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Wiggle Wisaal - Cover

By tuffix
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Well, this is the cover for my very first Manga comic, that I'm working on for the :iconmuslim-manga: contest.

I'm going to explain my concept in my next deviation.

So: Please tell me, if you like it and let me know, if the title has no strange meaning in anglophone states, cause I searched so long for the right term (It's about the nose wriggling) :/

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

You can even read it in German: [link]

And in French, as well! [link] This version is translated by :iconundryable: Thank you, sister! :hug:

And now on Spanish! How cool is that? :w00t:
[link] Thank you so much for the translation, :iconbeybladerkingdom:
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Is the title Wiggle Wisaal or Wiggle Wissal?
The first one I wrote is the one you have written for the English version. The next one I wrote is the title of the German translation. I didn't know if the title's spelling changed a little because of the translation or if it is just a type.

thanks in advance
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I changed the title of the German version. Actually it was the same cover, I just mistyped the deviation title ^^ So it's "Wisaal".

Thanks for being so attentive (;
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You're welcome
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haha, late response (;
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I want to categories the mangas in the group. What Genre would you consider this? Slice of Life? something else?

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Hm.. what's about a category for special advice? I don't know, how you could call it.
But "Slice of Life" sounds good as well, I'm fine with it ^^
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very nice story. I like your manga.
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i love ur manga! ^.^~
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I'm glad you do (:
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^.^ keep up the good work!
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Is it like Bewitched by any chance? :)
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Very Awesome!!
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Thank you very much! :)
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Whenever you are ready to submit this comic for the contest, just send a note titled “MMM CONTEST” and put the links to all the pages you are submitting.
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Whoo yeah!! Keep it up!:w00t!: I'm also in the MM club and I wanna see it flourish!:D I might create and submit my own manga too ISA!
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I'm glad you like it ^^ I'm really curious about your manga and about the others! I hope, there will be a lot of interesting stuff to see.
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