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So there is this english bloke youtuber (…) I discovered, 2-3 years ago? Can't remember exact details. Anyhoo, he had one spectacular christmas medley that I instantly fell in love with. A 16 minute christmas/zelda medley where I had no idea what was going on, but I loved it.

But now he has done a favour for us all that have no idea what is going in it, by releasing a video and a website that includes all the stories the song is refering.

So if you have, i'd say 1½ hour of time to kill and want to get into a jolly silly willy christmas mood, go watch the videos, go to the website WIGGLEHE.COM and read the amazing adventure that happened in a forum long time ago in a internet far far away. It made me happy, it made me nostalgic for my own misadventures on the winamp forums and overall just left me with a very... at peace with the universe. It is very hard to describe the feeling, you'll understand once you get to the end.

And have a merry and safe christmas and a happy new year 2017!
And with a lot of anything comes the fandom. And a lot of it is just bad, and im not talking about pornography here. It's just terribly done in general. Where i've seen some individuals excel more than others though has been in Anime Music Videos. They usually incorporate a lot of different scenes from a lot of different anime series into a 2-3 minute music video. And these videos can be extremely good or, well, shit. Not only do you have to remember specific scenes from specific anime series, but you also have to synchronize it with the music and possibly other visuals happening in the video. It is an extremely unforgiving artform, with no rewards at the end, (because of copyright restrictions) that kinda reminds me of... AVS.

Yes, I am saying that AVS and AMV's are really similiar in concept, ideology and effort.

I remember slaving through a AVS preset just to get the reactions right on every piece of music I had in my library. A lot of the time did not go into actually coming up with the idea and constructing a preset, but rather 90% of the "developement" time of a preset went into making sure it worked with all types of music genres I had in my library at the time. Additional time was used to make sure the preset worked in atleast a couple of different fullscreen modes, because this was the early days of PC, you couldn't go very high on the resolution with any kind of set-up.

Enter 2015. Most of the AVS presets i've ever made are broken, due to technology advancing far beyond the point any of us imagined when we we're making these ten to fifteen years ago.
Then enter AMV's, music videos that perfectly synchronize together music and images. I was first introduced to this style of video making with AMV Hell back in the early 2000's, but I did not pay much attention to it back then. Because I already had the "superior platform" of AVS and I was not that into anime at the time.

Acclerate back to 2015 where i've been watching more anime and anime related fandom created content than I have in my life combined. This makes me appreciate more and more of AMV's and even consider them an evolution of AVS to a point. Both require extreme ammounts of time to synchronize perfectly with the music you choose, require you to know your viewer base and what they want, and give little to no rewards in the end, because copyright laws.

It is both good and sad to see people do slave hours just to get a video done that will satisfy possibly millions of people, and get no reward from it, because copyright is a bitch.

My understanding and appreciation goes to these AMV creators, hopefully, one day, you'll get paid for the insane ammount of work you put for your videos.

Here are my favourite AMV's i've seen so far.

And an honorable mention of not being an AMV

So I heard from a couple of sources that they are apparently shutting down WinAmp. To me this "news" is nothing but sentimental. Remember that im using a downgraded older version of WinAmp to begin with, because AVS doesn't run properly on the newer versions. Also I've been using the same skin for 9 years now. Counting from the release date, I can't actually remember when I started using it =p but im almost 100% sure it couldn't have been more than a couple of months after it's release.

I guess the only thing I will be missing is posting stupid crap and boobs on the recycle bin when im drunk.

Edit: Well i've been somewhat active on the new Winamp Enthusiasts Forum so if you want to register there use this link and I will get a larger E-penis that way or something :confused:
Id rather haf a cheezburger dan luk at dis paig.

Or if you're brave enough, maybe you want to look at some crap (not safe for work mind you)
Logged in to remove my email address, which apparently does not exist anymore :confused: Guess i haven't used it in atleast 6 months then, weird.

