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Ron Jeremy the Flying Fox



Warning: if you get offended by sexual references easily (including if with animals), do not read on!  I say it all in good humour :)

So, this is one of the wild bats who hung around the rescue centre I volunteered at.  Straight away, he and I hit it off.  He quickly started grooming my bed head and giving me kisses in the mornings when I'd go outside to start cleaning the enclosure, and I figured he needed a name.  I chose Ron Jeremy partly because we had a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie amongst the babies, and partly because on top of being a bit of a ladies' bat (there was one female who screamed any time I went near him), his rather prominent...uh...package, which he seemed to proudly display, was an easy feature with which to identify him.

At one point, Ron flew away for a couple weeks.  When he returned, I was walking by the enclosure when a group of male flying foxes with raging erections all turned and screamed bloody murder at me.  Ron was in the centre of their group.  I don't know what kind of party I interrupted, and frankly I don't want to know!!!

Ron is actually an incredibly sweet bat, and I do miss saying hello to him in the mornings. 

As for this photo, a friend of mine simply said "I would if I could".

The print (which would be one heck of a conversation piece!) does not contain a watermark, of course :)
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Lol! Bats are so funny!