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Blood was dripping from the green eyeballs.  Again.

 "Oh gross," Terrence said.

I quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed a roll of paper towels.  I tossed the roll at Terrence.

 "Can you please get the blood on the carpet?" I said as I leaned against the sink.

 "You're pretty nervous, aren't you?" Terrence said as he unwound the roll.  "They only start bleeding when you get nervous."

 "No. Yes," I said, watching blood pitter patter onto the kitchen linoleum.

I glanced up at the eyeballs floating around me. Sixteen eyeballs of various sizes, from soccer-ball sized Big Blue to the two Black Beady's.  They could rotate, focus, unfocus, and go up and down.  But unless I was backed up against a wall, they never changed their positioning.  I had never touched one of them - they were always positioned just out of arms reach.
Anyone else could touch them, though.

Right on cue, Mitten the Kitten rocketed into the kitchen and leapt onto the nearest green eyeball.

 "No, bad kitten!  Terrence, help, she's going to track blood everywhere," I said.  I swiveled around and got the kitten over the sink.

Mitten gnawed and kicked at the eyeball with her little kitten feet, flinging blood into the sink.  The eyeball, impervious to just about everything in existence, ignored her and kept looking at Terrence.

Terrence looked up - or, at least, his mask looked up - from the carpet and said, "LOL."

 "Jerk," I said.  I shook myself and the eyeballs shook with me.  The kitten lost her grip and plopped into the kitchen sink.  I quickly snatched her and started using a sponge on her.  God, she was a bloody mess.

By the time the kitten was clean, the kitchen looked like I'd axe-murdered a cow.  I really needed to calm down - if Big Blue started bleeding, it would be bleeding right on my head.

I tossed the kitten away from the slaughterhouse floor and picked my way around the blood puddles. Terrence had already gotten out the mop.

 "Outside," he ordered me.

 "Yes sir," I said.

With the eyeballs safely bleeding on the grass and nothing to do until they stopped bleeding, I lay on the grass and pulled the letter out of my back pocket.

Dear nameless human,

You are invited to the Magical Invention and Anomalies Panel at Magic Con.  Please confirm by 12pm, July 29th, that you will be in attendance.


Magic Management

I looked at my watch.

11:49am, July 29th.

 "You should call them," Terrence said from the doorway.

I sighed.

 "I haven't been in public since I got lost my name and got cursed," I said.  "I don't even have any friends."

 "You have me," Terrence said.

 "I don't have any living friends," I corrected myself.  "I don't have any friends who aren't a ghost possessing a Halloween costume.  My last encounter with a regular person was ages ago."

 "And they tried to run you over with their SUV," Terrence said thoughtfully.

 "Not helping," I said, looking at my watch again.


The house phone hit me in the ankle.
Terrence hovered by the door, his silly Halloween mask staring at me.
I picked up the phone.
My writing has been deteriorating over this last week.  It's a terrible thing, but at least I noticed.
I will celebrate the end of FFM by going to bed before midnight.
I used NamelessShe 's story FFM 27: She Probably Meant Well as inspiration for this piece.  Having an unwanted entourage of eyeballs interested me.

Flash Fiction Month 2014, Day 29

Today's Challenge:
(Today was a special Challenge featuring only suggestions from or about NamelessShe.)
1.Your story needs to be written in response to a piece of flash fiction that was written by a fellow FFMer this month.  You might do a literal response, a prequel, a sequel or maybe just take inspiration from that piece.
2.   One of your characters must be a ghost or already dead.
3. Your story needs to be epistolary or contain an excerpt from a text in another format, e.g. letter, diary, internet chatroom, SMS conversation.
4. One of your characters must have no name.  
5. Y
our story should feature at least one cat. 
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NamelessShe Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Excellent! :D I love that the eyeballs bleed. It's a nice touch. I'm also rather fond of Mittens the kitten.
TuesdayNightCompany Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Thank you!  I wanted a little Halloween in this story - and what's Halloween without blood?
Mittens is based on my new kitten.  I call her a bloody terror... and from there I wondered what it would be like if she was actually bloody.
SCFrankles Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That is a complicated life ^^ I loved Terrence and Mitten - there's just something so amusing about a ghost being called Terrence :D
TuesdayNightCompany Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Hey, ghosts were once real people.  ; )
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