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MM - 'Wiggle Wisaal' page 3

By tuffix
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Next page for:iconmuslim-manga:!

Well, I know, it's rather boring, but please don't be disappointed. It's sort of explaining opening. The next story about Wisaal will be better - I hope.

The last page of this one is coming soon.

And please: Again, let me know, if you find any grammar mistakes or so.

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I also pray when I wake up in the morning groggily thinking "Dear God, let my teachers have a terrible cold this week, give me patience, and look out for my family. Amen" but in spanish and I don't guess God has more important stuff to take care of then making sure my teachers ate bad sushi. ;_;
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wow i luv it so far
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I really love your style. Great stuff :)
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Oh, wow, thank you! I really appreciate this compliment.
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oh das ist soo süß, und total schön gezeichnet vorallem!
mach auf jeden fall weiter, bin schon gespannt :>
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Cool! Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt :D
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that is really good
good job
keep it up
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Thanks a lot! ^^
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It's looking great!
By the way, perhaps you could add a note by the side or something , explaining/translating the meaning of 'Bismillah'. Because i assume that there will be some people who might not understand what it means.

I liked how you did the details of her clothes.
And the expression of her having breakfast is priceless. Heh.
Very nice.
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I'm glad you like it. And you're right: I totally forgot to translate. Thank you! :aww:
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Hey no problem.
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