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And with a lot of anything comes the fandom. And a lot of it is just bad, and im not talking about pornography here. It's just terribly done in general. Where i've seen some individuals excel more than others though has been in Anime Music Videos. They usually incorporate a lot of different scenes from a lot of different anime series into a 2-3 minute music video. And these videos can be extremely good or, well, shit. Not only do you have to remember specific scenes from specific anime series, but you also have to synchronize it with the music and possibly other visuals happening in the video. It is an extremely unforgiving artform, with no rewards at the end, (because of copyright restrictions) that kinda reminds me of... AVS.

Yes, I am saying that AVS and AMV's are really similiar in concept, ideology and effort.

I remember slaving through a AVS preset just to get the reactions right on every piece of music I had in my library. A lot of the time did not go into actually coming up with the idea and constructing a preset, but rather 90% of the "developement" time of a preset went into making sure it worked with all types of music genres I had in my library at the time. Additional time was used to make sure the preset worked in atleast a couple of different fullscreen modes, because this was the early days of PC, you couldn't go very high on the resolution with any kind of set-up.

Enter 2015. Most of the AVS presets i've ever made are broken, due to technology advancing far beyond the point any of us imagined when we we're making these ten to fifteen years ago.
Then enter AMV's, music videos that perfectly synchronize together music and images. I was first introduced to this style of video making with AMV Hell back in the early 2000's, but I did not pay much attention to it back then. Because I already had the "superior platform" of AVS and I was not that into anime at the time.

Acclerate back to 2015 where i've been watching more anime and anime related fandom created content than I have in my life combined. This makes me appreciate more and more of AMV's and even consider them an evolution of AVS to a point. Both require extreme ammounts of time to synchronize perfectly with the music you choose, require you to know your viewer base and what they want, and give little to no rewards in the end, because copyright laws.

It is both good and sad to see people do slave hours just to get a video done that will satisfy possibly millions of people, and get no reward from it, because copyright is a bitch.

My understanding and appreciation goes to these AMV creators, hopefully, one day, you'll get paid for the insane ammount of work you put for your videos.

Here are my favourite AMV's i've seen so far.

And an honorable mention of not being an AMV

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jheriko Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
that last video is dead btw.

also... long time! :)
tuggummi Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2015
It was called "Otaku lyrics 201" and it has been permanently removed from youtube it seems.

Best I can do for you is a reaction video of that video.…

Also, Hi =P
WotL Featured By Owner Edited Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist
=P the screen on the tv in video 1 at 2:22 reminds me of Nemoorange

Good to be hearing from you
tuggummi Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015
Hey, good to be hearing from you aswell! I can't be saying i've been busy with my life. Im just extremely lazy to check my deviantart profile :p
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September 8, 2015