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:bulletred: Update :bulletred:
Well i moved my lazy ass and hello, here it is. Now i can finally close that chapter in my book!

I am relieved.

:bulletblue: Old :bulletblue:
Yeah... Well i've been thinking about completing it & publishing it since a certain someone has been bitching me about it more than once :|

That was the "good" news.

The bad news is that it will be the same as the first time i "published" it, only difference is it will have an intro and an installer. Why? A couple reasons come to mind.

:bulletred: It's old and it's starting to look old too, i need to finish it before it's too late.

:bulletred: I don't understand half the code i wrote back then now, it's just the way i've always been. While im making a preset i have a fairly good idea what im doing, but afterwards when it's finished and i go back, i can't even remember what did what.

:bulletred: Quite frankly im tired of the pack, im tired looking at it sitting on my hard drive, just smirking at me, i need closure, as simple as that.

So when can you expect it? Probably before christmas during these couple of weeks i have time-off, id say somewhere half-way next month.
Nah, just kidding.

However my job as a "repair and maintenance of property assistant" did come to a rather sudden "end", originally it was suppose to end 12.12.2005, actually it still does end at that day, but someone noticed i haven't spend any vacation days that have been building up from the start of June :-O

So now im on a time-off till my job actually ends, all the while the pay is still running, to top all that im even going to get some tax refunds at the begin of December, the money is just pouring in from every direction and i don't have to do nothing except sit on my lazy ass :laughing:

Though, it still won't be enough to move to appartment of my own... *sigh* Oh well, i guess i'll just comfort myself with a new 19" TFT or something like that =p
It's Winamp Forums Compilation 3 and it's here today! Get it while it'll burn yo fingazh 8-)

btw. It contains an updated version of the PAK-9 - Beanies mix, which people seemed to dig :)
The snow is back! yay! :w00t:

:love: Winter :snowflake:
It's my birthday, again, turning 23 now... quite a insignificant number, not like a full or even half a ten, more like a half-half-ten! :-O

Anyway, all male watchers reading this journal are obligated to give me a :beer: and all female watchers can give me a :kiss:
My co-worker & supervisor at my work place hurt his hand yesterday while chopping some wood with a wood chopping-whatsit-machine, nearly took his thumb right off! Well luckily he seemed to have all fingers intact, but he's on medical relief for some time. Just imagine your thumb being nearly chopped off...*shivers* ironicly i did kinda the same thing, if you remember, but with a ordinary axe ;)

Anyway, because of that, it's now up to me to work night shifts (well i wouldn't exactly call it "night" as it's from 13:00 to 21:00) for a while from monday to thursday, with that comes a bit better payment for those days, i can finally sleep long in the morning and of course the Master Key which gives me access to the whole building! [dr.evil]buahahahhahahaha[/dr.evil]

It's a nice feeling to be trusted though, of course if a screw up im seriously going to get it up my ass :fear:

In other news, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children rocsk (yes, csk, ROCSK!) Of course that's the side im taking with the movie, confused? Well it is my opinion that this movie will be a incredible divider amongst the fanbase and there's really only 2 sides, no golden middle roads this time. Well maybe there is something people will agree on, it's a helluva lot better than Spirits Within that's for sure, but remembering it, that's not of much value.

If you're going to watch it there's two things to keep in mind:
:bulletred: Playing through the game and completing the sidequests too is pretty much required to really enjoy or even understand this movie.
:bulletred: More than one viewing is highly recommended, because the first time you're most likely just oggling at the awesome graphics and not really following the plot.

And what else...
Well i guess i haven't posted any links in a while, might as well post some stuff i've been enjoying off the net :)

Most of these links probably will contain harsh languange, toilet humour, nudity, penises, breasts and overall very bad humour. Viewer dis-or-dat is advised.

:bulletgreen:Flash Cartoons:bulletgreen:

The Puberty Pals
Paulie and friends tell us the mysteries of puberty! Thanks Paulie, now i *finally* understand! :w00t:

The BINGE-er-bread Man
Awesome re-tell of a old tale, fully loaded with beer & vomiting!

Little Red Riding Ho!
Another "bedtime" story from the same author as the bingerbread man ;)

Interesting, a very nice time killer flash, you basicly feed it url's and it grows a plant according to that page. (try & for some snazzy results!)

Vietnam Recruit tape for Australians!
One word: "Combat drugs scene" :lmao:

Tired of crazy frog?
I know i am...


Asian Dude copies HP ad
Well i haven't seen the orignal ad, but the video is pretty nifty, good video editing skills!

