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You like comics? Don't cha? Everybody loves comics, people who don't like comics probably hate kittens, puppies and baby bunnies too (so in short: you suck).

Webcomics especially are neat-o, because everyone with a computer can basicly make them as well as read them. Here's the (short) list of the webcomics im currently following, you can take these as recommendations if you wish, and you can give me recommendations of other nifty webcomics too (just not sinfest or Sluggy, because i stopped reading those, because they started to, you know it, suck the anus)

:bulletred: 8-bit theather
A sprite comic that takes place on the very first Final Fantasy universe, it's basicly a spoof of the game, a pretty old comic (by internet standards) so you probably already know about it. It's fun, it's adventereous(word?) and it's even evil at times, what more do you want? :)

:bulletred: Ctrl Alt Del
A comic about gamers basicly, but it has a ongoing "story" which makes a bit more interesting. Well drawn, colored, comes out 3 to 4 times out a week. Well worth your time id say!

:bulletred: Not Safe For Work
As the name says, this is definetly not for children ;) These comic strips are very, very, very naughty, but if you're a adult and have the sense of humour of a 12 year old, this is definetly for you :D

:bulletred: Penny Arcade
Does this even need a introduction? Don't think so, i've only followed them for a couple of months though, but it's one of the most popular if not the most popular comic on the intarwebh.

:bulletred: Questionable Content
A comic that revolves around music, indie music to be exact, but i don't even know what that means and i don't even really care, the comic is good and has ongoing story too. Well drawn hot sexy women included! :lick:

:bulletred: The Fortuna Saga
A sprite comic that is serious? :-O (as in not humourous like every other sprite comic out there) An Epic story that takes place 1000 years after the war of magi (story of Final Fantasy 6). Adventure! Drama! Epic-uhmm-things! READ IT NOW!

:bulletred: Sosiaallisesti Rajoittuneet
A finnish comic about computer geeks (translated as: The Socially Challenged), it's good fun, but only if you're finnish, sorry :(

Oh yeah, and have a Merry Christmas too!   :beer::thumbsup::santa:
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jay-fatboy Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005
Well I hope ya're happy. I became a CAD addict.
tuggummi Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005
Oh i am happy, but don't think i'll stop there... I've got something extra special in store for you! Muahahahhahahahahaha :evillaugh:
check Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2005
You cant go by [link]
bullettraintotcane Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
i'm diggin on questionable content. bugsport is a good'n auch, if a little tame.
halfliquid Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
:comic: You like comics?


:comic: Don't cha?


:comic: and you can give me recommendations

You should put PvP Online there as well. It's a grand strip.

tuggummi Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
A comic that has came out everyday since 1998!? You gotta be kidding me! You have any idea how long it would take me to catch up to this day? :-O
halfliquid Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
Answer: pretty long. But would it be worth hit? .. yes!

mysterious-w Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
VG Cats and Comet 7 are both good ones.
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December 24, 2005