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Fedora 29 by Tuishimi Fedora 29 :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 1 Got liquourix installed on Pop!_OS by Tuishimi Got liquourix installed on Pop!_OS :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 0 Pop... again... by Tuishimi Pop... again... :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 1 Fedora Screenshot by Tuishimi Fedora Screenshot :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 2 2 Screenshot from 2018-12-24 14-25-45 by Tuishimi Screenshot from 2018-12-24 14-25-45 :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 1
The Ride
Butterfly kisses of sunlight alight
Carried on whispers of shivering leaves,
Sweet smelling apples elicit a bite
As girl and a pony savor the trees.
:icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 5
The father sees the beginning of
The thread and sees the end
A million million single strands
That color life and death
Each one is but a single note
Each one part of a breadth
That plays across the universe
Eternal song we wed.
:icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 2
Another MX Linux Screenshot... by Tuishimi Another MX Linux Screenshot... :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 2 0 MX Linux by Tuishimi MX Linux :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 1 0 Manjaro - Deepin by Tuishimi Manjaro - Deepin :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 2 1
Dulled with alcohol and misuse
My thoughts are rusty caterpillars,
Metamorpheses incomplete.
Like tarnished silver my value holds,
Not for my intrinisic nature,
But for my antiquity.
Sometimes when I close my eyes
I see the universe, no, I see the inverse,
Dark stars crossing a bright void.
I am curious.
:icontuishimi:Tuishimi 2 3
Screenshot from 2018-01-26 21.27.03 by Tuishimi Screenshot from 2018-01-26 21.27.03 :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 5 7
One of my sins...
I am a giant
and I don't mean in a good way
two hundred fifty five pounds of nothing.
I am dying more quickly because of this
unable to keep up with the toxins I create.
Valiant efforts are put forth by my glands
but they cannot compete with my mind.
It seeks to fill the emptiness with food.
I am very empty.
I eat a lot.
Jesus died for me, for this...
How can I ever repay him on this track?
Were I God, to say I was a disappointment would be...
an understatement.
Still Love conquers and I shall endeavour.
Lord don't give up on me.
:icontuishimi:Tuishimi 0 0
Don't parlay me with broken hearts
Don't marry me into Descartes
I don't want to know
I don't need to know
Arrow doesn't really shoot straight
It carries just a little weight
I already know
You already know
So let me tell you one more time
This world isn't yours or mine
Truth never lies
But for tarnished eyes.
:icontuishimi:Tuishimi 1 1
Did my walk end early?
Where am I?
Scratching my arm absentmindedly
I turned to see where I had been
And saw only a cracked walkway.
Scratch scratch scratch and...
That incessant buzzing!
Why won't the insects leave me alone?
Swatting at air I start walking
And stumble.
I was going somewhere
But I cannot remember where.
Clenching my jaw I glance about
With a sense of dread on a sunny day,
And I scratch.
I remember when I was young
And thought death was an eternity away...
The air is thick,
My arm is rubber,
And I am lost.
:icontuishimi:Tuishimi 3 1
2017-05-05 19 31 36-Greenshot by Tuishimi 2017-05-05 19 31 36-Greenshot :icontuishimi:Tuishimi 1 3


by vespera

The word choice is very pretty. If this is indeed about fields flowering (blossom) I think this is suitable for haiku, since there shou...

What I love about Kallia-goldenwings is her choice of topics. She chooses interesting and often difficult subjects to expound upon. Whi...

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While Web Development is my profession, I must admit that I am more of a business logic person, less a designer. I do, however, know wh...

The author (as I have stated in a previous critique) has quite a unique style and tackles topics many people will not - often using raw...

A poem is more than wordplay, it is expression, it is emotion, it is a work of literature that often appeals to more than one of the re...


Many people depict Aphrodite with blonde hair... that makes no sense to me as she was a Greek goddess... and Greek women were (majority) dark haired and somewhat dark complected.
You know... I have used GNOME on several different distros but... why is it, or HOW is it, that Fedora can make GNOME perform as smooth as silk?
Fedora 29
So I am becoming adept at getting Fedora up with proprietary drivers (nvidia, audio codecs, etc.) so that I can utilize my 1080 and listen to at least some of my huge library of music...
Got liquourix installed on Pop!_OS
I NEVER get liquorix to install properly... it always fails, Nvidia drivers fail or SOMEthing.  But this time... installed quickly and easily, no failures, reboot and Nvidia still working, liquorix kernel running.
Pop... again...
Not sure who created the background or where I got it from...  apologies.
So my poetry is/has been lacking of course.

Work has been... a bear for 3 years.  It has finally started picking up and I am actually feeling good about it again.

At home I grew tired of Windows and Mac OS again... so I went back to linux.  I can do 90% of what I want to do with Linux, and 100% of what I NEED to do.  The only things that lack is my huge STEAM game library.  Not so many games work on linux... but I CAN PLAY MY FAVORITES.  :D  Star Stable Online, Diablo 3, and a number of other games (like Borderlands and such) work on linux/steam.  I can also create videos for Youtube and stuff like that...

But for the things I NEED to do, write documents, spreadsheets, presentations, coding, etc.  All of that is covered in spades (generally more and better options than Windows or Mac OS) with Linux-based OS's.

So currently I am running a gorgeous, efficient and somewhat scary linux OS called Solus.  It started as a hobby OS for someone, grew into something much more special.  Solus is not sourced from other linux distributions.  It is put together with love from a small team.  It has running updates which are good and bad.  Also since the team is small and they are trying to achieve their own goals with the OS, it can change somewhat drastically from time to time.  For example the homegrown UI called Budgie (like Cinnamon or Mate) is written to be Gnome-compatible on the GTK3+ library.  However the lead developer / project owner has stated that he is starting to rewrite it, this time using Qt+ libraries!  Honestly I cannot wait... looking forward to seeing how the OS morphs over time.

It has been pretty stable so far except where I go app-crazy and start installing all sorts of libraries and such.  I've managed to break shotcut which is my tool of choice for creating videos.  So until I get that squared away I will have to fudge around to create decent videos for my youtube channel.

Anyway, God bless you all and I pray you are all making your way through this crazy world in tact.

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