Hope there wasn't anything important =P
I've said too many times before that i quit AVS and then come back, but i've been off from DA for 10 weeks, last preset i made was 6 months ago. I leave you to make your own conclusion whether or not AVS intrests me anymore.

And for crying out loud, stop asking me to check out your stuff, im not some god who's word is final.
I am here today to report you on a big change on my life, for i have moved to my very first own appartment (for the first time, wait i said that, didn't i?).
I have now been living 2 weeks here and so far so good, nothing big has happened, of course im missing basicly everything from pots & pans to living room furniture... But today i got Internets! :w00t:

I look forward to the future, eventhough it will take some time to get used to take care of myself... nothing is more scary than life, also nothing more exciting than life :)

Oh and if you have any money saving tips, share them :p

Aah, the first snow... It's quite magical, of course it won't last, but it's nice to look the ground slowly turning white... I like winter :)

Oh yeah, saturday was also my birthday, 24th so far i believe (unless someone has lied to me :paranoid:)
Now with the Deviantart update and AVS being a subcategory of a subcategory of a subcategory and therefor hard to find and browse, i've decided to imply the deviant watch feature once again. So if you got a message that i've added you to my friends list don't be alarmed, also if you didn't get one and you think you should have just tell me that "Im your friend dag nabbit!" :lol:
For i have just bought World of Warcraft and a 60 day prepaid card for it. I've heard that this game is as good as diablo 2 (and similiar in many ways) and even more addicting than heroine, so im afraid i won't be here as long as i have playtime =p

As for AVS, nothing new in that front. Unless of course you don't visit the AVS section of Winamp Forums then you probably missed my Ethereal preset that was a forums exclusive...

Anyway, i'll get back to you in 90 days.
Then again i guess posting a whole journal entry just to say i have a new avatar is "making it a big deal", huh?

I got pretty used to that last one, how long did i have it again? It was atleast 2-3 years! That's a pretty long time :O_o:

So im having as much trouble getting used to this new one as anyone else i guess :)

. . .

Nothing else at the moment.
Does anyone remember me talking about some sort of a "tuggummi all" pack a while back? Well i've decided that i won't go through all of the presets and "fix" them or anything, it's my AVS history and i don't really want to change history. If a preset breaks simply because it was made with a older AVS version, then so be it! Besides will be "fun" to watch how i've made progress and grown as a AVS artist and what mistakes i've made back then, no?
So i decided i should just wrap it up in a nice clean package, but now i've run into another problem, remixes</b>. I just don't know what to do with them... i mean who "owns" the remix? The original artist? The remixer? What's the copyright on those things? Im a even allowed to spread them as i please or do i need to ask permission? I thought about re-contacting all the remixers and ask again for permission, but this would be very time consuming effort and even practically impossible on some remixerers case (some people just popped in and out and were never heard again, or some of even the old folks have left since).
So to include or not to include remixes, that is indeed the question.
Do i include them take my shot and hope no one complains?
Or do i cut em all out and play safe?

Your opinion?
Help? :please:
Is the better part of valor, as said by Kual-Qehk. Err or was it the otherway around... nevermind.

I didn't quit playing Diablo2 afterall, it got a bit tedious, yes, but i didn't quit playing it.

And now i have my very first Matriachal! :w00t: (that's the title you earn when completing the game at the highest difficulty setting)
Finally! After 3 years of owning this game and 4 years since i first played it, i finally conquered it, well there would still be "hardcore" mode, but that's a bit too scary (if your character dies, it's over). Now i only have to complete "the grail" and i won't have to play this damn game ever again! (grail=atleast 1 of every unique and set item in the game)

And here's the proof that i can indeed slay that Foul Demon!
And there she is!, standing proud along with my two other "projects".

If you're really interested then take a look at her equipment (no not that "equipment", you dirty minded little weasel), im more or less devoting her to find good stuff for my other characters right now, hence some of the Magic Find boosters :) I also got a some small charms of fortune and a gheeds fortune on my inventory, which bring her overall magic find to 152%, which isn't that much, but better than nothing i guess.