Big Carlton Draught Ad
Wow... that's one huge beer ad! :-O

Modern car swinged with a medieval catapult? Sure!

:bulletpurple:Other links:bulletpurple:

A sign in a japanese metro station
:O_o: Look the sign first, then read the explanations for them.

Or something like that, find out the truth behind those nicks :D

You're suppose to share!
Damn you mom for teaching me good manners!

Funnel or Tunnel?
A fun quiz for the whole family! Or maybe not...

Drunken Finns
Picture says it all... *sniff* Im so proud being Finnish :happycry:

Manager of the Year
Spot the mistake!

Motor Couch ala Finland!
Nice set of wheels boys! :)

Why you shouldn't post your picture in the internet.
With a Finnish twist! :salute:

Timmy figures out...
What his parents do for living, poor guy :(
Is that a word? Well nevermind...

Anyway, i've given up Final Fantasy 7 and moved to *insert thunderous music* Final Fantasy 6! (you can breath now).

Yup, good ol FF6 on the SNES, or FF3 which ever you prefer to call it. Im trying to complete a low-level challenge which is pretty interesting at times i have to say, since usually in a normal game of Final Fantasy (any #) i level up a lot right at the begining so the up coming bosses won't be so hard :) Now that i don't have that luxury, it is definetly interesting and hard at times!

Of course the idea of a low-level game is not mine, nor do i use my own tactics, Im using rjpageuk  / Crinkles's Low-Level Walkthrough as a guide for this experience. (note that for some reason gamefaq doesn't like hotlinkers...) Im not following the guide perfectly though, for example when it says to kill my characters and let some other character "absorb" all the experience i haven't done that not a single time, also in some bosses i ended up using completly different strategies than the guide suggested (namely Ultros #3)

Currently im about to enter the Floating Continent, which is the final showdown in the World Of Balance with these levels:
Terra lvl 7, Locke  lvl 7, Cyan lvl 7, Edgar lvl 7, Sabin lvl 7, Celes lvl 7, Strago lvl 9, Relm lvl 7, Setzer lvl 7, Gau lvl 8.

Let's see how can I beat AtmaWeapon with these  ^^;
Why i don't like to chat over IRC anymore? Because of that fucking #AVS channel on, i mean what good is a channel where i can't randomly kick someone just because im not wearing a matching pair of shoes today? dah?!

What good is it to chat if i can't in the thought of a split second kick&ban someone who disagreess with me?!

What the hell kind of chatting is that?!?!
A whole moon has passed since i last took a drink that contained alcohol.

Yup, i made it through my month without drinking, because today it has been exactly 4 weeks since i last time drank. So what now? Do i immediatly go to the store and buy 3x12 packs? Unlikely, im far too tired because of my job, i would pass out by 18:00 for sure =p And i gotta maintain my sleep rhytm now that it's in somewhat reasonable shape.

* opens up a can of Dr.Pepper and gets back to his FFVII playing.
Been playing Final Fantasy VII like a madman ever since i saw this techdemo for the PS3. Im secretly hoping SquareEnix would make a remake of FF VII, because it's such a awesome game and it tends to be a little tricky to get it to work on modern systems (also crashes everyonce in a while for me) and im talking about the PC version here not PS version.

If you're interested you can sign a petition.

Took a swing with a axe to my hand too about 2 weeks ago when i was chopping wood for a barbeque. No it's not George Lucas and his amputation fest on Star Wars III (which rules btw.) kind, just a small cut under my left thumb which only needed one stitch (but no lilo). It's mostly healed already and i didn't have a camera around to show you =p

Oh yeah got a job too as a "repair and maintenance of property assistant" more known as a Janitor's little helper. I get up 5:00 every morning, take a shower, bag my lunch and start cycling at around 6:30 to a location 7km from here. There i work from 7:00 to 16:00, cycle back home have free time for about 5 hours and go to bed around 21:00-22:00.
Work is hard, the pay is shitty and it only lasts for 6 months, but maybe, just maybe i'll get enough money so i can move to my own apartment.

Well that's all from the amazing life of Tuggummi for now, tune in next time!
Some of you (okay, most of you) know that I drink, sometimes quite heavily too. Well last friday things went a bit over... I drank all my money which i was suppose to live on for the whole month, losed my sunglasses (my precious!) you've all seen me wearing on this avatar and some pictures too and destroyed a couple of mailboxes which i don't even recall doing :-O

So i decided i would lay-off on the alcohol for a while, atleast a month (not because of money, rule #1 you can always find money for drinking!)

What does this mean? Probably absolutly nothing for you :lol: It's just what's happening on my life and i wanted to make a journal entry of it.

