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Character  SimbaLocation  The gorge
Background referenced on The Lion King
Simba © Disney's The Lion King
Artwork © TuesdayTamworth

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Omg, took one look at this and had to fave it immediately. This is heartbreaking. </3

Well done!!!

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People say time is cure,but obviously time can't cure everything.

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Rework the lighting; and this could be a scene from his return to the Pridelands. He sees the tree, remembers what happened. His resolve wavers for a brief moment. He knows what accusations await him when he returns.

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Soo cool dude!

Damn, this is powerful! This makes my childhood really deep!

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I can definitely see the tree acting as a gravestone marking for Simba to return to and pay respects. Awesome job on the picture.

Can you imagine Simba seeing this, approaching the tree, and lying under it? He kind of smiles to himself, and says "I miss you, Dad." You know its kind of like someones gravestone. Our loved ones visit them to quietly mourn and remember them.

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Amazing picture. Poor Simba :cry:

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don't worry simby, the past can no longer hurt you. now that you know the truth at least.

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He still has his PTSD so technically the past can still hurt him.

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Good work. I can sense the shades of the past emanating in this piece.

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Lovely work here, the lighting and shading are beautiful.

I bet the first time Simba returns to the gorge and sees the dead tree, he has thoughts of how small it looks now that he's grown up, compared to when he was a cub. I imagine it would have looked massive to him as a cub, especially when his dad was lying next to it. ):

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Poor Simba. I can imagine he is suffering PTSD because of that particular event. I wouldn't blame him thought.

Wow! What a great idea!

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Such a somber, yet lovely image! :heart:

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Awww. ;w; Like visiting a grave.

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Simba all like "wow, this one tree hasn't changed in years" and if this is after S.P, then the flood came and went without moving it so he's just straight up "oh come on, this is just taunting me now".

More serious comment wise, I think this is gorgeous, especially the lighting.

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Aaaawww! Poor Simba! :'(

I actually think he visits this spot whenever he gets the chance, and that he took his cubs there at least once.

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