Don't be alarmed.
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Published: September 10, 2006
Now with the Deviantart update and AVS being a subcategory of a subcategory of a subcategory and therefor hard to find and browse, i've decided to imply the deviant watch feature once again. So if you got a message that i've added you to my friends list don't be alarmed, also if you didn't get one and you think you should have just tell me that "Im your friend dag nabbit!" :lol:
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Say, do you still have my presets? It looks like DA purged mine...
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Sorry, im not really a collector, too much work and hassle, tend to keep only the newest packs :|
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And for a second there, I thought I was special.
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Ah but i don't go around spreading my love just for anyone you know, im not a whore of anykind, so you may feel special by all means.
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BLAH!!! oletko sina kiimainen tuggummi?
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I didn't even know you were alive :-O

Hehe, i see you still remember what i have teached you, good... :evillaugh:
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VHS-Guri Traditional Artist
Dont forget about ~VHS-Guri
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I've taken part of your internets.
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With your sexy avatar? You betcha! ;)
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I keep forgetting to change my deviantart one to it, I will this second!
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"Im your friend dag nabbit!" :lol:

Or at least I used to be. :(
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Situation rectified.
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X >X >X >X > [you are here]

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It hurts more because it's true!

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