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Super Mario Bros. 3D 1-4

By Tufsing
My first 3D model in a long time. I tried to make this scene before but failed. This time I did it. The first battle with Bowser ever in the castle on stage 1-4 in Super Mario Bros.

Enjoy it :)

Super Mario Bros. © Nintendo
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© 2007 - 2021 Tufsing
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May I use this in a thumbnail for a video I'm working on? With credit in the description of course.
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Sure! Thank you for asking.
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man, that looks great. 8 bit at it's best!
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Wow, that's awesome. Kind of looks the same as when you flip to 3D in Super Paper Mario. But maybe that's partly what this was inspired by. In any case, awesome work! I love it! ^_^
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I've never played Super Paper Mario :( But I really want to.
But the original SMB is one game you can't get enough of. :D

Thx for the fave too.
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This is so fun to see~ Nice job! O_O
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You're welcome dear :3
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Nice job, it captures that classic battle perfectlly, but from a different angle of course. :) I always like seeing people make 3D versions to 2D games.
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3D rendition of a 2D stage...with 2D sprites...:O

I'm faving this.
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Haha! Fun idea huh. Thank you.
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Nice! It'd be crazy if they made a ds remake like this (or at least a set of retro t-shirts), reminds me of virtualboy (without the rock-splitting migraine) If you have time, could you do smb2 next ?
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Paper Mario! (Is kinda like that. :D)
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The Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters? I can try do one next time :3
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yeah that'd be great (if my boss wasnt so such an ass clown i'd put it on my screensaver at work) let me know when your finished. silly question but do you read naruto at all?
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