Oh and here's her status & skill points. And here's her beloved Mercenary who really helps with lightning immune monsters.

And those AVS things i talked about? They were really nothing, but as the title of this journal says: Procrastination is my middle name and hella-lazy-son-of-a-bitch is my first.

So i'll just be there in the corner, Procrastinating.

Procrastination! :giggle:
Well Diablo 2 got boring again, didn't conquer hell this time either :(
Did find a load of runes and some mid to high-low equipment, so maybe next time... Atleast i won't run into a "wall" because of the lack of decent gear...

So now what i do?
Blargh, i should do some AVS related things i've post-poned (doesn't mean presets, just some AVS related other things)

But im so lazy, i would need a swift kick in the ass to get things rolling!

So feel free to kick me! :moon:
If you're wondering about the topic, here's a hint: Tuggummi is swedish and means bubblegum (chewing gum which ever you prefer to call it)

By two different flavours i mean the differences between the tuggummi one and the tuggummi one. For those of you who frequent both deviantart and the forums, is there a clear difference between the two? I know myself that these journal entries and comments on DeviantArt are a bit more focused and perhaps a bit more "thought through" than the comments on the winamp-forums. But what is your experience? Is there a difference or am i just all-around-nutty in both cases?

Oh and the Recycle Bin doesn't count, because that's just a random mish-mash... of... random mish-mash :O_o:
Fyi. You will be a helluva lot happier if you never heard of such thing ;)

But the bottom line is: Am i "split personality" or not? I'd like to hear your input on this, because i don't think it's good for anyone to ponder these things alone.
Since i had the chance to upgrade my system a bit, i also got the chance to play some of those "modern" games i've missed out so much the past 7-8 years, thanks to the new GFX card.

So i first bought Command & Conquer Generals - Deluxe Edition which had both the original and Zero Hour add-on and was about to buy Far Cry too, but it required a DVD drive which i of course don't have in my outdated system :(
Anyway, Generals was nice, i generally like the C&C series from the original to Tiberian Sun (haven't played Red Alert 2 though), but what strike me as odd was the lack of the "epic story" and the in-between-battles videos (zero hour had the videos, but didn't really have a story...). C&C has always been know for those things (even if they are corny and filled with buxom women) so in that sense there was definetly something missing in Generals, but the gameplay was definetly to the better direction! I loved playing with all of the sides and all teams seemed balanced very well to me.

Overall 15€'s well spent!

On to the next one, which was Prince of Persia the sands of time. I can really see why this is a "classic" (odd to me that a game should become a classic in mere couple of years though...) to many gamers. The insane yet very easy to pull off stunts are great, the clever story was good and surprised me quite a lot towards the end, and of course the graphics were good too (finally a chance to really test out that gfx card). This game is great, but it has very little if at all replay value which is a bit sad, i had good times playing through this game, good times...

Another 10€'s that i don't regret spending!

And then... what? No more games? Aww nuts...
The reason is that there really is only one game store around here which sells/buys used & old games and it isn't a big store either. My gfx card can't really churn up the graphics of the most recent games so i still have to stick to the 3-6 year old games which have lower system requirements.

On the bright side, Diablo 2 LoD is interesting again and this time i just might have a character on the way that will take me to hell and back. The last one that did made to hell died, no i wasn't playing hardcore, just died because she lacked any decent equipment.

Oh yeah and happy Winter-een-mas to all you nutty gamers ;)
Spend some time today to toy around with the Google Video Search. Here's my "findings". (note: as a "requirement" it would be good for you to have a fast connection and be bored out of your mind, just a note.)

Search word: "nintendo"

:bulletred: Emo Nintendo - Guy plays classic NES tunes with his piano, nothing new at that, but when he makes mistakes he shouts at his hand and threatens to eat his own finger :-O

:bulletred: Legend of Zelda Advert - Classic, but it's so rad ;)

:bulletred: Nintendo Power - A strange nintendo rap video, entertaining though! :D

:bulletred: Thug Luv, Nintendo Style - I can't figure for the life of me what the heck this has to do with nintendo, but half naked men with plastic guns dancing and shooting to rap music is always entertaining! (right?)

