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A half-succubus sat in her apartment, wondering what would happen next.

    Sarah Parass had a lot of things in her life. A father well respected in his community, a wife that loved him and her, a intelligent mind, an ass that expanded due to craving sexual energy. Okay, that was unique to her, but us start at the beginning.


    25 Years Ago….

    At a home somewhere on the outskirts Paris, France.

    “Its a girl!” a voice wranged across the room. A doctor, who came as a friend, slowly cleaned the baby. He handed it to a smiling mother, who was not at all human.

    The mother was delighted in the fact,calmly accepting the child. The father stood in a corner and walked towards his new daughter and wife. The man ,Doctor Josef Parass, was the first human ever to breach the void of dimensions and with that gained fame amongst the people and the science community. However, he didn’t bring to light that someone came through his portal,from elsewhere. Someone he gained an intimate relationship with; so much so,that a year after they met, they married. And another year after that, they had a bouncing baby girl.

    “Oh she’s beautiful, and she even has my horns! What a darling, still difficult coming out however!” the speaker turned to her husband. Her black pits looking at him affectionately. This speaker was Sarva’nesh, a succubus and minor noble in her home. She was sent there to investigate a disturbance in her home dimension and came out of the incident with a husband and daughter.The babe cooed slightly in her arms, purple skinned like her mother.

    “Well, she is the first of her kind,mon cherrie, and we don’t know what she would look like coming into this world.”

    “Ahh, Josef, we’ll worry about that later. For now we must attend with the most important thing:her name. What do you think of Si’nesh?”

    “She can’t go over to your side of the wall, so I don’t think a name like that would be appropriate. What about Nicole, that would sound good”

    “No, I may be a minor noble, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my family. An “S” in front, or no deal.” Sarva looked at her husband crossley and he faltered at her gaze.

    “Alright, alright, how about Sarah? The closest I can think of to your name in our world.”

    Sarva looked at her cooing baby, who looked back at her, and smiled at the suggestion.

    “I like it.”

    “What, no love for your friend, Callahan?” the man who delivered the baby proclaimed. Josef looked over to his friend, who was currently sitting on one of their chairs. Josef walked over and switched to English.

    “Thank you. Can I ask for another favor my mon amie? I expect that you’ll keep quiet on this subject and never tell any of our colleague. Ze world doesn’t need to know this until it is time.”

    “Please, I love both of you two. I wouldn’t betray you if I was being beaten like a hound. But in return, I ask only of one thing.”

    “What, pray tell, is your price?”

    “Can I be her honorary uncle?”

    “No question about it then. Come the babe needs to see her father and her new “uncle”.” And with that, they came back to Sarva and Sarah.

    11 years ago…

    Central Park, New York

    She knew that the breaching of dimensions were an old thing; so why did she still have to wear a hat to hide her horns? Why was she wearing a coverup for her skin? Sarah Parass sulked on the bench, the park filled to the brim with patrons. Her uncle was currently getting her “hawtdoges” or something along the line of that. Sarah wore her a plain coat, a T-shirt with the words “A citizen of Paris, a citizen of Love”, and a plain skirt. Her tail was hidden within within the confinements of her coat, itching to welcome the world.

    Sarah didn’t know why she was hidden, there were others of the “portal” species running about. A three-eyed girl ran with the other kids across the grasslands, a larger than average humanoid was currently trying to get a kite down from a tree, a being who looked to be made from obsidian was sitting next to a human girl. So why did Sarah had to hide, was it because of her succubus nature?

    Her father had taken her to New York to visit a specialist, someone to help make

a brew for her...cravings.

     It all started three months ago,when she was at her home, suddenly she felt an urge for someone, anyone, to “relieve” her of her burning. She climbed down one of her windows; Sarah went around the streets of Paris, asking any young man for a kiss. Luckily, her Uncle was going to visit her and her parents. By then she had already kissed about six guys, and her Uncle was about to thrash the next one she was about to take.

    Her parents, and Uncle, debated among themselves on what had happened. This was still before the portal people were commonly accepted, they were worried that this incident could reveal Sarah’s heritage. The conclusion was that succubus lusting and human rationality didn’t mix into a perfect combination. Resulting in Sarah’s little escapade; what were they to do about it? It wasn’t like there were other examples of her, and Josef and Sarva weren’t ready to reveal her to their families.

    Sarva recommended:yoga, book meditation, and small spells to avert her action.Suggesting a more mystically inclined action. Her father, meanwhile, was more practical perferring: regiments, drugs, and medical calculations. Thankfully, Sarva and Josef were smart people and agreed to try both of their methods. Sarah thought her mother’s were easier to accomplish, but her father’s were quicker in results. And so now she was here, trying the next latest experiment of her dad.

    Sarah spied her Uncle coming back towards the bench. In his hands were two “dogs” he acquired.

“Here you go Sarah” Uncle Callahan said as he handed her a “dog”.

