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ветераны пехоты вполне могли стать такими инструментами войны, будучи тяжелоранеными в боях.
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Nice design is like a combination between wolfenstein and kill-zone and that anime kall Jin-Roh i wonder why they creators make them all so similar to each another.

Reminds me of a military Alphonse Elric from full metal alchemist

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Inspired by the Helghast perchance?
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Looks like a upgraded Wolf Brigade cop from Jin-Roh
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Hope you don't mind but I used your piece for a design of troops (Not for commercial use. Just for fun)

If you like i'll take it down.
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looks cool) good job
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Thanks mate. Love the stuff you do... 
I would have done my own, but in a haze of sleeplessness I took a reference and instead of referencing it I copied it like a pleb. This was only for a Roleplaying game I am GameMastering, so I kinda drew the forces protecting the Lords.  
Poorly might I add. 

Anyways. Thanks. 
Thought you needed an explanation why I shamelessly copied your work. :) 
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np with this, any my art here may be use.
and i like WH40k universe)
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Спасибо за watch! :>
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May I ask you what is the actual name of his machine gun and what Cartridge (a type of bullet) dose it use? Furthermore, could you tell me its rate of fire?

And is that soldier a cyborg?
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this is rail gun, ammo - short dart/belt of tungsten. rate of fire of this weapon we can сompare with non automatic rifles.
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Then what's the purpose of it?
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analog of the gauss gun for example, this weapon cans damage light armored vehicles.
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Then he must be stood as a Panzerjager.
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good idea, will say to guys. thx!
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Guys? Wasn't it your own idea (setting)?
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this is for one game (rts).
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This man would put the SPARTAN II's and the Helghast to shame.
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Looks badass. Like superior version of elite from MOH Airborne :)
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Can ya translate the description to English, please?
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Corps veterans could well become such instruments of war, being seriously wounded in battle
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