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MM - 'Wiggle Wisaal' page 1

By tuffix
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Now, this is the first page of my manga comic. Please note: I barely read mangas and I'm trying my best to use a manga-like style.

And don't laugh about my story! I know, she is rather childish, but I've thought long enough about it. ^^;

Please tell me, if there are any embarassing mistakes I did in my text!

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and when she sneezes... a very strong wind blow out from her nose..
okay, I'm just joking :D
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wow, this is interesting! :D
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hehe, thank you ^^
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I needed a summary for this , so I used this page's text. It is not the exact same text, but pretty close to it. While I was writing it I noticed a few things about this. I hope you won't mind me giving my suggestions.

"..but no, wait: she's..." is that a ':' character? I am not positive, but I don't think that should be there. An explanation mark ! might be better. (that is what I used on the summary)

".. 'cause someday she found out..." I think 'someday' should be 'one day'
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Oh oK, I'll change this. Your suggestions are always appreciated ^^
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oh ok. Cool. By the way, do you think you could provide me with a summary of 'the sign' ?
thank you in advance

Manga List - [link]
Wiggle Wissal - [link]
The Sign - [link]
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hey it easier if u put a link between the page in your artist's comments....:D
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You're right - it's done ^^
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Zomg it IS like Bewitched/Pinocchio :D
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hehe, yeah, let's say: It's almost a miracle :omfg: :D
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Hi, i think you spelled 'wiggle' wrongly.
You typed 'wiggels', its supposed to be 'wiggles'.

And also, you could change the
'it was something like a present of Allah',
to 'it was something like a present from Allah'.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks a lot for your help :hug:
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Sooo what happens next?:D
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