:bulletred: Pikmin 2 ad for gamecube - I've never played pikmin and now im glad i haven't! Crazy ad! :faint:

:bulletred: Mario on the Piano - Another guy plays mario songs, but this guys good and i mean really good, gets crazy awesome</i> towards the end! :thumbsup:

:bulletred: Vova - Twenty six year old guy can't get his NES to work, i remember those damn dust problems :shakefist:

:bulletred: Super Mario 3 ad - Mario! Mario! Mario! Mario! Mario!

:bulletred: Zelda SNES Commercial - Damn the japanese and their crazy cool adverts where link beats his enemies by simply dancing around! :laughing:

:bulletred: What's it like to play the NES? - Seems pretty cool to me, flying houses included!

Search word: "breasts" (you had to see this coming only one link though :()

:bulletred: Golden Palace Buys Branding On Bagwell's Breasts - And what nice breasts she has... :drool:

Search word: "porn" (none of these links actually contain any nudity btw. ;))

:bulletred: Fluffers make movies - A parody of something, i don't know of what, because i haven't seen the original, still worth a few chuckles :)

:bulletred: Internet is for porn - A musical about internet and porn, performed by World Of Warcraft characters.

Meh, im too tired to search for anything else, be seeing you!
You like comics? Don't cha? Everybody loves comics, people who don't like comics probably hate kittens, puppies and baby bunnies too (so in short: you suck).

Webcomics especially are neat-o, because everyone with a computer can basicly make them as well as read them. Here's the (short) list of the webcomics im currently following, you can take these as recommendations if you wish, and you can give me recommendations of other nifty webcomics too (just not sinfest or Sluggy, because i stopped reading those, because they started to, you know it, suck the anus)

:bulletred: 8-bit theather
A sprite comic that takes place on the very first Final Fantasy universe, it's basicly a spoof of the game, a pretty old comic (by internet standards) so you probably already know about it. It's fun, it's adventereous(word?) and it's even evil at times, what more do you want? :)

:bulletred: Ctrl Alt Del
A comic about gamers basicly, but it has a ongoing "story" which makes a bit more interesting. Well drawn, colored, comes out 3 to 4 times out a week. Well worth your time id say!

:bulletred: Not Safe For Work
As the name says, this is definetly not for children ;) These comic strips are very, very, very naughty, but if you're a adult and have the sense of humour of a 12 year old, this is definetly for you :D

:bulletred: Penny Arcade
Does this even need a introduction? Don't think so, i've only followed them for a couple of months though, but it's one of the most popular if not the most popular comic on the intarwebh.

:bulletred: Questionable Content
A comic that revolves around music, indie music to be exact, but i don't even know what that means and i don't even really care, the comic is good and has ongoing story too. Well drawn hot sexy women included! :lick:

:bulletred: The Fortuna Saga
A sprite comic that is serious? :-O (as in not humourous like every other sprite comic out there) An Epic story that takes place 1000 years after the war of magi (story of Final Fantasy 6). Adventure! Drama! Epic-uhmm-things! READ IT NOW!

:bulletred: Sosiaallisesti Rajoittuneet
A finnish comic about computer geeks (translated as: The Socially Challenged), it's good fun, but only if you're finnish, sorry :(

Oh yeah, and have a Merry Christmas too!   :beer::thumbsup::santa:
You may fire when ready. No wait, that's not it.

Eeh ^^;

Got me-self a new monitor just like a said i would. 1280x1024 resolution is definetly something else :D So much space... My AVS window looks tiny now though.

Yup, a 19" BenQ FP91GX is now sitting on my table. With it i also bought a ATI Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro (just because my old gfx card didn't have a DVI connection) and a gigabyte of RAM (2x 512MB Kingston 266mhz DDR).

Cost me a fortune too, around 600€! :jawdrop:

But now i can finally enjoy the... well, joys, of a big screen :D