Btw. Speaking of what is happening, go check out Winamp Forums Compilation 2, because it's happening and it's happening hard ;)

That's all for now. Stay safe, especially you who still play with alcohol and heavily do so.
I remember...

I remember being excited by your words, I never commented on your work, but when you commented on mine i remember being excited.

I admit, we never were that close even in the AVS field, but somehow i could never forget you. You were always in the background. It was a rare and a great exprience to know someone like you. Even though you were a lot older than me i never thought about you in that way. For me you were a community member with exceptional eye for beauty, age didn't matter, but it certainly gave you wisdom.

We only changed a couple of notes, but i'll always remember you. Rest in peace, friend.
The world doesn't work in the way i wanted it to...

Too bad, because in my world everything would've been absolutly... perfect.

* Tuggummi is now playing: Dale North - Shenmue Come to Bob's Pizza [02:17/160Kbps] […]

* Tuggummi is now playing: Mustin and Kassie! - Secret of Mana Cry From The Forest [02:27/192Kbps] […]

Thought i should make a new journal entry, if for nothing else then just to cover up the old one...

My subscription ended, which sucks, but on the other hand i have no use for it now since im not so active. Anyway, thanks again to the person who bought it for me, stupid of me, but i forgot whether it was yathosho or fragmer who did that, i think it was yathosho, so cheers. (correct me if im wrong though)

Btw. If you haven't already noticed, I participated in this great AVS pack with one original and one remix, so go check it out, because it also has other great stuff way better than mine. And overall the pack is of high-quality.

Oh yeah, if you want to IRC with AVSers, nowadays you need to go to #AVS on irc . freenode . net , that's the new channel where everybody is at.

Anyway, since im un-employed and the only thing i do is surf the net all day, here's some time killing links for ya all. Have fun.

:bulletblue: Kitten Cannon! - Sadistic, but fun :) I got a highscore of 1850ft!

:bulletred: TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody - The most awesome 'All your base' spoof to date, be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

:bulletgreen: Work hard, get a Toyota! - Or maybe a Toy-Yoda? Sneaky bastard.

:bulletpurple: Funny sketch with Jim Carrey! Download if you have bandwidth, it's over 30MB.

:bulletgreen: Guy stole a virtual sword. - And ended up dead.

:bulletpurple: A Robotic worm - Nifty! Another biggie, so download only if you have bandwidth.

:bulletgreen: Raid over Moscow - A little computer geek humour :)

:bulletred: First Drink of the Day! - My song!!! =^_____^=

:bulletblue: Breakdancing Transformers - Loads slowly and is a biggie, but quite cool! Cheers to pak-9 for the link.

:bulletgreen: Referee takes action - And as a result, the days best tackle :)

:bulletgreen: I EAT BABIES! - I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

:bulletred: Finnish Army Kinkyness! - A couple of non-kinky pic's in the middle, but don't mind about them ;)

:bulletgreen: Interesting design... - On a watertap.

:bulletblue: Make a wallet out of duct tape - For those handy-do-it-or-fix-it-yourself fellows.

:bulletgreen: A russian car shop - Selling a stolen Finnish police car? How wude!

:bulletred: Molvania A Land untouched by modern dentistry - Funny stuff :) Check their Eurovision contest song and read their history :nod:

Web. Misc. Find.

Sat Jan 15, 2005, 2:17 AM
:bulletblue: Born to fly :salute: :bulletblue:

[20:33] <oussy>… i watch this for atleast a hour a day
[21:33] <Tuggummi> Coolest. Flash. Ever.
<Tuggummi> I made a preset based on that oussy <3 <3 <3…

The worlds sickest AVS presets to date:

8-bit theather 1
8-bit theather 2
8-bit theather 3
8-bit theather 4
8-bit theather home

A MSN Messenger "Conversation"

Im going to Australia! :D

You've all heard how Google reveals
unsecured webcameras, but to see the best of the bunch head to:  (provided for you by unconed, tuggummi & TomyLobo)

The Niggars Show Is this entertainment these days? :confused: i refuse to believe this is fo real!

Were geeks forever! Were geeks together! You and me!

OMG! LOL-CITY is under Attack!11!!!1!!!1eleven!!1!11!!!

Electro pr0n! Oh yeah baby!

Grand Illusions! If nothing else, atleast check out the "Dragon" and "Torofluxus"

Britney  Spears Naked! For real!

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Hyvaa Uutta Vuotta!

Fri Dec 31, 2004, 5:27 PM
:bulletblue: Happy New Year! :party: :bulletblue:

Happy New Year 2005!

