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The Demolition Dudes

After being inspired by the Wrecking Crew from Marvel comics, I've decided to make a quartet of super-strong criminals brought together by Ripclaw with one goal in mind: the complete and utter destruction of Kitty Katswell.

After losing to Kitty, Ripclaw decided that he needed an extra "oomph" in his gang to take her out. So, he found four overly powerful crooks in Petropolis Prison, busted them out, and offered them to join his gang. However, they demanded a good amount of money in return for their services. Ripclaw agreed, and dubbed this new group "The Demolition Dudes" because they each possess a unique way of demolishing stuff. Then, Ripclaw gave them their first assignment: destroy Kitty Katswell and her team of crime-fighters, Team Katswell.

Now, let's run through all four of 'em, shall we? ;)

First up, the leader of the crew, Puma Pulverizer.
As a young puma cub, Marc Florence was pretty athletic and strong. He attended karate classes to harness his strength, and passed with flying colors. However, instead of using his strength to pursue a more noble cause, Marc decided to drop out of high school, and pursue a life of crime being a master jewel thief and safe-cracker under the name "Puma Pulverizer." His immense strength got him out of many situation, allowing him to escape capture from the authorities. His strikes were so powerful, he could smash through a concrete wall reinforced with steel pipes, and not even bat an eye.
However, it wasn't until he crossed paths with TUFF, and he was arrested for destruction of public property, and sentenced to 25 years in prison. It wasn't until Ripclaw busted him, and three other crooks, out of prison, and asked him to kill Kitty as it was her agency that arrested him. Puma Pulverizer accepted, and swore allegiance to Ripclaw, but only if the price is right. ;)

Guards: Squirrel monkeys and roosters
Flashlight guards: Mustang stallions

Proposed voice actor: Eric Stuart (Seto Kaiba from "Yu-Gi-Oh!")

Next up, the crow is Crasher Crow.
Edgar DeLuise (see what I did, there?) was a fairly intelligent young crow. When he was in elementary school, he invented a prototype weapon that emits sonic blasts that could smash through tough barriers and walls. He believed that it would be useful for military and law enforcement to infiltrate enemy bases much easier. Unfortunately, when he submitted it to the science fair, he got disqualified because it was deemed too dangerous for use in the real world. This traumatized him, and throughout his childhood, he never forgave the world for denying his invention. So, after graduating from high school, he turned to a life of crime, and re-formatted his invention for portable use, allowing him to use sonic blasts to break into banks. Under the name "Crasher Crow," he became one of Petropolis' most dangerous criminals, but was arrested soon after.
When Ripclaw recruited him, Crasher Crow didn't trust the others because he thought they would doubt his sonic blaster. But, they though it could be helpful in the destruction of Kitty, so Crasher Crow agreed to serve Ripclaw.

Guards: Guinea pigs and goats
Flashlight guards: Yaks

Proposed voice actor: Jim Cummings (Psycrow from "Earthworm Jim")

Next up, the bison is kinda like the TUFF version of the Juggernaut, Battering Bison.
William Roamer was born with a mental disability that caused him to wear a padded helmet that kept his mind in tact. Unfortunately, this caused him to get bullied a lot at school, and as a result, he had no friends. One day, while he was running away from some bullies, he actually ran into a brick wall, and surprisingly, he was able to break through it. His helmet provided extra protection from the blow. So, as he got older, he continued to harness the power of his species, and before long, he became a living battering ram. He used this strength to destroy the homes of the bullies that picked on him, and he began to use his battering strength to destroy armored trucks containing loads of money under the name "Battering Bison."
So, after Ripclaw busted him out of prison, Battering Bison was unsure of what to make of the rest of the Demolition Dudes. He believed that they would pick on him for his mental disability just like those before. But, his skills proved to be useful for them and Ripclaw, so he decided to go with it, and offered his services to Ripclaw.

Guards: Serval wildcats and marine iguanas
Flashlight guards: Green anacondas

Proposed voice actor: Brad Garret (Bloat from "Finding Nemo")

Finally, the armadillo is Macedillo.
As a former construction foreman, Jeff Nineband was a top-notch builder of the finest buildings in Petropolis. If there was a construction project that needed to be done by the deadline, he was the armadillo to go to. But, when he lost a construction bid to Ethan Retriever's construction company, his company was disbanded, and Jeff was out of a job. Enraged, he decided to get back at the Retriever by becoming a strong armadillo, and trained himself to wield a really heavy ball and chain. Dubbing himself "Macedillo," he began using his ball and chain to demolish the buildings that Ethan built, which eventually got himself arrested by TUFF.
When Ripclaw recruited him and the other Demolition Dudes, Macedillo was the most eager out of them all to destroy Kitty because he heard that she's best friends with the daughter of the man who ruined his life, Allison Retriever. So, he quickly joined Ripclaw's gang, and is willing to help the other Demolition Dudes destroy Kitty, the Retriever family, and TUFF as well.

Guards: Jackrabbits and Doberman pinschers
Flashlight guards: Warthogs

Proposed voice actor: Scott McNeill (Rover from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic")

So, whaddaya think, guys?

Be sure to fave, and leave a comment below
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Stay rad, all!

TUFF belongs to Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon
Ripclaw belongs to :iconcreative-dreamr:
The Demolition Dudes belong to me
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Cool team. Sound like they'd be a real threat.
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You're welcome :)
Creative-Dreamr's avatar
Edgar DeLuise..I did indeed saw what you did there.;) 

Ripclaw hiring out a group of power packed thugs sounds like something he would do to carry out some extra dirty work. Course, working for a power hungry wolverine whose slowly becoming mad, can be quite risky, especially since Ripclaw is known to pull the 'ol double cross.

Quite a group of muscled thugs you created. Nice job on making the crow intelligent, just like real ones, and for using a crow.^^ I like it when people use the less acknowledged animals for anthro characters. Kitty's gonna have her paws full with these muscleheads after her.
TUFFAgentShepherd's avatar
Yup. Combining Edgar Allan Poe, author of "The Raven," and Dom DeLuise, voice of Jeremy the Crow from "The Secret of Nimh." Pretty smart. ;)

Yeah, I figured he would. ^^ These guys better watch their butts. ;)

Thanks. I've always wanted to make a crow character.
And, yes. She DEFINATELY has her paws full, now. ;)
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These bad guy characters featured in this drawing you've done all look very nice and cool, man. :)
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You're welcome as always. :)
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LouisEugenioJR's avatar
They're all pretty cool villains.
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I'm sure even T.U.F.F. Agent Louis might need assistance to bring them in.
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
Those are all interesting bad guys. I like all their backstories. :)
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