“Zank you Uncle”

    Sarah looked at the object and another urge came over her.Her imagination ran wild for a moment. She stuck the “dog” into her mouth, her tongue teasing its long shaft. She moved it back and forth in her gullet. She teased it a little, right before sucking on it again. She played with it harshly. She-

    “Sarah, are you okay?” Her Uncle’s voice brought her back to reality.

    “Yeah, I’m fine Unkell” Sarah replied back. Her purple blush glowed even past her makeup.

    10 years ago..

Somewhere on the outskirts of Paris, extremely early in the morning

“How could this have happened? What is going on with my baby girl?”

    “Calm down Josef, I don’t think anyone of us could have imagined what had transpired”

    “You’re the one with a understanding of the succubus biology. Do you have a clue on what all this is?”

    Sarah heard from the backyard of her parents debate, wishing she was somewhere else. What had transpire earlier in the night was harrowing. Sarah looked behind, and saw a whole lot more of her own.

    Earlier that evening, Sarah decided to test her luck at the nightclubs of Paris. Ignoring her father’s dosage, she set off with some allowance and the clothes on herself. Wishing to explore more of her fair city, she easily tricked her parents on her intent. It wasn’t like she had to worry about being ousted, all the other species were well accepted here.  She could go were she liked, her libido driving her towards more illicit places.

    However, it seemed most older gentlemen didn’t want to take advantage of her, nor any younger folks either. It was already too late to travel anywhere else and she only hit two clubs. Well, it wasn’t like there was no tomorrow, still Sarah’s loins were on fire. When she got to the bus station, she was lucky that it was driven by a wizened old lady. Anyone else and she would have gotten on them in a second. She was doubly lucky that the bus was empty, she was hot enough as is. What happened next however, was not expected.

    It seemed that Sarah, buttocks grew, she didn’t notice this fact for the drive. Right up until she rose a foot above her seat. Sarah freaked out,of course,and tried to get off the bus, but she became stuck in the seating and just grew outwards. Fate seemed to be upon her and the bus driver managed to get her close, or at least behind her backyard. Sadly, she grew so big that she broke the bus in half. She was going to be picking glass from her ass, if she ever shrank back down.

    Sarah took charge of he own situation and called her parents to her. To say they reacted with surprise was an understatement.

     Of course her father would generously compensate the driver for the destroyed vehicle.

     Her backyard gate was generously large, still it was barely enough to push her through. Having your both your parents push your mountain of a rump  was humiliating to say the least. Now Sarah was on her stomach, wondering just what the hell was wrong with her body.

    The wind blew across her behind, exciting her a little, causing her already immense body part to grow slightly more. She didn’t feel it, nor did she understand that excitement caused growth at the moment. All she wanted was for her life to be back in order.

    “I hope I shrink back down.”

8 years ago…

St. Augustine Brothel, Paris, France

“So why should I hire you for our establishment?”

“Well, milady Augustine, I have two big skills you may want!” Sarah smiled, trying not to show the pure embarrassment in her mind, on her face. She was smarter than this! She didn’t need to degrade herself to this extent, another side of her disagreed with that thought.

St. Augustine was one of the most prestigious brothels in the city, a perfect place for someone with her disorder. Her father dosage was taken earlier this morning, but it was already in the evening. Sarah could already
feel her lower clothing tightening on her, she still needed her it for the ride home. Hopefully she would be allowed t use the latrines.

“Two big skills?”

“Right, i’ll show you if you would like!” Sarah stood from her seat, she could feel her bottom push her chair away from her. It didn’t do that twenty minutes ago, butt here she was. Sarah turned around and bent over. Flipping her skirt over, Sarah showed her interviewer her lower twins. Trapped in, well currently, lace underwear, Sarah’s cheeks looked a few inches away from growing right at Augustine. Her thighs were tearing at her thigh high socks.

Sarah was deep purple in her face currently, but she her superior didn’t notice on the account of her large rear. Sarah stood mooning her for a few more seconds, and then turned back around. Augustine’s face was clearly covered in shock, right before she steadied herself.

    “When do you want to begin?”

    3 weeks ago…

    “What am I going to do?” Sarah said aloud, her apartment echoing her words.Just three minutes ago, Sarah received a phone call telling her she didn’t need to come today. That was the last brothel in the entire city, or at least the one willing to accept her. Seeing as she wasn’t allowed to in any of the “higher” class brothels anymore, do to having had ten incidents revolving around some injured patrons.

    Sarah paced around her living room, her coffee table covered with various advertisements and magazines. Currently she was pantless, it wasn’t like she could fit in anything right now.  Her ass being the size of over inflated basketballs and most likely going to get bigger. Her father’s shipment of serum wouldn’t come for another three days. She was hoping she could wait out the period by working, but evidently she couldn’t now.

    “Ces’t la vie, with that being said, what can I do?” Sarah said to herself. Her hips swaying like pendulums, purple like grapes. Her, “citizen of Paris”, T-shirt,, and her socks being the only other items of clothing on her.