Remember to Eat, Drink & Dance as much as you can! :boogie: :dance: :drunk:

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Not so happy Christmas story.

Thu Dec 23, 2004, 8:43 PM
:bulletblue: Feeling blue... :cry: :bulletblue:

2 weeks 20 hours 4 minutes and 34 seconds of silence and now im here to tell you a little christmas story...

There once was a boy who had a dad... and his dad was mighty mighty the boy might add.
He had a big house with lots of space, but none lived there so it was a big waste. Then the dad offered his son, a place in the house with cost of none. All he had to do was to keep the place tidy, while he wasn't around sleeping the nighty.
The boy was happy and did his chores, afterall he practicly lived alone of course.

*insert thunder and drum roll*

But then one christmas the boy was ill, yet his dad ordered him to work still.
The boy said no and refused to go out, "I will not shovel snow in a fever!" he shout. The dad said nothing about, but talked shit behinds his son's back no doubt. "What a lazy son i have!" he said, "The young ones are so arrogant!" agreed his mate.
But not aware the boy had good ears, all the badmouthing about him he hears.

*insert thunder & storm*

In a moment of anger, rage and hate, the boy yells "go to hell and fuck off you and your mate!". The man of the house did not took this well, "You're out of the house" to the boy he tell. A good idea was to tell also, "You're not my real son! Get out! You asshole!"
Shattered and broken he backs up his bags, refuge he seeks in the places of past.

Now with no father the boy has to deal, maybe time and telling this story will heal...


Merry christmas everyone...


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Wed Dec 8, 2004, 11:32 PM
:bulletblue: Goodnight :sleep: :bulletblue:

Just spreading some OCReMix love around :love:
I think i'll let this hang around here for a couple of weeks or so :nod:

Ready? Here it comes!

:bulletgreen: Hard Rock'n :bulletgreen:
- Game Over - Mega Man 3 'Cataclysmic Clash'
- Joe Darwish - Street Fighter 2 'The Ken Song'
- Ailsean - Chrono Cross 'RadicalPunks'
- JAXX - Chrono Trigger 'Time Punk'
- dimmer - Super Mario Bros. 'Underworld Rock'
- Spinning Images - Wizards & Warriors 2 'Ironsword Inquisition'
- CarboHydroM - Final Fantasy 7 'Fight On'

:bulletgreen: Heavy Rock / Metal :bulletgreen:
- goat - Castlevania 3 'Stained Glass Filth'
- goat - Rush'n Attack 'Purple Heart'
- goat - Castlevania 2 'No Flesh Allowed'
- Gux - Mega Man 3 'Wily Metal'
- Rosencrantz & guildensterN - Castlevania 'Simon Belmont's Garage'

:bulletgreen: Techno / Trance :bulletgreen:
- FFmusic Dj - Final Fantasy 7 'StringMachine(CorelPrisonMix)'
- FFmusic Dj - Final Fantasy 7 'JENOVAD Trance'
- Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 'Metalman Goes Clubbing'
- Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'SnakemanGetDown'
- Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 'Heat Man Rapid Fire'
- AE - Mega Man 2 'Airman Windshear'
- AE - Mega Man 2 'Crashman(TestDummy)'
- AE - Mega Man 2 'WithTheQuickness'
- ArseAssasin - Kabuki Quantum Fighter 'Take the Red Pill'
- Ghetto Lee Lewis - Breath of Fire 'Save Your Game (Club Mix 2002)'
- Section III Studios - One Must Fall 2097 'And You Must Dance'
- Rayza - Sonic the Hedgehog 'GreenHill (Euroclub '95 Mix)
- Rayza - Street Fighter 2 'Club Del Toro'
- Rellik - Sonic The Hedgehog 3 'The Outer Space Machine'
- Ryu7x - Street Fighter EX 'Pullum Summer Trance 2002'
- Scott Peeples - Castlevania 'Wicked Orchestra'
- SnowBro - Mega Man 3 'SnowBroIntro'
- Binster - X-Out 'LiquidX'
- U-ji - Zillion 'MelodicTrance'

:bulletgreen: Piano Arrangements :bulletgreen:
- Spekkosaurus - Chrono Trigger 'The Trial in Concert'
- kLuTz - Final Fantasy 7 'A World of Piano'
- Bladiator - Kirby's Dreamland 'Chopinesque Kirby'
- Blak Omen, Dhsu - Super Mario RPG 'Waltz of Pain'
- Reuben Kee - Street Fighter 2 'Ryu for Four Pianos'
- JigginJonT - F-Zero 'Silent Progression (Remastered)

