil and Kaja Phoglio :icongirlgeniuscomic: from this page…
Girl Genius is a steampunk/gas lamp fantasy webcomic. So if any of you love Adventure, Romance and Mad Science, it is the story for you!

I have a gmail for my online self! email me at

I have a tumblr. I mostly post and re-blog nerdy/cool/funny stuff.


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