    She took a carton of milk from her fridge; Sarah swayed back to the living room. Turning on the TV and flicking through the various channels. She drank from the carton, it wasn’t like anyone else was with her at the moment.

    Sarah huffed and slowly sat on her perpostorous rump. Only three chairs were located in her apartment. Two she kept for her guests, either her parents or her uncle; the other chair was for herself, but only when she shrank down to a manageable size. That wasn’t going to be a reality for a while. She sat on the ground, stroking her chin, thinking of a job that could deal with her posterior.

    A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Looking towards the door, Sarah wondered who It could be.

    “Is it my mama or papa? Did they come here unannounced, merede, I don’t even have pants on! Can I shrink down in time? I don’t want to do what I have to do to get my derrie back down to size,when my parents are at the door!” Sarah mentally screamed in her mind. Her rear jiggling like jello as she raced across her apartment. She grabbed a custom made towel, Sarah ran back to her her front door.

    Slowly, did she open it, but not to the sign of her parents. Instead there was a package on the front of her porch. Curious, Sarah bent down and took it instead, making sure nobody else saw her. Placing her package on the coffee table, Sarah sashshaded to a cabinet, to get a pair of scissors.

    Gently walking over, Sarah raised her rump to the air and gently cut open the box. Exclaiming in delighted surprise, someone gifted her a skirt! Picking it up,Sarah examined it.

    “Cute, but I don’t think I can fit in it right now. Did my parents send it to me, my uncle, who did?”

    Just then Sarah noticed something; a note was stashed near the bottom of the package, hidden by its contents. Reaching for it, Sarah read it.

    “Hello dear recipient of the package.

It occurs to me that you have a problem and this gift is a solution! Kindly put it on and see the results. Read the back label for the maker of this find product. If you enjoy, please call the number on the back of this sheet of paper.

From an admirer”

Who would admire a freak and a hybrid? None of the men she laid with were excited about her, or at least in the beginning. Her succubus side salvianted at the thought of someone who liked her;while the rational side, was well, rational about a mysterious gift. Who knew her residence, it wasn’t like she made herself know to the world anymore.

Sarah looked at the note in her left hand and turned it over. Just like it said, a number was on the back. Looking at her skirt in the other, she checked for the label. She ripped it straight off and placed it on the her coffee table. Sarah didn’t even think of calling that number, this was probably a joke. The skirt in her hand didn’t even appear to be big enough to cradle her butt! Still, it didn’t hurt to try it on, maybe if she found the sender she could jokingly give him the ripped clothing.

“Here it goes.” Sarah unclasped the button holding the skirt together and carefully put it around her expanse. For a few moments, Sarah waited for the telltale signs of a rip or a burst. She didn’t even hear a peep from below her, confused, she looked down to gasp! Her hips were contained within the article of clothing, not only that, she seemed to be even at a size when she took her father’s serum.

“This can’t be possible!” Sarah questioned the world, she unclasped the button on her skirt and was instantly greeted by her rump blasting the clothing off of her. Sarah momentarily yelped in shock,surprised at the sudden appearance of her rear. Slack Jawed, she went back towards the clothing and put in back on. Just as before,the skirt covered her rear-end, using whatever impossible magic to shrink her down.

Sarah took another look at the table and grabbed the number. She looked at it as if it was a mirage. Who could this man who gave her this skirt be?

After three weeks, and some prep talk, Sarah decided to meet her benefactor. Which resulted in the situation at the moment.

Her succubus tail swished around in anticipation and Sarah made sure it didn’t rip open the couch.

Currently the fine hybrid-succubus wore a fancy suit for the occasion, a mahogany colored thing to contrast with her purple skin. Her hair was done up, straight down and in a secretary cut. Her benefactor skirt was on her right now, although, at the moment Sarah was going “commando”. Maybe she could ask for some linergie from the person she was meeting?

After ten minutes of waiting, Sarah grew anxious. What if he wasn’t coming? What if she gave him the wrong address? What if he died on the way here?  All these questions and more came in Sarah’s head. This caused a great deal of strife in the hybrid, right before there was a knock on the door.

“Could that be my benefactor?” Sarah thought, oh well, it wasn’t like she was underdressed at the moment. She stood up, which admired the fact she could do that without falling over now, and made her way to the door. She opened it and was greeted by a flamboyant gentleman with a large hat. Almost as if he wanted to endeared himself to Sarah, he was dressed all in purple.

The stranger smiled, held out a hand, and with a enthusiastic voice said.“Bonjour, Sarah. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Sir Purple.”

Sarah looked down at the raised hand and gently shook it, not knowing what would happen next.

Overgrowing Assets: Sarah Origins
The fan-fic of OvergrowingAsset's character Sarah
Is anyone willing to edit some stories I have?
Anyone want to converse, here is my discord name:
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Cream Girl Adventure

Eiken Curse  BioYuGi wrote this one.

Helium Breast/Butt

Water you talking about?

Is anyone willing to edit some stories I have?


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