:bulletgreen: Rap / RnB :bulletgreen:
- José the Bronx Rican - Sonic Adventure 2 'Knuckles' Unknown from M.C.'
- Ubik, Zyko - Asterix 'Niggaz 4 Life'
- BenCousins - Zelda 3 'LostWoodsSouthCentral'

:bulletgreen: Weird'o :bulletgreen:
- Shnabubula - Final Fantasy 9 'Hunter's Community Chest'
- Children of the Monkey Machine - Chrono Trigger 'MagusTemporalRehab'
- Daknit, Bard of Tarot - Sims '(AcidTechnoTrip)'
- A Scholar & A Physician - Super Mario Bros. 'Dirty Mix'

:bulletgreen: The Happy Tracks ^^ :bulletgreen:
- Ziwtra - Secret of Mana 'Stomp the Summer Sky'
- Joe Redifer - Knuckles' Chaotix 'Door Into Summer'
- McVaffe - Yoshi's Island 'Indian Ragga'
- McVaffe - Yoshi's Island 'Yoshi's Rag'
- Neostorm - Crystalis 'House Leaves'
- Orkybash - Super Mario RPG 'MushroomWayMadness'
- JAXX - Super Mario Land 'Reel Big Mario'
- OneUp Mushrooms - Super Mario World 'Super Mario's Sleigh Ride'
- LousySpy - Super Mario All-Stars 'What the funk!'

:bulletgreen: Slow & Soft / Chillout :bulletgreen:
- Children of the Monkey Machine - Secret of Mana 'Pure Land Total Darkness'
- spacepony - Super Mario World 'Super Mario Ocean'
- SEDUCTiON - Mega Man 2 'Chillout'
- po! - Wild Arms 'AldeHydeCastleFlow'
- po! - Final Fantasy 7 'Costa Del Sol DANCE'
- mv - Streets of Rage 'Sensual Ippon'
- Destiny - Seiken Densetsu 3 'This Heart'
- Destiny, The Wingless - Zelda 'Eutopia Pegasi'
- Ailsean - Seiken Densetsy 3 'Angels on the Shore'
- Zeratul - Secret of Mana 'IceCrystal'
- Nigel Simmons - Secret of Mana 'Return To Elysian Lands'
- Mustin and Kassie! - Secret of Mana 'Cry From The Forest'
- DJ Orange - Super Mario Bros. 3 'Lose-Your-Way Maze'
- Scott Peeples - Red Alert 'MudMix'

:bulletgreen: Teh Funneh Ones :bulletgreen:
- Dale North, Joshie - Super Mario Bros. 3 'SwinginPornoMix'
- Dale North, Mustin - Chrono Trigger 'Team Gato'
- Joe Redifer - Final Fantasy 7 'ROBOVoice'
- Injury - Super Mario Bros '8 bit Eighties'
- The Rabbit Joint - Zelda 'Rabbit joint cover'

:bulletgreen: Retro :bulletgreen:
- Chuck Dodgers - Deflektor 'LaserDance'
- d0d0 - Bionic Commando 'BIONICBPM'
- ocean - Wizball 'Transformation'
- cornflex - New Zealand Story 'Look at Kiwi Kiwi!'
- Shanecappella - Moon Patrol 'Shanecappella VoxBeat'

:bulletgreen: Other Good Tracks :bulletgreen:
- JigginJonT - Chrono Trigger 'Enter the Frog'
- nyKad, Dale North, Nate Cloud, Mustin - Mega Man 3 'Needles'
- analoq - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Sonik Azure'
- analoq - Super Mario Bros. 3 'aquacadence'
- AmIEviL - Super Mario Bros. 3 'Battle Rocks'
- AmIEviL - Super Metroid 'FourLittleMetroids'
- aluminum - Final Fantasy 7 'Climhazzard Rush'
- Neostorm - Double Dragon 'Hammer's Garage'
- Protricity - Double Drago 2 'Mean Streak on Main Street'
- Ryu7x - Streets of Rage 'Going Up'
- Star Salzman - Mega Man 2 'Duck and Cover'
- Star Salzman - Mega Man 2 'Tickle My Wily'
- Zoltan Vegvari - Mega Man 3 'IntroJazz'
- McVaffe - Street Fighter 2 'RyuFreestyleDojo'
- McVaffe - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'IceCapped'
- Gecko Yamori - Sonic CD 'Saturday Night Speedway'
- Mazedude - Wolfenstein 3D 'Nazi Requiem'
- Mazedude - Doom 2 'Oldskool Demon'
- Mazedude - Doom 2 'BarrelsOFun'
- Mazedude - Doom 2 'Gothic Sandy'

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